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Today is my little May Flower’s 2nd birthday – and we’ve got balloons hanging all around our home. Everyfreakingwhere. Oh you should have seen her smile this morning when she woke up and saw the house prettied up for her. It’s become a tradition of ours, to decorate the house on the girls’ birthdays. And I don’t mean for the party – we do have birthday parties, but the decorations are up when the midnight bells ring. That way, I know that the minute that the girls wake up on their birthday, they feel extra special. I’ll be sharing a lot of pictures of her birthday soon, but in the meantime I wanted to write this post to wish my little Madeline a very happy birthday, and share some of my favorite party supplies with you! Happy Wednesday :)

1. What the what?! Edible cups at Susty Party….doesn’t go any greener than that!|2. Gold daisy mason jar lids at Krazy Lady Supplies |3. Wooden ie cream spoons at Shop Sweet Lulu. |4. Green striped paper straws at Estelle’s Baking Supplies. |5. Have you guys seen this super cool Pinata makeover by Studio DIY?! You need to check it out! |6. Pink polka dots snack/favor bags at Shop Sweet Lulu. |7. Party horns at Tops Malibu.

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Oh I have such a fun giveaway for your guys today! With mother’s day right around the corner, I am partnering today with the amazing team at Studiopatro to give you a chance to win the perfect gift for mother’s day – a gorgeous mother and child cooking set. The set comes with an adult kitchen apron, a kid apron, a tea towel and a bamboo spoon, and you’ll be able to choose the color you want (choose between mineral, raspberry or slate).

Studiopatro sent me a set that I could try myself – and that got me into a cooking frenzy, I just want to wear my apron all the time. My husband barely recognizes me 😀 More seriously though, everything that comes in this set is beautifully crafted and just perfect for the kitchen – they have the perfect touch of color and I love the modern patterns and the feel of the linen. And my favorite thing? The adult apron crosses and ties in the back – so pretty, I feel a little fancy wearing it!

I am having so much fun cooking with my little Olivia these days (she has to taste EVERYTHING we cook with, she is such a cheeky monkey!), and no doubt that these mama + kid sets would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mama with young kids.


HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: I am now recording all entries with Rafflecopter! See details on Rafflecopter on how to easily enter this giveaway.  Also, don’t forget to enter our other giveaway here, today is the last day!

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This giveaway is open to people worldwide, and will be open until Tuesday, May 7th at 11:59pm EST. A winner will be selected at random and contacted via email. Good luck everyone! This post is sponsored by Studiopatro.

Photo credit: all pictures of me and Olivia by the talented Alicia Swedenborg. Other pictures by Audrey Smit.

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My mum, and the little girl turned me into a mama 3 years ago.

Mama’s day is right around the corner – do you have something fun planned to surprise you mother?

Growing up I was never very close to my mother – oh I love her, but my parents worked a lot and I guess it made made me very independent and doing things on my own from a very early age. It was what it was, my parents did their very best to provide for us – I just wished we had spent more time learning together. Now that I am myself a mama, it is easier for me to relate to my mum, the things she went through being a young mum working crazy hours. It made me realize that there is more to the situation than I thought when I was a teenager. Sometimes we judge our parents a bit harshly, but it’s important that really, in most situations, they did what they thought was in our best interest.

I made a little list of pretty little things that you could give your mama for mother’s day, but I think it’s also fun to think about things that you can DO with your mum (or your children if you are a mum) around mother’s day to have fun together.

1. Go on a little shopping trip together- and give her this gorgeous gold bag to tote around.
2. Call you mama for mother’s day – and give her this pretty cell phone case to pimp her phone.
3. Remind each other of some the happiest memories you have together -and give her this Instawatch with your favorite picture.
4. Make her feel pretty and trendy with this lovely gold and mint geometric bracelet.
5. Give her this pretty two tone clutch – and slip a nice note in it that she will find later.
6. Spend some time cooking or baking together – and give her these pretty nesting heart-shaped bowls.
7. Have a glass of wine together – and give her this fun Rhino wine stopper (in Crane & Canope’s pop up shop for mother’s day)

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Life in instagrams. Are you addicted to instagram too?

A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine sent me an email to ask me where on earth I disappeared to since she hadn’t heard from me in a while despite her attempts to contact me. She was rightly angry in her email, and let’s be honest, I panicked a bit….ok, a lot. I panicked because I don’t consider myself a bad friend, and I don’t want to be a bad friend.But sadly I was a bad friend to her, and probably to a few others who haven’t said anything to me.

The truth is, life got a hell of a lot busier lately – and when I mean lately, I mean since having kids. I let my family take over the rest of my life- and I am not saying that’s a bad thing, because my husband and my girls need me and I need them oh so much. And I just didn’t realize I wasn’t taking the time to be here for old friends.

I have always been a high achiever, always done a lot (in college I was the kind of girl taking 20+ credits while having a part time job and being president of a couple student clubs on campus. Yes, like I said, a total overachiever. But I always liked it that way, making the most of my 24 hours. But now that I have a family, it’s like 24 hours aren’t enough anymore. If I had 48, or heck, even 72-hour days, then I’d probably get to do all of the things that are on my list: work on my relationship with hubby, take good care of my little girls, make new friends, keep old friends, work on creative projects, start a business, go to school to keep on learning, cook good food, volunteer, explore the world… get it, the list goes on. Some days I feel like I am doing a heck of a job and juggling many balls with grace…and then other days the balls just go crashing to the floor and I just feel like I am failing miserably at everything in my life – days when I feel like I can’t do any of those things right because there are just too many of them and I can’t give enough attention to any of the things that are important to me.

