A little girl I know turned three last weekend.

Tradition called for a little crown, a birthday poster & little pretties hanging in the air that brought a big smile on my little girl’s face. She asked me for a strawberry cake in the midst of January….my grandmother would have rolled her eyes at that. But really, who am I to argue seasons with a three year old?! Plus, a birthday girl always gets to call the shots on her day. Anyway, I found this pretty little strawberry cream cake on The Moveable Feasts, and let me tell you, there wasn’t even any crumbs left. It was DE.LI.SH.I.OUS!

Happy birthday, little Olive of our dreams. Love you to the moon and back.

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Photo by 101 woonideeen.

…at least I wish this was true. But baby it’s been cold outside! I am heading out of town for four days A.L.O.N.E this week to attend ALT summit, and I’m excited. So excited in fact that I’ve already started to pack. If you know me a little, you know it’s a miracle in itself. In any case, it seems like it’s going to be cold there too, so today I’m aiming at bringing us all a little spring in the midst of this cold winter. I noticed this gorgeous room all over Pinterest last week – no wonder why, isn’t it gorgeous? Spring colors toned down by a bit of grey & copper – Monday …I’m in love!

Wishing you all a great week!

1. Pretty little tray by Famille Summerbelle. |2. Yarn wrapped antlers by Yarn Bombed Antlers. |3. Vintage wallpaper envelops at 100 Layer Cake. |4. This simple packaging is so lovely. |5.  Fun mini cards by Zü |6. This cat bowl by Geraldine de Beco is just amazing. |7. Pretty cushions by Creme Anglaise.

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Illustration made using Shopruche.com image.

I don’t know about you, but I want oh-so-badly to take a little break from the winter months, drop every priority and just book a last minute trip to the first sunny deal that I find. Escape and go explore a random place. And when I am there, drop my map (and my iphone) and let my feet guide me. Oh I’ll get lost, maybe, probably, but don’t the best travel stories often come from the unexpected, after that wrong turn we took? I am craving spontaneity & randomness. What about you, are you craving that too?

1. Love the contrast of paint over wood in this pretty “let’s get lost” poster by Oh Dier.
2. This litte piece of gorgeousness isn’t exactly made for traveling anymore, but I’d love to have this in my home – it would instantly make me dream about far-away destinations. Retro suitcase at Anna Lou Vintage.
3. One of my new favorite travel essentials, hair powder! You can skip showers and still have beautiful hair. Alder hair powder at Anthropologie.
4. Too cute and so practical! This inflatable cat travel pillow by Naomi.
5. Yes for documents traveling in style! Love the color of his lime green document holder at Flight 001.
6. Keep track of you whereabouts in the fun travel journal by Making This Home. Perfectly made to help you remember every little thing!

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Raise your hand if, like me, you’ve been wanting to do more creative things with your kids, but just can’t seem to get it together? I always have these great prospects in mind of things I’ll make with the girls….and then we just end up making a bead necklace or a salt dough sculpture. Really, who has the time to come up with great ideas for kids, find the supplies?!

Enters KIWI CRATE, and my life changed forever. Seriously.

Kiwi Crate is a (rather awesome) subscription service that sends you a themed creativity crate every month with 2-3 carefully-designed & kid-tested projects. The crates cover a range of subjects and areas including art, science & imaginative play.

Olivia received her first crate in December, and was over the moon with excitement opening it. I meant, the girl didn’t even bother to get dressed when we received the package that morning - yep yep, that a PJs + princess dress outfit she’s rocking :D She smiled from ear to ear the entire time we were working on the box, and we had so much fun working on these projects together. Creating memories.

And I have to admit, I was simply blown away by the entire content of the box we received. The projects are cute, fun, the content is of quality and everything you need to complete the projects is in there. Easy peasy. The box we received included a penguin bowling set project (such a blast!), paint+ crayons to make aurora postcards and a penguin ice cube tray so that the bigger kids could do some experiences with ice.

Now I have to say, I am usually not a big fan of subscriptions services. I have high standards, I like things to be done right, and in the past I’ve just been disappointed by so many subscriptions services. But Kiwi Crate went far beyond my expectations – and let me tell you, that’s not an easy thing to do.

