You guys don’t know how excited I am about this giveaway, I so wish I could enter! My Little Square is one of my favorite online kids stores in the whole wide world. This French store has awesome fashion for the little ones, great toys and pretty things for their room. And you, my dear readers, are rather lucky because My Little Square is giving you a chance to win a 100 euros gift certificate -or the equivalent in dollars for my US readers, about $125 – to buy whatever you fancy in their store. Yep yep!

For a chance to win the gift certificate, just visit My Little Square’s website, check out all their pretties and come back here to leave me a comment & let me know what you’d buy with the gift certificate. Easy, right?!

For additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each additional entry):

This giveaway is open to people worldwide (yes, anybody can enter!) and will close at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, November 20. A winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by email. The gift certificate will be valid through 12/31/12.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everybody who participated. The winner is: VERONICA. Congrats!!

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Happy Monday, friends! Did you do anything fun this weekend?

If there’s one thing I’m bad at every single year, it’s sending out a holiday card to our friends and family. I always want to do it, but I don’t know what happens. Somehow I let time go by and before I know it, it’s March…oh believe me, I’ve considered sending holiday card in March just so I’d get it done already :D Last year I even designed the cards, ordered them….and they sat on my desk, they never went out. The shame of it, I tell you.  So this year, my friends, I swear to you that our holiday cards are gonna go out! And since I’m looking around, I thought I’d share some of my favorite designs with you!

1. Where the treetops glisten card by The Nimbus Factory|2. Jingle Merry Cheer card by Sugar Paper|3. Happy Every Thing card at Minted. |4. Joy, peace, love and happiness card by Happy Dappy Bits|5. Jingle all the way card at Crane. |6. May your Christmas be Merry & Bright card by Stone & Feather Paper.

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For those of you who thought I just won the lottery, sorry to disappoint ;) I’m a rich girl, and I am not talking about money here. A lot of (rather sad) things have happened in NYC these past couple of weeks, things that I had made me thinking about my life a lot…and how lucky I am to have what I have. A loving husband. Two amazing, happy little girls. A roof over my head and heat to keep me and my family warm this winter. Friends that are here for me, rain or shine.

That’s the kind of gold I’m talking about, friends. That’s the only kind that really matters, anyway.

1. Hedgehog measuring cups at Anthropologie. |2. Golden twig pencils by Inkkit. |3. Gold dipped earrings by A Merry Mishap |4. Golden glitter elephants by Wish Daisy.|5. Let’s go anywhere print by Jump Off the Page.|6. Rings by Ayako Kanari.

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Ladies, check out this pretty, happy coat rack at The Lollipop Shoppe. It’s gonna kick the gloominess out of your winter, no doubt about that – Brrrr it’s been cold and snowy here! And the little ones can play with this oh-so-adorable candy-stripped elephant at Anthropologie.

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As in, totally in love…the old-school feel of these big knits with a bright, modern twist – perfection for the little ones fingers and toes! Dutch label Bieq gives such attention to detail to everything it designs, and all the knits are made by hand with the greatest of care. Bieq‘s entire business model helps support women in developing countries by providing them with an extra income while knitting for Bieq, in groups or at home with their families. Angelique, the woman behind Bieq, told me that she fell in love with knitting when her grandmother taught her when she was little…and I’m so glad she’s living her passion to keep the little ones warm and oh-so-cute!

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L: the home of Poppy Lane & Scott Gibson via the Designe Files | R: Stone fruit tartelettes by Cannelle et Vanille.

It’s always so. The minute cold air arrives and winter really sets, my minds starts drifting off to the thoughts warm days and fresh breeze. And when I saw this Australian home, my little summer-longing heart started beating fast. It’s such a simple, genuine and gorgeous home. Flowers and plants are everywhere in this home, and it really helps give it a fresh feel. I think I could spend hours and hours in that pretty kitchen baking things with the girls. I’m in love!

