As mentioned before, I’ve been redecorating the girls bedroom and having tons of fun with it. I’ll share pictures soon, but in the meantime I want to share one of the projects I worked on for their room – these little toy boxes with casters. Some very simple wooden crates with fun pink casters – an easy and inexpensive trick! I love them because the girls can easily roll their toys around themselves now – and it also makes it easier for me to clean up the mess. Did someone say mess???? No, not here, never! 

I SWEAR I didn’t dress my daughter so she would match her toy boxes! Guess I just love these colors 😉

Since space is very limited in our apartment and I try to make everything multifunctional, I added a cushion to the top of the crates so we can sit on them whenever we need more seats – you know, for those tea parties with all of the teddy bears and princesses of the kingdom…we can’t have everybody standing, wouldn’t be proper. Plus, picking pretty fabric for the cushions was also a nice way to personalize these simple boxes.

wooden crates
fun casters in citrus pink
– plywood (bought this and cut it in lids big enough for my crates)
foam sheet
– fabric (bought a lot of mine a Purl Bee)
– fabric stapler
– screws
– paint (if you want to paint your crates)

1) If you want your crates in a different color, paint them with a couple of coats of paint.
2) Place one caster at each corner & attach with screws.
3) You’re done!


1) Cut your plywood if you got a big sheet to the size of your crate
2) Cut foam the same size
3) Cut pieces of fabric big enough to cover the entire seat cover with an extra inch to staple.
4) Place fabric down on the floor, and put the foam + plywood on top of it. Fold the fabric over – this video can help you deal with the tricky corners.
5) Staple the fabric to the plywood.
6) Et voila!

PS: This project is more cost efficient if you plan on making a few crates, as you will most likely have to buy a long sheet of foam.

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Have you guys seen the Kate Spade Saturday collection? It’s got fun and happy written all over it! I am loving the bold patterns and bright colors – way to kick out the gray skies and make room for happy, sunny days. I am eyeing this comfy jumpsuit, this fun watch, and this funky necklace. Do you have favorites? Happy Tuesday!

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L: Home of Aussie artist Kirra Jamison, via SFgirlbybay. R: No bake berry cheesecake by Call Me Cupcake.

This home almost looks too perfect to be someone’s real home….but it is! This little piece of heaven is the house of Australian artist Kirra Jamison (one of my faves!), and I love EVERY.SINGLE.THING. about it. The happy color palette, the simplicity and playfulness of the design elements she chose to include. Her home really is to the image of her work. And gosh, did you see that swing in her living room?! Kirra – If you ever need someone to housesit for you, definitely give me a call and I’ll be right there!

And with that, how about this little piece of art of a cake by the super talented Call Me Cupcake? This no bake berry cheesecake is so pretty I don’t even know if I would dare to touch it….nah, who am I kidding. Because what do you want to bet that it tastes just as delicious as it looks?

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great Easter! This weekend I tried this super cosy, hidden little restaurant with hubby – definitely put this on your list of places to go to if you’re planning a trip to New York. Seeing that super fun color on the door of the restaurant inspired me, obviously – loving teal, green and pink together.

1. How gorgeous is this cacti planter?!
2. Yum yum heart cookies.
3.Obsessed with this pillow case with crochet trim.

PS: I wish this was happening already! I can’t wait any longer!

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We had loads of fun this week working on our Easter eggs. Kool aid and sharpies worked wonders for us – such focused little girls I have! Today we’re off to NJ to hang out with some friends & do a little Easter egg hunt together! The girls are beyond excited. Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web in case you’ve got a bit of time to read. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and happy Easter if you are celebrating it! xoxo, Audrey

someday I want to host a cosy dinner with friends & family like this one

beautiful, honest post about regrets & moving forward

my kind of Easter!

the cake I want for my birthday next week – any volunteers to bake it?

beautiful, honest post about regrets & moving

the things you can do with Kool aid, really!

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While reading the blog of the lovely Radostina (one of my favorites!) I was reminded of a Scandinavian shop I love, Indiska. How stunning is the styling of this table, really? If only all of it could just teleport to my apartment for our Easter lunch, that would be brilliant! When I lived in Denmark I used to love strolling through their gorgeous shop filled with objects of bright colors – always brought a smile to my face. Everything they make is inspired by India and blended with Scandinavian design – such an amazing combination!

Here are just a few of the things you can find in their shop. I am so in love with their leaf platters – I want them in every color! Now, if only they could start selling in the USA, we’d be all set. Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday, friends!

