Today I want to introduce Jenn from Ambrosia Girl to you, my dear readers. I discovered Jenn’s work because she is a contributor to Dot Coms For Moms like me, and I’ve simply been blown away by her work and creativity. Thanks for sharing your dreams with us, Jenn!

Hi there! My name is Jenn Kirk and I blog about crafts, my family, and share some of my design work at Ambrosia Creative. It’s been just over seven years since I’ve finished my undergrad in graphic communication, and as I was fresh off the heels of intense studying, finals, and completing senior projects, I swore I was finished with school for good. Fast forward to present day, I realize I miss the stimulating academic environment and challenging subjects. It would be a dream to once again be immersed as a full-time student and pursue a second degree. Perhaps social justice, or art history, or maybe cultural anthropology — there is quite a bit I’d love to learn!

lamp / ipad mini / vintage notebooksherschel backpack / fossil watch / bamboo earbuds

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Inspired by this poster, I asked some of my favorite bloggers about their crazy dreams. I love to visit Ashley’s blog, Girly Obsessions, to read about all the girly things Ashley is obsessing about…and gossip with her about them :) And here’s one big dream on Ashley’s mind!

Hi everyone! This is Ashley from GirlyObsessions, and I’m so happy to be today’s guest blogger on This Little Street. One of my greatest passions in life is traveling, and I am so fortunate to have been able to visit some incredible destinations. I also love (and am beyond obsessed with) elephants, so my ultimate vacation obsession would be an African safari. And not just any safari. I want to be riding ON the elephant. (Yes, there are places you can do this!) But here’s the thing…I’m not really an outdoorsy person. Mainly because bugs freak me out. I love being outdoors and photographing nature, but I like leaving it behind at night while sleeping in a comfy bed. And I’m fully aware that I’d have to sleep in some sort of tent while on safari. With very large mosquitos. And possibly go without showering for days.


But whatever. I understand the purpose of a safari is not to be stylish, but like I said, this is my dream vacation. And this little collection I’ve put together represents that dream…which I hope one day will come true!

1. A Sassy Chic head scarf from Cara Accessories is a necessity  |  2. Carry your camera gear in this stylish Ona satchel  |  3. A cool top for the hot weather, by TopShop  |  4. Modern cargo pants from J. Brand  |  5. Prep for lots of walking in these Steve Madden boots  |  6. Decorative animal busts tell the story of your trip, from Anthropologie  |  7. Jot down your memoirs on these Kate Spade notepads  |  8. Stay lucky with these adorable elephant charms from Dogeared

Main image courtesy of Camp Jabulani.

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Inspired by this poster, I asked some of my favorite bloggers about their crazy dreams. Visiting Alexa and Kirby’s  blog, The Short and the Sweet of It, always leaves me with a smile on my face…and I bet it would do the same thing for you! :) Thanks for sharing your pretty dream with my readers, Alexa!

Hello sweet readers of This Little Street! When Audrey asked me to be a part of this series, I immediately knew what I was going to pick as my “If I Could Do Anything” dream. I would pack up my family and move to Paris. When Jordan of Oh Happy Day did this exact thing with her husband and two sons, I thought: that would be so hard and so incredibly awesome at the same time.  Imagine to live in different country, where English is not the first language. Where there are museums and art and culture, where you ride bikes everywhere and eat croissants for breakfast everyday without getting fat. Okay, realistically this last thing probably would not happen, but what is it with those Parisian girls anyway; always looking fabulous?

I know it would not always be glamorous, and it would be hard to leave friends and family behind. It would be a challenge and one that I wouldn’t mind taking for at least a year. Retreating from your comfort zone is hard, but usually worth it in the end. I’ve compiled a list of things that I would “put in my shopping bag” if I moved to the City of Light.

1. Chic Clothes. I would probably not be able to wear sweats 24/7 as I do here (kidding, kind of), so since we’re all in my dream here, I would shop at Emerson Made, J. Crew and Anthropologie for some great French inspired styles.

2. Matine has the cutest clutches and totes. Pretty sure I could go the flower markets in Paris with that gold polka dot bag and be perfectly happy.

3. Obviously I would eat one macaroon a day from Laduree. Duh.

4. I would stop by the flower markets every weekend to buy bright blooms for the home. Because that’s what you do when you live in Paris.

5. I would arm myself with plenty of reading material. Parisian food, fashion and baby rearing seem like good places to start.

6. I would buy a bike. (For the record I cannot for the life me ride a bike, but if we moved to Paris it would be a good opportunity to re-teach myself).

7. Bensimon footwear, because it’s French, cute and casual – three of my favorite things.

Thanks for having me over Audrey! As it happens I am leaving for Paris in a couple of days for a week-long vacation, but pop over to the Short and the Sweet of It to say hi anytime! xo 

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Inspired by this poster, I asked some of my favorite bloggers about their crazy dreams. Ashley from Sugar & Cloth always comes up with the best DIYs & her blog is so fun, I HAD to know what’s on the back of her mind!