Next time you’re looking for the perfect gift for your child or a friend, look not further – this is the PERFECT present for hours of fun, learning and bonding!

Disclaimer: I received a free Kiwi Crate so that I would be able to review it for this blog. Feedback & opinions stated in this post are 100% mine.

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That’s right, we’re having a little giveaway today with a shop that I absolutely adore, Curio Road. They’re mission is to help people live beautifully, and boy do they deliver. They gather for you a collection of an ever-changing boutique of shops from creative artists – unique jewelry, home decor, stationery, you name it. And they also just started featuring vintage shops so you can find more unique, soulful items at a very reasonable price. Seriously, what’s  not to love about it all?! And you, my lucky readers, you get a chance to go on a little shopping spree on Curio Road to get whatever your heart desires!

TO ENTER: Just let me know you want to win in a comment here! Couldn’t be easier, right?!

If you want ADDITIONAL entries- make sure to leave a comment letting me know what you did:

  • Become a Curio Road member and get 3 additional entries!!!
  • Spread the word about this giveaway on twitter or facebook for 2 additional entries.
  • Like Curio Road on Facebook, twitter or Pinterest for 1 additional entry each.
  • Like This Little Street on Facebook or subscribe to TLS posts via email for 1 additional entry each.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will close at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, January 23. A winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by email. Good luck everybody! :)


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L: Swedish country home via Desire to Inspire | R: Blueberry meringue pie by My Little Fabric

What is it with Swedish homes, I just can’t seem to get enough of them – one last week and another one this week! This little country home has so much charm, I had to show it to you guys. A great vintage feel throughout the house – despite the fact that this is a brand new building. I find this home really inviting. Stunning choice of flooring too – from the bricks to the white hardwood floor through the ceramic tiles in the bathroom…a bit bold & perfect for this home.

And while you hang out in this pretty little house, won’t you have a slice of this gorgeous blueberry meringue pie by My Little Fabric? Doesn’t it look like a a little piece of heaven?! Click here to find the recipe on the ever-gorgeous My Little Fabric.

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Home tour | a modern and colorful Danish apartment

Happy Monday friends! Did you miss me? Come on, come on, you know you did :) Sorry I missed the post on Friday, I just had a bit of the blues last week, and Friday I wanted nothing but to stay hidden under the covers all day and send telepathic orders to the rest of the world so that things would get done while I whined. I don’t really know why, I started the New Year with a  real high, but I think that reading everybody’s resolutions these past couple of weeks, I panicked a bit. Seemed like everybody was moving forward, to infinity and beyond with all of their awesome plans and ideas, and I felt a bit “stuck” where I was.

So today, I’m taking this matter into my own hands, and sharing my own goals for 2013 with you. They are not really resolutions (I don’t really like this word anyway), but things I’d love to do this year. Guidelines for the year to come, if you want, rather than another to-do list I HAVE to follow. So here are my 13 for 2013!

1. Be a heck-of-a-confident woman. It might not seem like it to the people who know me, but I often doubt myself.  The internet is so full of clever people with genius ideas, and it sometimes make me feel like I’ll never be able to beat “them” – whomever “them” is. It’s silly, really, and totally unfounded. Because I have so many ideas, and projects I’d like to carry out, and there’s absolutely no reason why I couldn’t make them all happen. Damn it. :)

2. Travel to a country I have never been to. Since I am from France, and hubby is from Denmark, we do a quite fair amount of traveling so that we can see our families. But in the end we always see the same things, the same people, the same places – and we need a real vacation, in  a place were we can totally disconnect. So it’s one of my goals this year to get us somewhere we’ve never been. Suggestions?!

3. Remember where it all started. Because, really, when you have kids, it’s so easy to turn all of your attention to them and completely forget to nurture the one very, very important thing that brought your children to this world: your relationship with your spouse. So this year, I want to make sure I put this up on a pedestal.

4. Add a little one to our family. Yes :) No I am not pregnant yet, but we’re really, really hoping – if we’re lucky enough- to have another child this year. Hubby and I have discussed that we want a big (at least, bigger) family, and we’re ready for more!