PS: More gorgeousness for your table here.

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How about a little game this very fine Wednesday morning? It’s time to play with our virtual wardrobe, ladies 😉 Let me know how you would accessorize this pretty little dress with the above accessories, and I’ll let you know my favorite option too! Today you get to play around with gold, navy and mint hues. What would you go for? I can’t wait to hear your answers.

If I am to be honest, accessories used to be a thing from another planet for me – up until a few months ago. I swear, I never ever spiced up my outfits. I just thought “dang it’s so hard to accessorize right, why try!” and “nobody will notice, what’s that point?”. But something happened this winter, I started buying some accessories – nothing much, a hat, a couple scarves, a fun belt… and it was like a revelation. First because it wasn’t so hard after all. And second, because it wasn’t only that I looked more put together, it also was that I FELT more put together. I had more confidence, and I never expected that coming from a belt and a scarf. What about you, are you good at accessorizing?

The dress, and your options: 1. Gold dotted clutch. |2. Buckled boots. |3. Navy polka dot satchel |4. Dotted scarf. |5. Leather wrap belt. |6. Geometric necklace |7. Stars comb. |8. Leather slingbacks |9. Feather belt. |10. Navy lace-up pumps. |11. Flower necklace.

This is probably the outfit that I’d go for – maybe a bit classic, but I know I would feel 100% myself wearing this. I do also absolutely love the navy polka dot satchel too, and a navy outfit would be fab!

PS: Thank you ALL for all the nice notes and comments so many of you sent me after my post from last week. They meant more than you can possibly imagine, and went straight to my heart. Thank you!

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Credit: Flower Mandala by Lupen Grainne Photography

My dear Spring,

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Seriously. Where have you been hiding? I was expecting you this week. I mean, I cleaned my house, I found myself a pretty dress,  so please don’t tell me that you’re not coming anymore. Not that I don’t like your brother Winter, but to be honest, he’s not really my type, and he can’t stay here anymore. He needs out. And to tell you the truth, I think I have a crush on you – I mean, you always always bring me flowers and you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Anyhow, let me know if you lost my address –  I’d hate for you to get lost.

Laters baby,


On my shopping list: 1. Pink scarf at Leif |2. Pretty spring dress at Modcloth |3. Stop & smell the roses card by Rifle Paper Co.

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For the ladies, how about a hot pink tassel necklace? This particular one is a necklace from a previous collection at Spell Designs (great gypsy-inspired clothes!), and unfortunately not available anymore – but it could be some great inspiration for a DIY! And for the little ones, I recently discovered Nellystella and it was love at first sight – isn’t their Chloe dress so cute with the tiny tassels on the shoulders?

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As much as I like this blog to be my happy place, my little corner of perfect world, sometimes things happen in life and I think it would be cheating to not talk about them here too. This is not easy for me to write, but I feel like I have to do it so I can fully move on.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to you guys that I was having a rough week. The truth is, it was a very rough week, because I was expecting a baby and that Wednesday I lost it. I had never experienced that before, I had always been lucky and only had easy, uneventful pregnancies with the girls. Losing the baby was very painful, physically and even more emotionally. I was sad for that little baby we lost, and for our dreams gone, but mostly I was very scared because I felt like my life was completely out of my control.

And although I am starting to feel better now, I still feel a bit out of control, a bit out off balance. I took this picture of Olivia last summer while she was climbing a wall at my parents’ house, right before she lost control and slid all the way back down – that’s a bit how I’m feeling right now, like I just slid down. And I am sure you’ve felt the same before – maybe you never lost a pregnancy, but maybe you lost your job, or maybe it was a relationship that ended that you didn’t want to see end.

What do we do when we lose control? What can we do? Well, as far as I am concerned, I started taking control over all of the areas in my life that had fallen behind over time: I redecorated the girls room, I finally put all our pictures in family albums, I scheduled doctor and dentist appointments that were long overdue….listen, I even created an EXCEL spreadsheet to plan our finances for heaven’s sake – uh uh, you heard me right, me in Excel! Whatever it was that I could find I could control, I did. And it helped make me feel better, mostly because it took my mind off the things that I could not control. It kept me busy. And I know I’ll climb that wall again – and hopefully, soon enough, we’ll try again and everything will be ok this time.

So tell me, what do you do when you feel you’re losing control? All answers welcome, including hiding under the covers and stuffing your face with ice cream :)

PS: Happy Spring – I promise I’ll be back with more cheerful posts tomorrow!

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