The text of this post was supposed to be quite different, much lighter and dealing with happy & bright hues for your home – but in light of what happened in Boston yesterday, I thought I’d write a little something different. I am usually a very happy, positive person. I always try to look at the good side and usually my glass is always half (if not completely) full. But when things like the bombing in Boston or the shootings in Newton happen, I find myself at a loss. Because it is hard to find a bright side, really, on something so horrible as what happened yesterday. It is so so sad and there are no words for it. But if we look very very hard for a bright side, we will see it. That bright side,  are the people who, seconds after the explosions, jumped in to help people who were injured. There might be a lot of people with hate in their hearts in this world, but one thing that I know for sure is that there are ten folds that amount of people who care, and who will be there for each other, always.

Images: 1. Blue reupholstered office chair.|2. Pink legs.|3. Neon elastic strong to hold books|4. Drawer DIY. |5. Neon-dipped stool.

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Farmers’ market at Union Square, in New York. Pictures by Audrey Smit.

I don’t know about you, but the past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful around here – filled with errands like standing in line at the IRS with toddlers for 5 hours, going to the embassy for a new passport and (too many) trips to the dentist office. Quite frankly, I’d rather be sipping a margarita at the beach….but since that’s not possible, how about a trip to the farmers market instead? I love to go even when I have nothing to buy – the smell of the flowers and the colors of the fruit always put me in a good mood. Plus I can find bread almost like I would find in France – so so delicious!

What about you guys, any fun plans this weekend?

1. French farmers market dish towels by Mountain Lodge. |2. Straw tote by Urban Dames. |3. Farmer’s market jar candle by Scum Soaps. |4. Farmers market basket at Anthropologie.|5. Wall art photography by Lupen Grainne. |6. Farmers market print by The Wheat Field.

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Today the ladies can decorate their home with this “I lovely love my family” print by Tuesday Mourning while the little wee ones babble at this adorable mobile personalized with the members of your very own family (how genius?!) by Pink Cheeks Studio. Happy Thursday, friends!

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24 Merry Days | Day 2 + Coming back

All pictures above by photographers of the You are My Wild project.

After my daughter Olivia was born I started taking a lot of pictures of her. As in, A LOT. She is now big enough to get annoyed when I take pictures of her – but I don’t care, I snap away anyway, when she’s not looking mostly, because I want to remember every part of her, every expression that makes her the child that she is. I am not a big fan of “smile!” camera sessions, filled with pictures where kids are forced into an expression. Not that I don’t like smiling pictures of children, but they have to be genuine ones. Genuine, I guess, is what I try to strive for when I take pictures of my girls. Which is why I love the “You are my wild” project so very much. “You Are My Wild” is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children, in all simplicity. Every week I get so inspired by the way these photographers manage to capture their kids in all simplicity, how they capture the little moments. These are the kind of pictures that will be cherished years down the road.

PS: More amazing, genuine picture of a little French girl – 365 days with Anna.

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L: Australian home of P. & H. Cole, via The Design Files | R: Mondrian cake by Caitlin Freeman for SF Moma.

In this column I like to feature two types of homes – most of them are places where I would love to live (for example), and others are places that I completely admire for their creative vision – this home is one of them. Not that I wouldn’t be head over heels if it was mine 😉 The Australian artists that live in this gorgeous home, Pete & Helen Cole, built this home from scratch to design a place filled with light that falls somewhere between an art gallery and a home – a place where art is in the forefront but still functional to live in. I love the mix of antique and modern pieces they gathered in their home, it adds so much personality to this home than if they had used modern furniture only. What do you guys think about this home? Anything you love in particular?

PS: And also, wear that.

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Happy Monday, friends! Did you guys have a good weekend? Sorry I went MIA after Wednesday last week – I was sick for most of the week and Thursday was also my birthday, so I decided to take it easy for a couple days. Hubby gave me a SCOOTER for my birthday, so now I can catch up with my little girls on their own scooters…..definitely qualifies me as a cool mum, right?! It has been awesome riding around our neighborhood! I saw the pretties bloom in soft pinks and whites -thank goodness weather is finally warming up a bit!-, and today I thought I’d gather a little inspiration in soft pastel and gray. looking at these colors is so relaxing, isn’t it?

