exposed beams and blue pendant lights

No {live here, eat that} today, just a simple {live here} since I couldn’t quite find the perfect picture to match this gorgeous home. A mezzanine, lots of light and blue…what else?! I think I am in a blue phase right now, we are just about to transform part of our unfinished basement into a family/media room, and all I can tell you is that it’s going to have  loads of blue, leather, wood and white – in a way, in the same spirit as the gorgeous living room of this house…if I can pull off something as gorgeous! Can’t wait to show you our inspiration board next week.

In this house, I love how they worked around the existing features (exposed beams etc) and added this amazing mezzanine to max out on the space and light. And the way they combined different materials and textures, from wood to metals and bricks – it is simply perfection. See more pictures of this home on Hus o Hem.

PS: If you’re on Instragram, don’t miss the awesome giveaway I am having with a few fellow bloggers :) $400 gift card to Nordstrom could be yours! Click here for details. 

exposed bricks and pendant lightsblue sofas and woodcollection of blue vasessweet kids bedroombright pillows in the bedroom

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let your tears come

Sadness doesn’t even start to describe what this past week has been like.



More tears.

Our hearts ache for our friends. A week ago, they lost their beautiful, oh-so happy little boy in the most tragic of circumstances. He was going to be seven this summer. As I am writing this, my mind still doesn’t want to believe that this is happening to them.Them, one of the nicest, most amazing family I know. Life can sometimes be so unfair. There are no words, just tears. Oh I wish I could take all of their pain away. I wish I had the power to turn back time. I wish so many things….but I can’t do any of that.

All I can really do is to give them is our love and support. Despite this tragedy, I believe with all my heart that life can be beautiful for them again, I know they will find the strength to rebuild themselves because they are so amazing and strong. As their friend Z wrote so beautifully at the memorial last week, “The most beautiful stories always have a tragic twist. The most beautiful story also have no beginning and no end.” How I loved her words.

But right now, all we can really do is to let the tears water our souls.

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mid-century modern planter from Modernica

Happy Monday to y’all – and what a happy Monday it is, today I’ve got a little something awesome for you…a giveaway with Modernica! These guys are based in Los Angeles and I pretty much love everything they come up with….but their planters, ooooooh their planters. I’d been eyeing them for a long long time, and now that we moved in our new home, I am on a mission to add a lot more green in the house – the perfect excuse to get this Modernica planter. Now that it is in our home it’s like life is complete, you know? 😉 I kid I kid, but really – everybody that comes through our door comments on how great it looks. Never thought you could be in love with a planter? well, there.

And so, like I said, it is YOUR lucky day because you can win the exact same planter that I have in my home – which is this one, the case study cylinder planter (%150 value). It’s the kind of planter that would look great in any home really – the combination of the wood and ceramics make it a timeless piece!

Mid-century modern plantermodern planterMid-century modern planter from Modernica

To win, just enter in the rafflecopter widget below – you’ve got up to 20 possible entries so use ’em up!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PSSSSSSSSSt and oh, by the way, I’d be you I’d really make sure to check out their entire website – they are having a store-wide sale right now, 15% off EVERYTHING!

* Giveaway sponsored by Modernica and limited to U.S. readers only. $150 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once giveaway closes on 03/16 and announced in the rafflecopter widget above.

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free printable giant wall stickers

Here they are here they are!

So many of you have been asking me for *boy* stickers after I made my first giant wallpaper stickers using Spoonflower‘s removable wallpaper for the girls last year….well, I say it was about time I deliver! I really don’t mean to leave our little dudes on this blog’s sidelines, it’s just that with three girls at home….well, the road usually takes me via Pink lane, Pixie Dust alley, Flamingo road, and Unicorn avenue….oh we go different paths and talk spaceships and go camping and build with hammers and nails…..but guess what, girls will be girls :)

But today, let’s switch gears shall we? I’ve got some bears, foxes, eagles, dinosaurs and whales stickers for you!

DIY giant wall stickers using removable wallpaperremovable wallpaper from Spoonflowerremovable wallpaper to make your own giant wall stickersfree printable giant wall stickers

I created templates that you can download for each of them – download at the bottom of the post. Quite frankly, I think boys and girls would love these. I make them quite big – but if you want them even bigger for your walls just drop me an email and I’ll send you what you need 😉 I was planning on also making pirate ship + treasure island stickers for this edition, but I ran out of time. Next edition – if you guys are interested at all?

