My dad told me a few months ago that we would be renovating my parents’ old farmhouse by home in France.

And what did I do? I jumped up and down for five minutes and gave him a big hug. He said with a smile “hey, I didn’t say I was taking you to the ice cream store honey!”. But he always knew how happy the news would make me. The thing is, this little farmhouse has been in the family for as long as I can remember. It used to belong to my grand-mother, and when I was a little girl, I would spend afternoons there with her and my cousins. We would tend to the garden, pick fruit in the orchard, feed the chicken. She would try and teach us about all the things she knows…but mostly, she’d try to keep us mischievous kids out of trouble. She was a good woman.

We spent a lot of time outside, but not so much in the house because it was really old and in need of repairs. We are now ready to give it a new life, and in the months to come I’ll share some of the inspiration I find for the renovations. First with these images I found on the great designskool.

One thing I love about this house is how they put wooden tables all around the house. I find it inviting, it makes me want to gather the family. We’d have some tea. I’d take my notebook to doodle and scribble notes while my back is being warmed up by the fireplace. Sounds kinda good, right?

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I discovered Sharon Montrose’s work via my friend Elizabeth at Little Dot. These prints aren’t your traditional nursery prints. That’s why I love them so much! They are quirky and funny, and I love the clean feel. Sharon’s photography is amazing, you could really display her work in other rooms of the house –  thinking bathroom? Living room? So there you go, you should all go and check out her website.

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I fell in love with this calendar by the Design Sponge the minute I saw it. Perfect for me as I am always trying to find ways to make each day count.

Below you’ll find pics of my own version of the calendar. I got a farmer’s basket cast in stoneware from Anthropologie, as I figured it would make it a bit more durable – I am supposed to keep this for the years to come, after all. The postcards I used are some I collected throughout the years. Most of them have an inspirational message+quote on them (see the “dream” postcard below ) . Just to make sure I don’t forget my priorities in life as the days pass.

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Sometimes you run into a person that has talent so big that it just blows you away. Other times you run into a person that has a heart so big that it blows you away. Jannie Baltzer is one of these people that really has both, a big heart and tremendous talent. I met Jannie while living in Denmark last year, and I am extremely glad that our paths crossed. She is the sweetest and most amazing person, and the collections of headpieces that she designs every season never miss a beat. Every single piece is just stunning and unique, as Jannie handcrafts every single one herself for her (very lucky) clients.

I am one of her biggest fans. Obviously :)

Photos by the talented Sandra Åberg.

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When I first saw this recipe by Raspberri Cupcakes, I thought I had just died and gone to dessert heaven. Hellloow pretty! I mean, strawberries AND champagne….AND cake? All in one? There was no doubt in my mind. I HAD to try this recipe.

Coincidentally, I saw this while working on a themed wedding photoshoot” target=”_blank” with my good friend Elizabeth from Pretty Chic blog. So we picked a theme around that cake. The cake fit perfectly for our theme. So we baked it for the occasion. And snapped some photographs of it. And ate it. Like, the whole thing. Between the two of us. What do you expect, it was a gooooood cake, people!

PS: the cake looks a bit white on my photographs, but it is mostly because of the processing of the pictures. In reality, it doesn’t look quite as white.

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I ran into Colette’s store while browsing for handmade treasures. I just Love it. Her selection of colors. Her use of patterns. The overall simplicity and playfulness of her collection

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There I was. Looking at the invitation, thinking “oh no!”. It was one of these invitations that states “Cocktail attire required”. I was in panic mode. I ran to my closet, not sure why because I already knew that I didn’t have anything that would work for it. But maybe a miracle? No. No miracle that day. I was screwed.

And that’s when I thought of Holly. I had noticed her designs a few weeks before that. Holly is incredibly talented. Her dresses are feminine, classy yet daring. They have just the right amounts of details.

Now, I won’t tell you which design I ended up ordering from her shop – but maybe you can guess? I promise I will show you the results soon!

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This year is going to be the best year ever. I believe so. With all my heart. Lovely calendar by Spread The Love.

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…and it’s all going to happen in here :) Come and hang out here with me as often as you’d like, I’ll be posting every day about the hidden treasures that I find.

Thanks for visiting This Little Street, we’re so glad you’re here!

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