PS: Also loving the pastel colors in this home….that fridge!!!

Images: 1. Bread, milk & eggs wooden signs by Utopia Home & Garden. |2. Round pastel rug by Hutson Hollow Crafts.|3. Geometric pastel bead necklace by Picturing. |4. Serving tray for breakfasts in bed by EJ Butik.| 5. Silver mountain leather tote by Coriumi.|6. Pretty porcelain milk bottles by Urban Cartel.

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24 Merry Days | Day 2 + Coming back

As mentioned before, I’ve been redecorating the girls bedroom and having tons of fun with it. I’ll share pictures soon, but in the meantime I want to share one of the projects I worked on for their room – these little toy boxes with casters. Some very simple wooden crates with fun pink casters – an easy and inexpensive trick! I love them because the girls can easily roll their toys around themselves now – and it also makes it easier for me to clean up the mess. Did someone say mess???? No, not here, never! 

I SWEAR I didn’t dress my daughter so she would match her toy boxes! Guess I just love these colors 😉

Since space is very limited in our apartment and I try to make everything multifunctional, I added a cushion to the top of the crates so we can sit on them whenever we need more seats – you know, for those tea parties with all of the teddy bears and princesses of the kingdom…we can’t have everybody standing, wouldn’t be proper. Plus, picking pretty fabric for the cushions was also a nice way to personalize these simple boxes.

wooden crates
fun casters in citrus pink
– plywood (bought this and cut it in lids big enough for my crates)
foam sheet
– fabric (bought a lot of mine a Purl Bee)
– fabric stapler
– screws
– paint (if you want to paint your crates)

1) If you want your crates in a different color, paint them with a couple of coats of paint.
2) Place one caster at each corner & attach with screws.
3) You’re done!


1) Cut your plywood if you got a big sheet to the size of your crate
2) Cut foam the same size
3) Cut pieces of fabric big enough to cover the entire seat cover with an extra inch to staple.
4) Place fabric down on the floor, and put the foam + plywood on top of it. Fold the fabric over – this video can help you deal with the tricky corners.
5) Staple the fabric to the plywood.
6) Et voila!

PS: This project is more cost efficient if you plan on making a few crates, as you will most likely have to buy a long sheet of foam.

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Have you guys seen the Kate Spade Saturday collection? It’s got fun and happy written all over it! I am loving the bold patterns and bright colors – way to kick out the gray skies and make room for happy, sunny days. I am eyeing this comfy jumpsuit, this fun watch, and this funky necklace. Do you have favorites? Happy Tuesday!

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L: Home of Aussie artist Kirra Jamison, via SFgirlbybay. R: No bake berry cheesecake by Call Me Cupcake.

This home almost looks too perfect to be someone’s real home….but it is! This little piece of heaven is the house of Australian artist Kirra Jamison (one of my faves!), and I love EVERY.SINGLE.THING. about it. The happy color palette, the simplicity and playfulness of the design elements she chose to include. Her home really is to the image of her work. And gosh, did you see that swing in her living room?! Kirra – If you ever need someone to housesit for you, definitely give me a call and I’ll be right there!

And with that, how about this little piece of art of a cake by the super talented Call Me Cupcake? This no bake berry cheesecake is so pretty I don’t even know if I would dare to touch it….nah, who am I kidding. Because what do you want to bet that it tastes just as delicious as it looks?

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great Easter! This weekend I tried this super cosy, hidden little restaurant with hubby – definitely put this on your list of places to go to if you’re planning a trip to New York. Seeing that super fun color on the door of the restaurant inspired me, obviously – loving teal, green and pink together.

1. How gorgeous is this cacti planter?!
2. Yum yum heart cookies.
3.Obsessed with this pillow case with crochet trim.

PS: I wish this was happening already! I can’t wait any longer!

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