DIY giant wall stickers using removable wallpaper

Directions are exactly the same as last time but I included them in this post again. Have fun! Oh, and if you are interested, you can still download the flamingo, unicorn, bambi, cat and bunny wall stickers I made last year – just go to this post :)

Click here to learn how to make these DIY giant wallpaper stickers!

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collect moments not things

Hi friends – Obviously, a little break was needed on my side of the pond. It’s been very intense (hopefully I can share more on why soon), and I could have forced myself to come up with posts that were half-hearted, but that wouldn’t have been fair to you or me. So instead chose to just lay it low until the time and energy to post returned – I hope you’ll forgive me :)

Mid-february a friend of mine got married in the Tulum area of Mexico, so hubby and I decided to take our little family South to be there for the big day…we figured a little vacation wouldn’t hurt :)

TUlum MexicoTulum MexicoTulum MexicoTulum MexicoTulumMexico

So, you’ll ask me, how was Tulum? It was really good! Was it great? Mmm I am not sure I’d say that. You see, Tulum one of these super popular destination where you end up paying for the reputation. I had heard so many people raving about Tulum and in the end maybe my expectations where too high, but it didn’t quite live up to the hype for me, and I was really shocked at how much everything cost – it was like being in New York city! . Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and I am so thankful for this trip. Nature down there dead gorgeous and it was super relaxing  – and the food was yummi!Favorite activity though during the trip: swimming in the Cenotes. The water was unbelievable!

Cenotes Tulum MexicoTulum MexicoTUlum MexicoTulum Mexico

Am I glad we went? Absolutely! Will be go back? I don’t think so. Plus, there are so many other places on our list – even just here in California and on the West Coast.

Sometimes hubby and I joke and try to think about “what if we had all of the money in the world? what would we do with it“…and the one thing that always always comes to my mind: travel. Because I really believe that it’s the only thing that you can spend money on that truly makes you richer. I mean, paying off our mortgage would certainly be nice, buying pretty things for our home would be fun…but I’d rather own less and travel more. Make new memories. Show the girls the many faces of the world.

TUlum MexicoTUlum MexicoTUlum MexicoTulum MexicoTulum Mexico

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Happy tech #9 - Hello Sunshine wallpaper

bloom wallpaper white 1280x1024

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others, don’t you think? I am guilty of it too, and I don’t even really know why we do it, because it never feels good and really, it’s a total waste of energy. Because it comes down to one thing: our gifts and talents and successes are entirely unique to you us, and so are the set of challenges we have to deal with.

My partner in crime Jessica picked this quote for this month’s happy tech free wallpaper downloads, and if she’d been standing next to me I probably would have given her the biggest hug. It’s exactly the reminder I needed! Who cares what the other flowers around you are doing…..just focus on your own petals, live your passions and bloom :)

bloom free desktop and phone wallpaper

Click here to download:

bloom for phone in white| Bloom for phone in pink
Bloom for PC in white| Bloom for PC in pink
Bloom for Mac (13") in white| Bloom for Mac (13") in pink
Bloom for Mac (15") in white| Bloom for Mac (15") in pink

Lettering by Jessica from Coco + Mingo, artwork by me. For personal use only. Not for sale or distribution. If shared, please link back to original post – thank you :)
Bloom wallpaper for Phone

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L: Australian home via Desire to Inspire | R: Acorn Squash soup with chickpeas via A Beautiful Mess.

You guys, I am not sure what’s up with me – but these past few weeks I am been FREEZINg all the time. And yeah, not like we like in the middle of Alaska here….we’re in CALIFORNIA for goodness sake, what is up with my body? I think it’s asking to move to Australia so I can just enjoy some of that heat!Twist my arm, I’d move in a heartbeat to this gorgeous mid-century modern Australian home that has just the right pops of color! That yellow, it’s like a ray of sunshine. Totally psychological but my body feels warmer just looking at it. Also, love how airy and simply furnished it is. Now my question is – where do people in these home put all of their mess? No lack of it at my house for sure! I’ve been meaning to give you all an update on the house since I realized the last pictures I shared where from before we moved in – time to let you all know what we’ve been up to and what we’re planning on doing! Loads of exciting stuff :)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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This post was written in partnership with Spoonflower. They provide the custom doll fabric that I used to make the dolls from Olivia’s drawings.