As silly as it may sound, if I could be anything, I’d really love to be truly free spirited. I always tend to try and figure things out or plan every detail instead of just going with the flow. I admire people that are spontaneous, take risks, or just up and travel wherever their heart desires. This how imagine it to be–

1.  aviators |2. Diana camera |3. collared shirt |4. leather bag |5. watch |6. passport cover |7. striped throw |8. dotted oxfords

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Happy Monday, friends. Time for some fun! My parents arrive tomorrow and are going to stay through the end of the week. While they are here hubby and I are going to escape to Florida for a couple of days – so I’m off to go play, friends, and I’ll see you next Monday :) But I’m leaving you in (very) good hands, because I’ve invited some of my favorite bloggers and some of their dreams in a series called “if I could be/do anything”. It’s going to be fun!

And maybe you’ll also want to try out some of these playful DIYs while I’m out! See you next Monday, friends!

Images: 1. Make a fort with kraft paper. Easy and genius! Via Mekko Tehdas|2. Alphabet marshmallows by Raspberri Cupcakes. |3. Spray paint old graters and place candles inside. Fun way to cheer up a patio! Via Donna Hay. |4. Fun wrapping! And easy too.

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Illustration made with a picture by A Beautiful Mess.

I’m guilty of it too, like most women. I spent months and months growing pretty hair, yet every morning I walk into the bathroom, take a hair tie and put my hair up in a lazy ponytail. It’s so easy, I don’t think about it. Mechanical almost. But then, what’s the point of having grown that pretty long hair, I ask you?! So two options here: 1. Someone please pass me that shaver. Not. or 2. let’s actually do something about these hair tutorials I keep gathering on pinterest :)

Anybody else tired with how they do their hair everyday?!

Images: 1. Braided do by Keiko Lynn. |2. Rope bun via A Cup of Jo. |3. Three twisted buns by A Cup of Jo. |4. Style long hair short by A Beautiful Mess. |5. Alice band braid via So Feminine.|6. Fishtail braid by Love Maegan.

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Halloween’s coming up, do you have a costume yet? If not, here’s a few ideas for ladies and little ones. My two and 1/2 year old daughter told me that she wanted her and her sister to be Lilo & Stitch – ha, clever girl dress her sister up into a monster!! Personally, I don’t feel very comfortable with a full on costume…but a little something like this gorgeous mask or some fun tights to join in the fun halloween spirit? Totally!

Images: 1. Little red riding hood cape for little girls by Savage Seeds. |2. Adult little red riding hood cape by Karolin Felix Dream |3. Snowflake leather mask by Tom Banwell. |4. Baby snowflake costume by Princess Paradise. |5. Kids bat hoodie by Paul & Paula. |6. Bats tights by Tattoo Socks.

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We’ve had family in town, and they are leaving today, so I figured I’d skip my regular post to enjoy the last few hours with them. Family comes first today!

But in the meantime I wanted to share these pictures from Oh Joy’s “Blogging Inc.” book release party at West Elm in NYC last week - here being silly in the photobooth with my friend Gloria from the awesome Little White Whale. I’ll have to admit, it was a bit surreal (and so much fun!) to meet Joy, her husband and baby daughter.The online world is funny thing like this – feeling like you sort of know someone that you’ve never met before, but then, you realize when you meet them…. they know so little about you! So please please, my dear readers, I’d LOVE to know more about you – don’t ever ever be shy to comment and tell me who you are, share your story.

Happy Wednesday friends!

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Left: Brazilian home via Casa Brazil. |Right: Rice pudding with flavored strawberries by la Tartine Gourmande.

Happy Tuesday everybody! Today I wanted to share this beautiful Brazilian home with you guys. You’ve probably noticed by now that I am a big fan of Scandinavian homes, but recently I discovered lots of really gorgeous Brazilian homes – total crush! One big difference between Brazilian and Scandinavian is that they usually incorporate a lot of trees and plants – nature seems to be omnipresent, and I find it more lovely. The patio in this house is just gorgeous….and I love the color palette, which they carefully used both inside and outside the house. A splash of red here. A bit of blue there. Gorgeous, don’t you think?

And with that I had to pair the yummy rice pudding with strawberries stewed in lemongrass and lime by La Tartine Gourmande. Just by writing this my mouth is watering! Now too bad it’s not strawberry season, but I’ll be saving this recipe for Spring :)

PS: Today I am also on Girly Obsessions sharing inspiration for day & night fall outfits. Go check it out! :)

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Happy Monday everybody! Did you do anything fun this weekend? We’ve had family visiting from Denmark (hubby is Danish), and we went out of the city this weekend to enjoy the turning leaves in the mountains….well hello beautiful fall!! I just came across this “choose happiness” photograph, and just love it – it’s so true. We all want to “find” happiness. But what if we could just “choose” happiness, look at our life in the eyes and make the best of what we already have? Oh, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have dreams and goals….but I believe that happiness isn’t something that just “happens” to us. Part of us has to choose happiness and enjoy the small things.

Here’s a little collection of pretty fall images for some Monday inspiration :)

Images: 1. How pretty is this clementine cake? My favorite fall fruit!|2. Make your own chocolate and mint lip gloss, by Food Plus Words.|3. “choose happiness” photo print by Sandra Arduini Photography. |4. Gorgeous fall bag!|5. How amazing are these feather lashes? Would be great for grown-up halloween dress-up.

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