Do you guys have a tattoo? Love them? Hate them? I have one, but I always forget that I do, because it’s on my lower back and I don’t really get to see it. It’s a sun. I probably wouldn’t get that exact tattoo if I was given a chance to do it over. I don’t exactly regret it, but I was 19 when I got it, and I guess my tastes have just evolved :) Oh well! Which is why I LOVE the cool Tattly tattoos – no regrets, you don’t have to keep them forever! And they have some really cool designs for both adults and kids, for the everyday and special occasions too. Some of my favorite artists have designed from TattlyLisa Congdon and Blanca Gomez for example.

So, what do you we get inked this weekend? :)

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Good morning, it’s a beautiful day in NYC! Today the big men sip on their (awesome) Slingshot coffees, while teaching the little ones to do mischief with their own (super cool) slingshots by Hella Slingshots.

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October is breast cancer awareness month.

I know what you’re going to tell me “Honey, breast cancer awareness month doesn’t really qualify in the happiness criteria of this column…it’s more like, scary as hell, and sad.” But I am sorry, to me, it is. Prevention is a good thing. It is hopefully what’s going to help me spend many more years with my family. I don’t want to be scared of that damn cancer. I want to feel strong and powerful, no matter what happens, because that’s really the only way that women can win this fight. As I mentioned before, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in her early 30s, and luckily she survived. I didn’t realize much back then because I was only a little girl. But now I know, my mother kicking that cancer’s little ugly butt? Pretty sure that’s one of the happiest things ever – so here’s to pink power, lots of it.

1. Such cool pink oxford brogues by Goodbye Folk. |2. That’s right. Keep calm and fight on poster by Smile & Squiggles. |3. Adorable pink flags cupcake toppers at Shop Sweet Lulu. |4. Love this rose gold sequin clutch by Gift Shop Brooklyn. |5. Gorgeous ruffle pink dress by Blush Fashion.

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Truth be told, I am the Queen of Clumsy – I trip, I fall, I miss steps, I run into walls, I misplace things, you name it. So really, for me, having a case for my iphone isn’t really an option. I just changed my phone and have been on a lookout for pretty cases – and just found these pretties by Csera. Gorgeous, right?! So hard to choose a favorite in their store – but personally, I’m loving the ones with wood grain.

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L: Finnish apartment by Italian designer Maurizio Giovannoni, via | R: Gingered watermelon juice by A Cup of Mai.

Today I had to show you this gorgeous Finnish apartment decorated by Maurizio Giovannoni. It’s simple. It’s colorful. He renovated this apartment to let in tons and tons of light (always a winner!) – to do this, they demolished a few walls, added white floors and painted the walls white, which is very common in Scandinavia. The white canvas was then ready to be “painted” with colorful objects to create this very cool, relaxing space. Personally, I’m totally in love with that wallpaper behind the couch. Someday I’d love to do something this bold in my own home! Of course my own home looks a tad messier than this ;)

And to go with it, a recipe that is also simply colorful (and delicious) – this gingered watermelon juice by A Cup of Mai.
I’ve always been a sucker for fresh juices, especially when they have a little extra kick like a bit of ginger. refreshing, and so good for your body!

Happy Tuesday, friends! :)

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My wonderful grand-mother would never throw anything away, and when I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do would be to dive into the mountains of treasures hidden in her closets. Old hats from the beginning of the century, letters and postcards that her parents had exchanged, vintage games. I always wondered why she kept all of this hidden – I found all of it so beautiful. So when I see people showing off their collections, I am in total heaven. Nothing adds character and personality to your home than a beautiful display of something you truly love. Do any of you guys collect things?!

In any case, I thought I’d share a few tricks, things you can do to create an interesting collection display in your own home:

1. Mix a few collections together. Place various collections of objects together, and create a rythme so that your display isn’t monotonous. It creates a sort of happy mess that I love :)
2. & 4. Frame it like it’s art. Because, really, it kinda is. After all, they are so of the things you cherish the most.
3. Give it a new purpose. You have a collection that’s piled up in the closet, collecting dust and nothing else? See if you can give it a second life, like these pretty tea tin cans transformed to pots. Give your collection a new life!
5. Create a “stage” for each item. Find some small wooden boxes/crates, add some pretty paper or fabric to the back of it, et voila, you’ve created a beautiful (and personal) way to display each your favorite items.

Happy Monday everybody. Hope you had a great weekend!

Image sources: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5.

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…because, really, it’s one of the coolest things – and if you’re ever given the chance to fly in a hot air balloon, grab it! Hubby and I were given a give certificate to fly when we got married – and yes, it only took us 4 years to get our act together and make it happen. Ha. We went out to New Jersey last weekend, and it was simply unbelievable. We experienced nature like never before, we saw deer and foxes, people ran out to their yards to wave at us and shouted “hey, come land in our yard!”. It was so cool to be physically “disconnected” from the world, but feeling so connected in every other way. I would do this again in a heart beat. And there, one thing that’s crossed off my bucket list :)

This weekend is going to be a lot more mellow for us, we have a friend coming to town and we’ll be chilling out with her. What about you? Anything crazy on the agenda?

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For the ladies, these pretty sparkly bobby pins for your hair. And I am pretty sure little girls would go crazy for these glittery flats at J. Crew – my daughter would probably want to wear these every day!!!

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Image source: airmail from the UK by Merissa Revestir.

I used to love sending snail mail. And receiving it. First there was the anticipating, stalking waiting patiently for the mailman. Then, recognizing your friends handwriting on the envelope. Ripping the envelope open. Feeling the paper under your fingers. And every now and then there would be that little surprise they included – some pictures or a piece of candy. What happened to all that? Even simple things like writing hand-written thank you notes is something I rarely do. Now I only seem to be mailing checks to my landlord and the occasional postcard when we go on vacation. Guess my landlord should fell pretty lucky. I am not very nostalgic about many things as I pretty much adore the digital age….but snail mail, boy do I miss that!

So, who’s with me to bring snail mail ¬†back to life?

1. Love these Kraft heart stickers by Knot & Bow. Pretty (and easy) way to seal an envelop!
2. DIY heart pop-up card by Minico. Because there’s not better time than now to tell someone people love them, whether they are close or far.
3. I’m addicted to washi tape to decorate presents and envelopes! Pastel striped washi tape at Zakka Lover.
4. The most colorful string and tie envelopes, via Poppies for Grace. Couldn’t help but smile if I got one of these in my mailbox :)
5. Because you’ll need one with all that snail mail you’re gonna get ;) Adorable birdie paper knife at A+R store.
6. Too cute! Snail mail stamp by Wit & Whistle.

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Last week hubby told me “We’re going on a surprise date on Saturday night. It’s going to be kinda fancy, you might want to find a new dress”…well, hellooooo wonderful-husband-who-requests-that-I-got-shopping! :D I ended up renting a dress from Rent the Runway since I wasn’t quite ready to splurge on a black tie dress, but in my quest for the perfect dress, I found these gorgeous gorgeous dresses by Three Little Ducks - an Australian fashion label run by Katherine Humphery and Patrick McDermott. These dresses are elegant yet so versatile (you could easily dress them up or down), and would quickly become go-to items in your closet – no doubt about that! See the rest of Three Little Ducks’ collection here.

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