Hi friends!  Here’s round 2 of the best of 2012. Yesterday I shared the best of  the”live here, eat that” posts from 2012, and today it’s all about DIYs that I made this year ( you can also find round-ups from other blogs here). Here some of the favorites:

1. Felt balls tags, which I made for my daughter’s second birthday party.
2. Fabric wall stickers, so easy and so much fun!
3. Cross-stitch stool. I’m sure more of you have seen this one already, but since it’s been such a hit I just had to share it again!
4. Glitter monogram cake toppers…birthdays are just better with glitter!
5. Elderflower, blackberry & peach party ice cubes. yum!
6. “When they grow up” birthday posters - such a sweet tradition for the little ones birthdays :)

This year’s been so much fun – and there are so many more little projects I want to make and share with you…so here’s to finding time for that in 2013 :)

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Hi friends! While I am taking a little break over the holidays, I thought that in the meantime I’d share some of your (and my) favorite posts from this past year…starting with favorite posts from the “live here, eat that” series! Hope you guys are having the loveliest of holidays :)

PS: The 24 Merry Days of giveaways is still going on – so check out our calendar our giveaways! And so you know, today is the last day you can enter the 24 Merry Days giveaway on Create Like Crazy, don’t miss it.

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I wish you all the merriest of holidays, filled with love and laughter, and surrounded by family and loved ones! I am back home in France and celebrating with my family, and will be taking a little break until the new year so I can really enjoy my time here and recharge. But I’ll still be around because I’ve scheduled some posts to share some of your (and my) favorite TLS posts from 2012 – it’s been such a wonderful year, and I just can’t believe it went by so fast!

Happy holidays to you all!
xxx Audrey

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Hello friends! Can you believe that Christmas is already around the corner?I’m so excited. And only a few more giveaways left for the 24 Merry Days giveaways! Have you entered the giveaways already? This week we’re giving away great prizes by Rifle Paper Co, Ferm Living, Wind & Willow, Eberjey, Umba box, Fabric & Handle, Wit & Whistle and many more, so click on each link to check out the giveaways and enter!

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Happy Saturday everybody!

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I know that Christmas isn’t until early next week, but I’m back home already and will be meeting up with friends to celebrate the holidays with them- did you know that in Denmark, they actually have Christmas parties with their friends all of December?! Now that’s what I call celebrating the holidays! I love how I can always count on this season to see old friends, it makes me happy in my belly:) Anyway, I thought I’d share some celebration inspiration with you guys today:

1. DRINK: Love love love these holiday ice cubes to make your drinks that much more fun! by the oh-so-talented Sibylle from Funkytime.
2. WEAR: Anthropologie’s got lots of cute holiday dresses, check them out :)
3. LISTEN: There ya go, some pretty Christmas music for you to download and share! Via Oh the Lovely Things.
4. MAKE: These party hats are way fun! Find the how-to on the lovely Studio DIY.
5. DECORATE: Now this holiday print will spread the holiday cheer, no doubt! By Show & Tell.

Any of you starting the celebrations this weekend? Whatever the case is, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Ladies, I’m sure that you can only cook wonders in these pretty little Le Creuset pink mini casseroles. Seriously. And for the little ones, how sweet is this pink twist dress at My Little Square! I could picture my little girls twirling in it.

PS: 24 Merry Days giveaways – Day 20! Today we’ve got some super sweet prizes for you on Down & Out Chic for you. Hurry hurry to unveil the prizes!

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Image source.

This post is for my friend Clemence over at Oh the Lovely Things, who I know is just crazy about her cats – and all the cuddles they share :) I’ve never been able to have a pet since moving away from my parents house after high school – let’s not count how many years ago that was, please! I’ve just been moving around way too much. But I hope that soon we’ll be able to have a pet so that my little girls can know moments like these morning cuddles with a kitty.

PS: 24 Merry Days giveaways – day 19! Today we’re giving away a $50 gift card for some pretty Wit & Whistle cards on Create Like Crazy! Happy birthday Jordan, by the way :)

1. Mungo & Maud cat bed. |2. Green plaid collar by Amy’s Collars and more. |3. Crazy cat lady embroidery by Ooooh Stitchy |4. Gorgeous cat ring by Every Bear Jewel.|5. Siamese cat portrait by Pet Collage.|6. Cat felted cave by Vaivanat.

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L: Danish home via Bolig Magasinet.|R:Ice cream sampler for dessert via the Foodie Bugle

Sorry about the late post today, guys! We were traveling to Europe since we’re spending the holidays with our families in France and Denmark, and got delayed big time so I couldn’t post earlier . In any case, here is a fun little home I wanted to share with you guys today! Remember when I put together some inspiration on how to display your collections in your home a couple of months ago? Well, this scandinavian home of Anders Arhøj is the perfect example of those ideas. It shows you how small pieces can make a big statement on your walls, and I love the amount of personality that’s pouring into this house through the display of these gorgeous collections. The books, the masks, the tiles….anything goes!

And to go with this gorgeous home, how about a little ice cream sampler for your guests? I absolutely love this photograph by Yuki Sugiura via the Foodie Bugle. An ice cream sampler is always a crowd pleaser ( I mean, come one, who doesn’t like ice cream?!), and when presented in pretty ceramics like in Yuki’s photo, it’s so simple and pretty to look at!

PS: 24 Merry days giveaways – day 18! Today we’re giving away some gorgeous Rifle paper prizes on here on Lolalina! :)

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2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year already. I managed to snatch up some tickets for the ALT Summit, so I’ll be heading to Salt Lake City at the end of January and I CAN’T WAIT to meet so many talented people! Any of you lovely readers going?! In any case, the calendar is filling up, and this got me looking for a fun 2013 calendar for my desk. And I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you guys :)

Have a lovely Monday, friends!

PS: 24 Merry Days giveaways- we’re already on day 17, can you believe it?! Today, win some fantastic-oh-so-brilliant prizes by FERM LIVING and SON OF A SAILOR on HOUSE OF EARNEST :)

Calendars: 1. Retro wall calendar by Yomalum. |2. Wood stump calendar at Anthropologie.|3. Free printable owl calendar, via Oh The Lovely Things. |4. free printable 2013 sweet new year calendar by eat Drink Chic.|5. Fabric calendars by Lotta Jansdotter. |6. Hilarious cat calendar.|7. Floral wall calendar by Leah Duncan. |8. Wall calendar by Dozi.

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