5. Keep dreaming big. Last year I took a small entrepreneurship workshop, and after everybody introduced their ideas to the other participants, the first exercise they had us do was to dream big and write down where we saw ourselves in 5 years, and where others saw us in 5 years. Sometimes we’re a bit shy at imagining all of the possibilities, but it’s important to keep dreaming big – it’s the very first step to get there.

6. Move to a home where our girls can run around. I won’t lie, we’re not exactly big fans of living in the city with two little girls. Oh, we love NYC, it’s got a lot to offer and it’s such a vibrant place! But with the girls, we’re dreaming of a house with a garden, and more space  for all of us.

7. Learn the skills that will empower me to live my dreams. I’ve been wanting to learn more about graphic design for a long while now, and this year HAS to be the year.

8. Stop buying and start saving. We’ve been dreaming about buying a house, and let me tell you, NYC is a heck-of-a-hard place to save up – there’s always a new restaurant to try out, a new cool shop. Not counting the insane rent + child care. But we mean business, we really need to put together a good down payment for a house if we want our dream to happen before we’re 70….so cling cling, here comes the money in my piggy bank!

9. Listen to more music. I don’t know why I don’t do it more, really. I’m a lot more chill when I listen to good music while working. I think it’s a habit I just never acquired, I don’t think about turning it on.

10. Do something with all the pictures I’ve been taking since the girls were born. Because, really, my hard drive’s got them all to himself and can’t thank me enough.

11. Create more. I am so INCREDIBLY happy when I create, it’s my happy place – I’m in my own little world and it feels so good. Thing is, I don’t have enough time (or don’t TAKE enough time?), so I want to do that a lot more in 2013.

12. Draw every day. I always have ideas in my mind, but because I don’t have a sketch book with me, I put it off and usually just end up forgetting about these ideas before I have time to sketch. So I need to start sketching every day before I go to bed.

13. Be kind to myself. And others. Most days I have a LOT of energy. So I expect a lot from myself. And others to, to be honest. Because I can do so, much, I feel others should to. Except for they want to chill a little. And then the days where I feel a little low, I beat myself up for not doing all the things I had on my to-do list. I really have to stop beating myself up like this. And I’ve got to be more understanding with others. They are not me.

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Happy Thursday, everybody! The sun is shining today in New York City, and it feels SO good. In today’s edition of my “like father, like son”, how fun is this print by One Must Dash for the grow-ups? I want it for my walls. And do you know the brand Bobo Choses? It’s a great brand that comes up with fun, fresh and comfy clothes for the little ones – and you definitely need to check them out.

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Image source

Whether or not you have a child of your own, you’ve probably felt your belly tighten when little ones hold your finger with their tiny little hands. That squeeze, that grip, it’s got something so special, doesn’t it? It’s one of my favorite thing, to walk around and feel that little hand in mine.

1. Hand-printed organic legging by Fable. |2. Orange pigeon lamp by Thorsten Van Helten at Smallable. |3. Drop family by Zü. |4. Bay Boots fog by Livie & Luca. |5. Swan jumper by Siaomimi at My Little Square|6. DIY Bear Cowl pattern at Ravelry.

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L: Sweden house via Fantastik Frank | R: Lemon curd via Menta & Liquirizia

Happy Tuesday, friends – I’ve got a little more sunshine in stock for you all today :) I liked this house the minute I saw it. It is rather simple, I know, but just looks comfy and happy and warm. I love the modern, clean lines and the happy colors/patterns used throughout the house.  I’d sit right down that table and grab a cup of tea with some cookies they set on the table- yes please!  Perfect for a cold winter afternoon. And with that, may I suggested snacking on a little lemon curd?  I am a bit of a lemon curd addict if I can tell you the truth. The color, the creamy texture, the taste explosion when it hits your mouth. If the sun was a food, then it would be lemon curd, no doubt. This recipe by Menta & Liquirizia sounds so delish’, I’m gonna have to try it out -use google translate to get it in English easy peasy.

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