Happy Thursday, friends! The sky is gray oh so gray today in New York City (boooo!), so I thought I’d cheer us up with a little yellow :) For the ladies, how darling is this “love builds a happy home” print on Minted – love love all of their cards too btw. Hang it up in your home while the little one runs around in these cute Bobo Choses Lemon overalls, available at Darling Clementine. So perfect for this summer!

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March is finally here, got to admit I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s already this much warmer in New York, oh not a lot, but it’s funny how people’s moods are already shifting – you can even catch glimpses of smiles on New Yorkers these days, if you’re lucky enough 😉 It’s something in the air, like a promise. A promise that soon we’ll be able to take long walk, have picnics in the park & eat ice cream everyday. Yesterday I was walking Olivia back from school and I showed her the budding trees. I told her the trees were preparing baby leaves that would soon come out. She jumped up and down with happiness, big smile on her face. Totally how I feel inside. So with that, I give a little list of things I am coveting right now – not surprisingly it all feels very springy, but I can’t quite get enough of these colors. Happy Wednesday, friends!

1. How pretty are these floral chalkboard tags? Perfection!
2. This dress at Modcloth is so sweet!
3. I am redoing the girls bedroom and have been looking at prints a lot – totally love these little flamingos :)
4. A pot that doesn’t look like one? Yes, please. At Terrain.
5. I have a thing for pretty little keepsake boxes these days. Love these roses boxes by Miss Vintage wedding.
6. Nothing says spring like a big bow in your hair, right? Peach bow by Color Drop.
7. Girly backpacks are my new best friends, and I’d definitely carry this polka dot backpack everywhere if it was mine!

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Yet another awesome little giveaway! With Spring just around the corner, how about a chance to  fill your little one’s closet with fun & happy organic clothes from the Winter Water Factory?!  Today they are giving away a $100 gift certificate for one of you lucky readers to shop in their online store – how-to enter further down!  I love the fun, bold prints and urban chic awareness of their designs. The designs are timeless and comfortable. Some of my girls’ favorite clothes,and mine actually, because they can freely play in them, look adorable, and I’m not afraid of them getting dirty – the quality of these clothes is so great I can wash them again and again and they’ll look just as good. Plus, Winter Water Factory is certified organic and made in the USA… love it!

Winter Water Factory just released their Spring collection – too much cuteness! Since I have two girls I tend to hang out more in their girl’s section a lot more, but they also have some great rompers for babies and shirts for boys, among other things. My girls are going to be hanging out in their dresses all summer long, I can already tell you this much!

Madeline is wearing the pinwheel dress with birds and flowers in pink, and Olivia is wearing the summer domino dress with Danish flowers in pink & navy.


TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: Go to Winter Water Factory’s shop and let me know in a comment below what item you love the most!

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES- there are three ways you can get additional entries:

This giveaway is open to people worldwide, and will be open until Tuesday, March 19 at 11:59pm EST. A winner will be selected at random and contacted via email. Good luck everyone! This post is sponsored by Winter Water Factory.



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Ladies and gentlemen beware, the spring cleaning madness has officially begun in our not at all messy lovely home. I swear spring’s got a spell on me, because I spent the last few days organizing paperwork, cleaning old clothes out of our closet and redecorating the girls’ bedroom – more on that later, I am so excited about their new room! And boy does it feel good, I look around and I love what I see. Oh I am no fool though, I realize this state of cleanliness and declutteredness (pretty sure that should be in the dictionary anyhow) will most likely only last a good week, a month if we’re lucky, but whatever, that was all worth it. I don’t want to sound too much like a commercial you know, but starting fresh for Spring? Priceless.

Love all of these for an eco-friendly spring cleaning: 1. Rules of laundry club by Peanutoak Print.|2. “behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry”. Unwashed photo print by Anita. |3. Handmade liquid laundry soap by Maalikaa |4. Hand-knitted cotton ash cloths by Utopia Home & Garden. |5. Love this tea towel by Skinny Laminx. |6. pastel mason jars by Beach Blues fill with flowers or organize your desk |7. Pretty kitchen apron in Oatmeal by Studio Patro.

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A few weeks ago my friend Gloria shared these pretty little white lies by NYC graphic designer Lauren Hom on her blog, and I found them so much fun I wanted to share them with you too. Love the whimsical typography, but what I love most is the fact that Lauren is using things that we ALL say just about every day of our life. Why do we do it though, isn’t it weird? Shouldn’t we all have the guts to say “Hey, I am gonna hang out on Pinterest for 3 hours tonight and stuff my face with ice cream at the same time” (who, me??) or “Screw salad. I’ll have the biggest steak they have.” Do we just want to make ourselves feel better? Or maybe we are afraid of how people are going to judge us if we said the truth. What about you, what’s your go-to little white lie?

