Happy Monday, friends! Today is President’s Day here in the U.S., and hubby is off from work so we’re taking advantage of it to have a slow day and enjoy life. But I’ll be back tomorrow with regular posts – and an awesome giveaway with that so don’t miss it! Also, today I am guest posting on one of my very VERY favorite blogs, Oh the Lovely Things, where I am sharing some thoughts and inspiration from the lovely sunset walk in the snow I took with my little Madeline a couple weeks ago. Click here to read…and if you leave a comment, I’ll do the happy dance! 😀

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Throw pillows by Leandro Pita on Society6.

Society6 just started offering throw pillows on top of the other awesome products they’re already offering…and I think I am in love. Especially when I came across these gorgeous little throw pillows designed with artwork by Leandro Pita! The graphics are so fun, and love the colors too. I’ll take one of each, thank you very much Sir.

PS: Avoiding any post with hearts or pink and red today, but still wishing you all a very happy and sweet Valentine’s Day!

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The men of the house should want to look their best for their ladies today, right? Well, I’ve got just what you need, some fun bow ties! Forage has some really great bow ties for men – love all the patterns. I want to get hubby one, he doesn’t have a bow tie yet! And for the little ones, are adorable is this cardigan + bow tie set by Haddon & Co.? If I had a little boy, I’d be stocking up on these!

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Sometimes the most simple things are also the best. My favorite thing to do with hubby isn’t going to a fancy restaurant or doing crazy things like going on a hot air balloon ride – although, let’s not lie, all of these things are nice! My one, very favorite thing is to do it to cuddle up with hubby under a blanket. Every night we have the habit of watching one or two episodes of our favorite show (right now we’re into House of Cards, so good! Anybody else hooked?!), and we just lay on the couch under a cosy blanket. It’s not that it’s cold in our place, but there is something about the blanket that makes the experience complete. It makes us feel cosy and warm and closer to each other – sort of like a cocoon. We’re in our own little world. Anybody else feels the same way?

1. Puffer throw at Land’s End. You can add your initials on it! | 2.  Gorgeous grey ikat throw by Gypsya. |3. Love the colors of this trive print blanket from Leif.|4. I’ve this eying this polka dot quilted throw from Utility Canvas for a while now!|5. Pretty little vintage plaid blanket at Beggar’s Banquet.|6. How adorable is this rain day wool throw at Leif?

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Mud’s Valentine’s day window in their SOHO shop in NYC.

I came across the prettiest, most functional collection of ceramics and thought I’d share that with you today. Living in NYC, space is super tight – especially when it comes to the kitchen. Counter space is basically non-existent, and we almost have no cabinets – so I am very picky about what goes in there because I want everything to be pretty and functional. Enter Mud Australia and its beautiful collection of handmade ceramics. No fuss, it’s all about simplicity with Mud – all of the pieces are designed to emphasize natural lines and functionality. Use every day or dress them up for a friendly dinner, Mud really is the perfect dinnerware.

Mud‘s collection includes about 50 designs (plates, carafes, bowls, etc) and about 20 different colors that you can mix and match….and I had so much fun doing just that when I visited their shop in SOHO last week – who knew one could have so much fun stacking up plates? :) Each piece is entirely hand made in their Sydney studio from the best materials available, and is completely unique. And the even better part? These pretties go in the oven. AND the microwave. AND the dishwasher. Seriously. What else could you ask for?!

So, where can you find Mud if you’re not in New York? You can find some of their pieces in online shops like Gretel Home or Horne, and you also can order anything from the store on Crosby St in New York just by emailing soho@mudaustralia or calling (646) 569-9191. And if you’re in Australia, you can of course order from the shops in Sydney & Melbourne.

PS: Food bloggers – these would make the best photo props too!

All photographs by This Little Street.

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Just a little pre Valentine’s Day message to the love of my life….because really, I can’t possibly just save my love for him for just one day. I don’t really like Valentines day – it’s so commercial and sometimes a bit superficial…a red and pink hearts overload! But how could I not like the spirit of it? I’m all about telling the people I love that I love them, especially  when it involves doing a little something sweet and simple for them like paper cutting 😉 any day of the year. Are you guys preparing anything fun for your loved one for V-day?Let me know, I’d love to know what you’re up to!

PS: Talking about love, you should remember to do this!

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These days most of us are all focused on finding the perfect V-day gift for our spouse and making pretty little cards for our friends, but what if this Valentine days you gave some love to a stranger who believes in the beauty of her dreams?

This morning a friend of mine forwarded me an email from one of her friends, a woman with a beautiful project. Simply enough this woman, called Pia Jane Bijkerk, has a dream to self publish a gorgeous book filled with beautiful, timeless objects for the little ones called “Little Treasures: Made by Hand”. As Pia puts it:

“It is so hard to find irreplaceable handmade objects for babies made from organic/sustainable materials. Our cupboard drawers are often filled with plastic, throw-away toys. This book aims to remind us to seek out the unique – items that we treasure for years to come and pass down through generations.”

Here are some sample spreads of the book – doesn’t it look amazing? That little bird mobile….and the amazing flower wreath! I would love to get myself a copy of this book.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Pia needs $30,000 for editing, design, pre-press, and printing cost. Her idea was to raise that money by offering people the opportunity to pre-order the book (signed and wrapped) for $25 plus shipping. But also, exclusively through the campaign she’s created a number of packages that include all sorts of amazing ‘little treasures’. She has already raised of $28,000, but with only two days left to raise the remaining $2,000, she needs more people to step in and help.