So I am asking you, my dear readers – how do you spend these 24 precious hours of your day? How to do keep your focus on what is important? Do you ever have regrets about things that just won’t fit in your life?

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Happy Thursday, friends! A little inspiration in teal today. For the ladies, this fun little coin purse by Blackbird and the Owl for the spare change that’s going clinkety clank in your pockets – love the triangles. And for the littles ones, I love everything about this image. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out where the teal tutu is from, but you can find the cloud hooks here.

PS: Have you entered our giveaway yet?!

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24 Merry Days giveaways- Day 8!

My wee one is turning two next week, and I am getting ready to celebrate my little ginger baby with the two things we love the most around here: flowers and polka dots :) Doesn’t really get any better than that, does it? This project is super easy, it only take a few minutes to make and I’ve put a simple DIY to guide you through my steps.

I’ve been wanting to make a flower cake topper for a while now, but let’s face it, with little ones in the house, using fresh flowers isn’t a very realistic option. I don’t always know when I’ll have time to craft and I need to be able to work on a project days ahead of time. Plus, this little topper will become a nice keepsake I plan in putting in my girl’s box along with the outfit she wore on her way back from the hospital. So here is how you can make your own topper:


  • foam ball 3″ diameter, like these
  • artificial flowers. I got all of mine at IKEA, but you can also check the dollar store.
  • knife, scissors and wire cutter
  • wax paper

1. Cut your foam ball and cut it in half with a knife
2. Cut the stem off the flowers leaving only about 1 inch to 1 inch and 1/2. You should be able to cut most flowers with scissors, but some have a metal wire and you will need a wire cutter for these.
3. Arrange the flowers on foam by sticking the stem into the foam. A few tricks to want to follow here: 1) have one large bloom that will draw attention, 2) make some clusters with the smaller flowers, and 3) make sure to tilt the flowers at the bottom a bit downwards so the foam doesn’t show at all.
4. Before placing the topper on your cake, cut a circle of wax paper of the same diameter so you don’t put any frosting on your topper.
5. Et voila, you’re done!

PS: The cake I am making for Maddie’s birthday is a peach & vanilla cake with rosewater frosting…recipe coming in a little while 😉

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Today I am back with another great Tuesday giveaway – one that your little ones are going to be crazy about, no doubt!

Snuggly Ugly makes the most fun dolls for kids, and today they are giving away a $100 gift certificate so you can buy anything you fancy in their store. And I am telling you, you want to win! Each Snuggly Ugly doll is handmade with quality up-cycled cashmere sweaters and are probably the softest thing your child will ever hold – my girls couldn’t get enough of hugging and kissing theirs. Heck, if I didn’t have my hubby I’d probably want one myself to cuddle with :) They are just gorgeous!

My favorite is probably this one, but I love all the little monsters. They are so funky and cute!All of the Snuggly Ugly dolls are made with such love, care, creativity, and I think that they would make the most thoughtful, unique gifts to the littles ones in your life.

HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY:I am now recording all entries with Rafflecopter! To enter, visit Snuggly Ugly, pick you favorite doll and then come let me know in the Rafflecopter widget below which one it is! Once you do that, a lot of options for additional entries will unlock. Good luck everybody :)

PS: If you have a problem with rafflecopter for whatever reason, just leave a comment below with your entry and I’ll add you manually. Also in your comment let me know if you are following Snuggly Ugly on facebook or twitter, if you are following TLS on facebook or if you shared a note about the giveaway on social media, and I’ll give you extra entries for that.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is open to people worldwide, and will be open until Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59pm EST. A winner will be selected at random and contacted via email. Good luck everyone! This post is sponsored by Snuggly Ugly.

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Carolina Benoit is one of my favorite upcoming designers out there – I’ll have to admit, my heart skips a beat every time that I see new clothes she designs. How gorgeous is her new Spring/Summer collection, really? Can I have everything in my closet like now? Living in New York city, I see a lot of great new designers, but there is something about Carolina’s work – it speaks happiness, simplicity and fun. Just gorgeous. And guess what, friends! Today is your lucky day, because Carolina is graciously offering a 20% discount on anything you purchase at Use code: Littlestreet (discount valid until 05/30/13)

Credits – Photos: Three Brooklyn Photography, Model: Juliana Martinez, Make up: Adel Berman

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Is this week over yet? I mean, really. It’s been quite a week, to say the least…the news all around has been so sad, and right now I am just caught dreaming about a world that’s soft and sweet. These two doors make me think of that. It’s a world where little boys don’t have to die because grown ups can’t get their act together, whether they live in Boston or Baghdad. A world where people aim to understand each other, rather than hate each other. I am not here to do politics, really, but this blog is my beauty pageant and today I am asking for World Peace, ladies and gentleman.

With all this serious talk, here’s a little list of soft & sweet things that I love, made by lovely people with a lot of love. So that’s a great place to start.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, my friends.

Images: 1. Thank you gift tags by Hello Plum Studio. |2. Nerd Rose chair from Muuto |3. Mini planters by Wind & Willow. |4. Cat print shirt by Supayana. |5. Peach & gold dot dish by Up In The Air Somewhere.|6. Shimmer blush pink sequin clutch by Giftshop Brooklyn.

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Happy Thursday, friends! Spring is finally here in NYC, and this morning I found some fairies in my garden – life is good :) It’s been a while since my last {no more blank walls} post. Today I wanted to share the lovely work of Portland artist Adrienne Vita. Adrienne’s work is filled with nature and the wild, but there is such a softness to it that I find it fantastic. I love the colors and the feel of her prints. I can almost imagine myself back in the great North-West, where nature is everything. You can purchase all of the prints above and more on Uncommon Goods. Also, you can read more about Adrienne and her work here.

PS: If you love her work, you will also love this artist.

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