L: Brussels apartment of design Justine Glanfield, via Milk.|R: Apple cardamon cakes by Tartelette.

Today I am showing you a little combination that totally fits my mood of the moment – nostalgia for my childhood Septembers. Going back to school with my sharpened pencils, the old wooden desks in the classroom…and the smell of my mom’s apple cakes baking in the oven while I was doing my homework. This lovely house is the Brussels home of Justine Glanfield, designer of a children clothing line called Cotton & Milk. I am loving the old-school, vintage feel around the house – the furniture and textiles that Justine picked are simply perfect for this old house that they renovated.

And nothing like an good old apple cake, right? Like this apple cardamom mini cake by Helene at Tartelette.

I grew up in a region of France where apples are king, and some days all of our meals would include apples in one form or another, and I can’t wait to try her version of the old-school apple cake.

Image source: Photography of the house by Louise Desrosiers. Photography of the Cake by Helene at Tartelette.

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…after I soak up all of the sun I can :) Today is Labor Day in the US, so I am probably out somewhere running around with my little girls and hubby, celebrating the holiday, enjoying the last few days of summer. And it may or may not involve some ice cream.  I know by now most of you guys are thinking about big sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes – but I am so not there yet!

Happy Monday everybody, see you tomorrow!

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I came across these little bowls by Nicole Porter a few days ago, and it was love at first sight. I mean, look at these beautiful, happy colors – and I love how Nicole uses the geometric trend in her designs….definitely some kitchenware that will get me dancing in my kitchen again ;)

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It’s a long weekend here in the US since we have Monday off – the weather’s been gorgeous here in NYC so we’re sure going to make the most out of the last few sunny days of the season. I smell a weekend filled with picnics :) But in case the weather’s not so great where you live, here’s some pretty DIY inspirations to keep your little hands busy!

Have a great weekend guys, see you on Tuesday! :)

Images: 1. DIY garland via Ellen’s album. |2. DIY bows on boots by Beach Brights. |3. Free kitchen jar labels printable by The Painted Hive.|4. DIY Puffy Sleeves dress by Jayn Sarah |5. DIY painted bottles by Creative Jewish Mom.

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For the (crafty) ladies, how adorable are these DIY clay pots by Say Yes to Hoboken? And for the little ones, this cute little tooth fairy pillow by Apple White – so the the fairy always know where to go knocking :)

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It’s been my late Summer little addiction: a tall glass of sparkling water with these delicious  and refreshing elderflower, blackberry and peach ice cubes. But before I tell you more about them, I need to backtrack to the inspiration behind them.

A couple of weeks ago we were on our way to Boston for a little vacation with friends. The four-hour car drive to get there was loooong. And when I say long…the girls were not having it in the back of the car. At all. So midway through the trip, hubby unexpectedly took an exit, turned to me and said “Let’s go have a little fun”. Big smile on my face.

He drove us to this little orchard in the middle of nowhere (turns out he had seen a sign for it on the freeway), and it felt like we had arrived to paradise after hours on the never-ending freeway. Maybe , just maybe,  I know I am a bit of a tree-hugger  deep down ;)

The kids were so excited they were jumping around and giggling. We picked up a few boxes for the berries and headed out to the fields. My little Madeline didn’t think twice – she went straight for peaches, and held on tight to the one she picked. This girl LIVES for peaches.

My little Olivia kept picking the blackberries that weren’t ripe enough….hence her face on the picture. That day she learned what sour means. My silly silly lovely little girl :)

I came back all inspired back from our little orchard adventure, and wanted to make something fun with what we picked. Now, I’m a big fan of anything with elderflower ever since living in Scandinavia, so I thought I’d combined that with the blackberries and peaches , and made these pretty ice cubes that I can just drop in a tall glass of sparkling water every time I feel like treating myself. Which turns out to be every couple hours of so. Ok. I’m addicted.

What you need: Diced peaches, blackberries, elderflower syrup (buy at IKEA or online), and water.
What you do: Put one piece of diced peach and one blackberry in each cube of your ice tray. Add some elderflower syrup until the cubes are a little less than 1/2 way filled. Add water to fill up the cubes. Freeze. Et voila!

These pretty ice cubes only take a few minutes to make, and they are so delicious and look so pretty in the glass – the would be perfect for a late summer get together with friends like Labor day! Hope you like them – let me know what you think :)

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Photograph by Benjamin Bergh.

When you have two kids under two, a quiet, lazy morning is not really in the schedule. Like. Ever. Little girls climbing on you and jumping on your bed at 6:30 am everyday to wake you up? Check. Dumped bowl of cherrios on the floor during breakfast? Check. I am smiling as I’m writing this actually, because this morning chaos is actually a lot more fun than it may sound :) Still, at some point, I probably wouldn’t mind having a lazy morning….or two or three! Time for a weekend gateway for hubby and me perhaps?!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

1. Noting like comfy PJ pants for a lazy morning :) Love these Bon Bon stripe PJ bottoms by Cath Kidtson.
2. How pretty are these up-cycled ceramic tile coasters by Sugar and Cloth? Love the pattern!
3. Scrambling my eggs with this heart-shaped spatula would sure make me smile :) Via Catching Fireflies.
4. How I love this old-fashion bread bag, it adds so much charm to the table! via Huset.
5. Milk in polka dots?! Sign me up! porcelain milk jug by Hanne Rysgaard Ceramics.
6. Brioches are one of my favorite things for breakfast – check out this great brioche recipe by Today’s Nest.

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I nearly died (ok ok, maybe I like to be a little dramatic) when I saw Lauren Moffatt’s Spring 2012, and I was impatiently waiting to see her new fall collection. It’s now out in her shop, and as expected, it’s simply gorgeous! Lauren’s use of geometry, patterns, and textures is just perfect. Personally, I’m in love with that striped top! What’s you favorite piece?

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Left: Family loft in Paris via MCM | Right: Espresso Nutella Mug cake by Mandy Ashcraft

After all the softness of my {live here, eat that} post from last week, I thought I’d show you guys something a bit more industrial for a change. A say a bit industrial, because despite it all, it’s also such a joyful place – friendly for both adults and kids. It’s full of personal touches, of collection of old and fun objects, and I love the color palette they kept throughout the house…a beautiful place that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

And doesn’t that mug cake look like it was just meant to be eaten in that loft? :) You guys know how much I love to make my own mug cakes, so when I came the recipe for this espresso & nutella mug cake by Mandy Ashcraft, it was love at first sight. Definitely next on my list of mug cakes to try!

Photo credits: Loft images by Marion Renaud. Cake image by Dustin Ashcraft.

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Was this summer summer short or what?! At least that’s how it feels to me! Usually by this time I am very ready for fall to roll in, ready to take my sweaters and boots out of the closet. But this year not at all. I am hanging on tight to my swimming suit. But I’ll have to let go soon, because there is not denying: fall is coming our way. Everybody’s going back to school, the temperatures are getting a bit cooler…but oh believe me, I am gonna make the most out of the summer days we have left!

How about you guys, are you ready for fall? Happy Monday, friends!

Images: 1. Late Summer Oat Milk Smoothie by Golubka|2. Knitted Cactus by Odds & Ends. |3. Lace and Linen Dress by Spath Designs. |4. Exploded flowers by Qi Wei, via Sparrow & Spark|5. Plum purple ombre foldover clutch by Rouge & Whimsy

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