Maybe some of you will be interested in supporting this beautiful project? I know I am! Click here to find out more about her project , share with your friends and pledge if you’d like to see her book published!

PS: I was not paid to write this post in any way, and will not receive anything for any money you decide to pledge. I just genuinely love her project, and think we all need to support each other to make our dreams happen.

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Happy Friday, friends! Any fun weekend plans? They are announcing blizzard conditions for us here in NYC, so it’s going to be an interesting one for us. To tell the truth, I am looking forward to the snow – I spent a few snowy winters in Scandinavia and it was like wonderland to me. All that white everywhere. The little girl in me wakes up at the sight if the first snow flakes. Do you feel the same?

This weekend is going to be cold and here’s a few things I’ll be doing – or wish I could be doing:

1. COSY UP IN FRONT OF THE CHIMNEY that is, if we had a chimney! I’m yet to see a New York apartment with one. I grew up with one in my home, and I really miss sitting and reading by the fireplace on cold days.
2. KNIT MY HEART AWAY there’s something about snow that makes me want to knit. Never mind that I am worthless at it 😀 The numbers of sweater projects that were started and never finished….uhm. But anyway, yes, knitting. Maybe I’ll make a little hat – they take so much less time, I could probably manage.
4. CURL UP UNDER A BLANKET OR TWO…OR THREE I’ve got cold blood, so I am always cold. My husband is the opposite, he’s always warm. So we make a funny pair – him usually in shorts and me wearing sweaters under tons of blankets…clearly, we need to move to California and everybody will be happy :)
5. GO PLAY IN THE SNOW don’t you think I’m only going to look at that pretty white stuff!

And if you’re stuck at home like me this weekend, here’s a little link love – some fun and inspiring things I enjoyed reading this week:

How *reaking adorable is this video?!!!

Jess on establishing credibility. So inspiring.

Need to make this!!!

the stuff kids say….hilarious 😀

Well, that will solve the problem between hubby and I!

What about you, anything good you found this week? Feel free to share in the comments below, I’d love to read what you’re reading! Happy weekend, friends!

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1 project, 2 ways. In 2 different parts of the world…READY FOR ROUND 2?!

A few months ago, Australian blogger Belinda Graham and I worked on these round stackable stools. For this second round, we pimped some mirrors for our homes. Just like last time, Belinda from The Happy Home worked on her version while I worked on mine…not really knowing what we were each up to. Here’s a little sneak peek!

Read on to find out about what I did, and click here to go check out Belinda’s DIY mirror.


FOR MY VERSION – We were in dear need of a mirror in our bedroom. I wanted to make something fun that I could easily change to fit my mood or the season, and something that could also be multi-purpose….and here’s the result:

It is seriously one of the easiest projects you’ll ever make. All you need is a pair of scissors, some chalkboard contact paper, and your wild wild imagination!

Chalkboard paper is just the best thing. No only because you can write sweet messages on it, but also because it is SO easy to use. You can stick it and unstick it on a mirror in a split second – easy to peel off so you can change your mind, do a new design, or just reposition things a little bit to the left, a little bit to the right….no a little bit to the left. Well, you get the idea :)

Since it’s so easy to use, I made a few designs to give you some ideas. Feel like little mustache perhaps? :) I don’t know about you, but I personally love this design – it’s simple and it fits perfectly with my silly moods. A look at it and I just can’t keep a straight face.

Or maybe you’ll want to add some triangles, something a bit more geometric? Clean, fun and super easy. All I did was to cut triangles of different sizes, and figure out some patterns that would be fun and not completely in the way.


Chalkboard contact paper – $7 and you’ll make a LOT of different designs with it!
– Pair of scissors
– marker

– on the back of the contact paper, draw the shape that you wish to have on to your mirror.
– Cut the shape up along the line you drew.
– Peel off the shape and position it on to the mirror. Watch that no air bubble gets trapped as you go. Et voila! Did I say easy?!

{Images by This Little Street. Chalkboard cloud image by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

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I don’t know about you, but all this V-day talk makes me want to kiss my hubby and leave a nice red mark on his cheeks. What is it with red lips being so damn sexy? Anyway, I didn’t grow up in a home where you show your affection – my parents sometimes kissed in front of us, but there were no hugs or random kisses. French people don’t really do hugs in general. Oh they do kisses alright, a lot, but as a way to greet people more than anything. Where I come from you actually kiss people you don’t know THREE OR FOUR TIMES on the cheeks to greet them, and the people you know you only kiss ONCE…isn’t that weird?!! And anyway, kissing and hugging was just not part of my parent’s world. Not that there is anything wrong with that, they loved us, it was what it was, but now that I have my own little family, I think it’s so important to show affection. I want my kids to see that their parents love each other, and I want them to feel loved too. So ready, set…pucker up!

1. Hug and kisses tickets by Wrap Works.|2. Lip balm lemonade by Lippy Dudu. |3. Mini heart brooch by Sweet Keetie. |4. XO earrings by Soft Gold Studio |5. Red cloche hat by Lisa Lu Fashion.

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