For a while now I’ve been trying to think about what to do with the girls best drawings – I really hate to see these pretty pictures pilled up in the box….because let’s be honest, friends, given the industrial amount of drawings the girls make there is no way I can proudly hang them ALL on the wall. Our walls just don’t have that square footage :) I’ve also been wanting to show the girls the many ways that our imagination can come alive, how their pretty pictures can become so much more.

A couple months ago I was playing around on Spoonflower trying to design my own fabric (more on that later I promise!), and it hit me – I realized I could easily just print some of their best drawings on fabric and sew little dolls out of them! Olivia’s birthday was coming up, and I thought these would make awesome party favors for all of her friends.

When I told Olivia the idea she was SO excited! The result = awesome! All of Olivia’s friends LOVED the dolls and Olivia is already planning which dolls she wants to make next for her friends birthdays – and Madeline is asking for some for her friends too!

Click here to read more and see the full tutorial!

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It’s been a week today since the horrible events started in my home country. It was surreal to see these events unfold in my home country, and completely shook me. I don’t know if it had an impact on your guys, but for me it’s been a week a crying and asking questions. A lot of them still don’t have an answer, but I know one thing: killing another human being is never. Ever. ok.

Journalists went to some high schools in Paris after the events and got a few answers like: “Well, they deserved it” or “Ok, maybe killing 12 was a bit much, maybe they could have killed the main guy only.” What the what? It makes me SO angry to even hear this type of comment. The world we live in scares me. The task ahead is a complicated one, and the road is bound to be long, but as Charlie wrote on one of their front page in 2011 (after their offices were bombed), love is stronger than hate. It really is, and together we can solve this.


Lettering by Jessica from Coco & Mingo and artwork by me. 

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It’s that time of the year, friends….New Year’s resolutions! Maybe you’ve already written yours, but if you haven’t here is a little free printable that my partner in crime Jessica and I  put together for you. We designed it to match the 2015 printable calendar  :) PS: You guys have been downloading our free calendar like crazy…..Thanks!!! We love your support and seeing it in your homes on Instagram! 😀

Thank you all for following this little blog along, and for all of your support in 2014, for all your comments, for sharing my works… You are the reason why I keep doing this :) As you may have noticed, I didn’t do any “best of 2014” post this year. Not that I didn’t have any favorite posts and projects last year (in no particular order, the dipped jars, our summer in denmark, the wallpaper stools, my three baby dolls and adjusting as a family of 5 come to mind), but I think my mind just isn’t ready to wrap up 2014. It has been a crazy good year for our family (3rd child, our first home, super fun trips), one that we will remember forever, and I want to hang on to it just a bit longer. I want to look  that. I want to hang on to every little memory. I want to look at the pictures some more…..especially this one, our first picture as a family of 5. This is all that matters.

And yet this new year is rolling it, and I feel it, my mind is craving it: moving forward. The planning, the scheming….dreaming away new dreams. Because no matter how good 2014 was, we’re going to rock 2015:)And when I say this year is going to be my year, it’s because I really intend to make it so. As a mother of now 3 little girls, it’s sometimes very hard to focus on my personal dreams – heck, it’s hard to even take a shower every morning 😀 The personal dreams sort of get buried away so that bigger family dreams can happen. And it is all SO worth it and I have zero regrets. But I want 2015 the year where I find a better balance between my family’s dreams and my own.

When we were in Denmark last summer I had this epiphany moment when I realized that I am 100% the happiest when I am creating and designing things….so 2015 will be the year were I immerse myself in design, explore and learn to grow these dreams of mine, these little seeds that are in my head and heart. What it means for this blog is that I will be focusing on original content and artwork, as well as share bits and pieces of life with my little family. I hope this sounds like a good plan to you :)

Do you guys have any big resolutions this year? Happy 2015

Happy 2015, friends!

Resolutions printable created by Jessica of Coco & Mingo and Audrey of This Little Street. Not for distribution or resale. Please link back to original post if shared. Thank you!

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