I nearly died (ok ok, maybe I like to be a little dramatic) when I saw Lauren Moffatt’s Spring 2012, and I was impatiently waiting to see her new fall collection. It’s now out in her shop, and as expected, it’s simply gorgeous! Lauren’s use of geometry, patterns, and textures is just perfect. Personally, I’m in love with that striped top! What’s you favorite piece?

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Left: Family loft in Paris via MCM | Right: Espresso Nutella Mug cake by Mandy Ashcraft

After all the softness of my {live here, eat that} post from last week, I thought I’d show you guys something a bit more industrial for a change. A say a bit industrial, because despite it all, it’s also such a joyful place – friendly for both adults and kids. It’s full of personal touches, of collection of old and fun objects, and I love the color palette they kept throughout the house…a beautiful place that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

And doesn’t that mug cake look like it was just meant to be eaten in that loft? :) You guys know how much I love to make my own mug cakes, so when I came the recipe for this espresso & nutella mug cake by Mandy Ashcraft, it was love at first sight. Definitely next on my list of mug cakes to try!

Photo credits: Loft images by Marion Renaud. Cake image by Dustin Ashcraft.

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Was this summer summer short or what?! At least that’s how it feels to me! Usually by this time I am very ready for fall to roll in, ready to take my sweaters and boots out of the closet. But this year not at all. I am hanging on tight to my swimming suit. But I’ll have to let go soon, because there is not denying: fall is coming our way. Everybody’s going back to school, the temperatures are getting a bit cooler…but oh believe me, I am gonna make the most out of the summer days we have left!

How about you guys, are you ready for fall? Happy Monday, friends!

Images: 1. Late Summer Oat Milk Smoothie by Golubka|2. Knitted Cactus by Odds & Ends. |3. Lace and Linen Dress by Spath Designs. |4. Exploded flowers by Qi Wei, via Sparrow & Spark|5. Plum purple ombre foldover clutch by Rouge & Whimsy

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Summer pastels {by Clemence from Oh The Lovely Things}
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Illustration by Audrey Smit.

So I am not going to lie, since my knee surgery on Tuesday, I’ve been hanging out…well, in my pajamas – you heard me right, ladies and gentlemen.And I am not ashamed of it. Not even a little. And so I thought – why not carry on throughout the weekend and make a little pajama party out of it? we could stop forgetting we’re grown ups for a minute, forget about all our obligations, and just hang out in our pajamas, watch some movies, have a little pillow fight. Just like when we were little. So, who’s with me? ;)

1. Oysho has a great selection of super comfy pants for lounging. And they are super cute too!
2. How pretty is this cat sleeping mask by Naomilingerie?! I don’t use one…but this sure makes me wish I did!!!
3. Tons of pillows to lounge around….or for a pillow fight! Love these fun pillows by Thomas Paul.
4. And if you’re looking more pretty PJs and robes, Eberjey also has some really pretty things – like this India shortie for example.
5. You can have a proper girls night sleepover without bringing some nailpolish – it’s not secret that Essie is my favorite kind!
6. And of course, a little hair tutorial…you’ll probably need to do some dammage control after that pillow fight hehe:) How about this gorgeous Maiden twist hair tutorial by A Beautiful Mess?

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Orla Kiely winter fall 2013-14

You’ve probably noticed by now that I usually tend to gravitate toward Scandinavian-looking furniture with very clean lines when it comes to furniture. I’ll blame it on years having no money and ended up at IKEA every time we had to furnish our home ;) But there’s the bohemian part of me that still shows up every now and then, and I almost have a heat attack when coming across the gorgeous homewares by The Family Love Tree.

Such gorgeous details in their bedheads and chairs, such vibrant colors in their quilts and cushion. Designer Katie Graham from Melbournedrew inspiration for the Indonesian culture to create the perfect objects for a simple, joyful and colorful home. Bohemian perfection I will call that…now, if only they sold in the US and Europe in addition to their Australian shop!

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For the ladies, a little something to brighten up your desk – this succulent sculpture in a neon orange pot by Waterstone Succulent. And for the little ones, how adorable is this elephants knitted dress at Boden?

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Print by Yellow Button Studio. Purchase it here.

So do you remember how on Monday I told you guys that I was supposed to get the results of my MRI on Tuesday to know what’s wrong with knee? Well, turns out I have a (crazy) good and (crazy) fast doctor…and I actually ended up having the actual surgery yesterday! Everything went well, but very very fast and it’s been a crazy couple of days, so I’ve decided to take a little time off today to catch my breath and get a lot of rest….so I can move mountains on this little blog once I feel better :)

Hope you’re having a great week, friends!

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L: Home of Caroline Gomez by Julien Fernandez, via Miluccia.| R: Mini raspberry charlotte by My Little Fabric.

A little something light and pretty today – and I couldn’t help but pair these two together really :) You might already be familiar with Caroline Gomez’ beautiful simple, natural designs for the home – well, this is her (gorgeous) home. Caroline’s personal touch and creativity shows in every single room, through details that make her home like nobody else’s. The space open and light, and she managed to add just the right amount of color throughout her house. Caroline – I am ready to move in anytime :)

And I had to pair it with this little beauty of a cake by My Little Fabric.

I mean, how gorgeous is it? If I had it in my kitchen, I probably couldn’t even touch it because I’d feel guilty to eat something so pretty. But yeah, who am I kidding…..I’d eat it anyway and I’m sure I’d find a way to deal with my guilt alright ;) If you’ve never had a charlotte cake before….YOU MUST! They are filled with this soft and delicious mousse, and are the lightest of little cakes. Click here to take a look at My Little Fabric yummy raspberry version of the cake!

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Carte blanche

I recently discovered Polder‘s April Showers collection for the little ones, and I’m obsessed with it now. Such simple style, and everything about the textures, colors & shapes they used is absolutely lovely. They are just coming out with their fall/winter collection, and boy are we in for a treat!

You can’t buy directly from Polder, but here is a list of stores where you can find their April Showers collection for children.

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I’ve been loving the ombre trend that’s been going on for a while – especially ombre in the warm shades of coral, orange, and red, it’s like a sunset. And boy, do I love sunsets! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend by the way?! For my part, I spent most of my time in bed – I injured my knee last week and am waiting for the results of my MRI to see if I’ll be heading out for surgery next week. Finding out tomorrow, so fingers crossed!


Images: 1. ombre backpack with orange pouch by Ziazia. |2. Plissé archive folder by Hay. 3|. DIY Coral ombre nails via Miss Renaissance. |4. watercolor note card by Rifle Paper Co. |5. blood orange marmelade three ways by Love and Olive Oil.

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