In any case, make sure to check out Lauren’s shop her for more Daily Dishonesty. Happy weekend, friends!

PS: Talking about little white lies, I loved this French movie.

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Truth be told, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately – something about looking at pinata cake recipes and pretty prints for the girls’ room that makes my sore throat feel better, somehow. And while browsing I stumbled upon Troubadour‘s new Spring & Summer collection – it was love at first sight. Gorgeous lines with perfect details, I would easily welcome a few of these outfits in my own closet. A stunning collection, really!

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Image source.

Sometimes they quietly fall asleep in my arms, their head nestling gently in the crook of my neck. And other times they fight sleeping like it’s their greatest enemy. But when they finally let go and drift off to sleep, it’s like something magical takes place. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than to watch the little ones lost in their own little world of dreams, safe and secure in a cocoon of warmth and love. Nothing is more peaceful, and their rest becomes mine. Their little faces are so relaxed. I drop a kiss on their closed eyelids and send them off to sleep. I wonder what they dream about at night –although I am pretty sure Olivia dreams of unicorns and Madeline of a giant bowl of strawberries and cream. I could spend hours watching my little girls sleep, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. These are moments I want to hold on to forever.

1. Nothing like a baby in a jumpsuit. I like this striped jumpsuit at Smallable, simple and sweet.
2. Bedhead has some really nice PJs for the little ones. They were having an event on Hautelook (my new addiction!) a couple weeks ago, and I bought a set for Madeline – she won’t sleep in anything else now :)
3. How freaking cute is this little Rabbit night light? For sale on Cox & Cox.
4. Sweet organic toddler bedding set by Colette Bream.
5. Counting sheep was one of my favorite ways to go to sleep when I was little. How sweet is this print by Villa Figura?
6.In love with this animal origami mobile by Kidivist. Some pretty distraction for baby!

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L: Danish home via Bolig Magasinet.| R: Blueberries & Lemon Mascarpone tart by Donna Hay.

When I was a little girl, it was by far my favorite color, but now I hardly have anything blue in my home – or my closet for that matter! Not sure what happened there, today I like more energizing hues like red, green and purple. But how calming would it be to live in this Danish apartment bathed in blue? Pia, the woman who lives there, definitely worked her favorite color in and out and throughout. Blue in every room and she dared to used many shades of it. Her grey sofa complements the blue hues perfectly, while the colorful throw pillows and bed linens she added help break the monotony a bit.

Do you guys have a favorite color? How much of it do you have in your home?

And while you’re bathed in blue, you should think about baking this yummi blueberry & lemon mascarpone tart. The pictures I used at the top of my post is from a recipe by Donna Hay, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the original recipe on her site – but try this recipe by Sugar and Snapshots (pics below), seems like a winner to me!

PS: Have you entered our giveaway yet? Hurry hurry! The last day to enter is today.

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Happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend? We went away from the city to make up from a rough week and spent the weekend at a really fun ranch/resort called Rocking Horse Ranch. The girls played in the snow, went on pony rides and splashed in the pool. On Saturday night we went snow tubing and roasted marshmallows by the fireside. We had a blast, and I really needed that. Thanks to all of you who left sweet notes last week, the girls are doing much better, and I am also getting there, slowly.

Today I just wanted to share this mood board, a little Monday cheer – I am loving these colors together. They remind me that Spring is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I am so done with this winter!

1. How gorgeous are these ceramics by The Mod Collective?! I am hooked.| 2. This print by Jay Roeder is just what I need right now. Never give up. Ever.| 3. Painted pebbles throw pillow by Garima Dhawan on Society 6. Perfect Spring pillow!| 4. These pomegranate mousse filled donuts look so yummi! I’ll take a dozen thank-you-very-much.| 5. I’ve been on the hunt for pretty rugs  for my home and found this gorgeous rug by Loom…I think I’m in love!

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Happy Friday, friends. Sorry I went MIA after Tuesday, to tell you the truth it’s been a rather hard week. The girls were sick all week, and I went through a pretty rough patch of my own.  Nobody slept much this week….so tired that my littlest one fell asleep during lunch yesterday. Not like her at all, this girl loves her food and not one to just diss it! See how she still has her hand on her food while sleeping? :) In any case, we going away this weekend to get some fresh air & relax a bit. I’ll be back on Monday with regular posts. Hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend!

Hugs, Audrey

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