And with that, some fresh tartelettes by Cannelle & Vanille. It’s no secret that I am a big fan of all of her recipes, and this one is definitely on my list of desserts to try next summer. Tartelettes are one of my favorite desserts in the whole wide world. They are sweet but not too sweet, and the freshness of the fruits that sits on top is so wonderful! Find the recipe for these gorgeous little tarts here.

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Happy Monday Friends, hope you had a great weekend! Sorry about the few missed posts last week, but with the crazy week we had here in NYC, I needed a break. Thankfully our neighborhood didn’t get hit bad, and things are slowly starting to get back to normal….at least in Manhattan. Other parts of New York, like Staten Island, were hit very hard, and are still far from being back to normal.

In any case, I thought I’d share my little wish list for November – random things that I long for. Like warm cloths – it’s getting pretty chilly here!-, something sweet to sip on, and new travels bags for my trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving. I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona, and I’m so so excited to go back – it’s been four years since I last saw my friends!

What about you guys? Anything fun planned this November?

Images: 1. I totally have a thing for colored jackets this winter! Aspen jacket at Boden. |2. I take my camera EVERYWHERE – and this pretty Kelly Moore bag will fit my camera AND my laptop. Score! |3. Yum, sipping strawberry milk while reading under the blankets.|4. How lovely are these mittens by Sarah McNeil?!| 5. Easy to spot. Easy to move around. Need this Jelly Bean trolley in yellow at Flight 001.

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Happy halloween everybody! It’s definitely going to be a bit different here on the East coast since we’re trying to fix everything up after Sandy. Apparently our building now has electricity, so we’re going to drive back home this morning. Not sure I will have internet once we arrive – so if you don’t here from me tomorrow/Friday, that’s why! Hope you guys have plans for Halloween that are a bit more fun than ours :) Let me know what you’re up to!

Images: 1. How awesome/spooky is this doll makeup?! |2. Make some fun halloween balloons with the kiddos! |3. I’d love to see one of these little guys in my latte today! |4. Bat pumpkins? Yes! |5. Halloween wouldn’t be halloween without some black cats….these for munching!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Left: Madrid loft via Elle Decor Spain | Right: Lemon cupcakes with raspberry curd filling by Smells Like Home.

As I am writing this, it is Monday afternoon and I am siting in my friends’ living room as our building in Battery Park city has been evacuated, and the wind and rain are really picking up now – Hurricane Sandy is coming our way and we’ve done all we can to try an prepare for what Sandy is bringing our way. If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, it will probably be because of a power outage. Stay safe friends on the East Coast!

That being said, I wanted to show you guys this little Spanish beauty of an apartment. Love the colors, love the wood, the exposed beams, and the height of the ceiling. And really, the mix of styles is just spectacular – this apartment has so much personality. A beauty to the eyes!

And if I lived in this loft, I could definitely see myself lying on that bed with a good book in my hands, eating some of these delicious lemon cupcakes with raspberry curd filling by Smells Like Home. If we don’t loose power, maybe I’ll resume to my baking soon ;) Find the cupcake recipe here!

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One of my favorite shops is turning one on Thursday, and I couldn’t miss this sweet occasion to celebrate with Lindsay over her shop’s first birthday. So I know that usually, we GIVE people something for their birthday, but instead I’ve made a little wish list for myself – some of my favorite things from Darling Clementine. And you know the best news of all? Darling Clementine is having a huge giveaway, which means many of these (beyond adorable) things could be yours-all-yours. Check it out here! And the bestest (yes yes, I said that) news of all is that you, my lovely readers, also get a 10% discount on anything you order at Darling Clementine before November 9th. Just use code: dcturns1

Now that’s a happy birthday if I’ve ever seen one :)

1. Wild things crown | 2. Alice in Wonderland Book | 3. Badger | 4. Bunny mittens | 5. Lollipop Pants | 6. Sippy cups

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