We had loads of fun this week working on our Easter eggs. Kool aid and sharpies worked wonders for us – such focused little girls I have! Today we’re off to NJ to hang out with some friends & do a little Easter egg hunt together! The girls are beyond excited. Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web in case you’ve got a bit of time to read. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and happy Easter if you are celebrating it! xoxo, Audrey

someday I want to host a cosy dinner with friends & family like this one

beautiful, honest post about regrets & moving forward

my kind of Easter!

the cake I want for my birthday next week – any volunteers to bake it?

beautiful, honest post about regrets & moving

the things you can do with Kool aid, really!

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While reading the blog of the lovely Radostina (one of my favorites!) I was reminded of a Scandinavian shop I love, Indiska. How stunning is the styling of this table, really? If only all of it could just teleport to my apartment for our Easter lunch, that would be brilliant! When I lived in Denmark I used to love strolling through their gorgeous shop filled with objects of bright colors – always brought a smile to my face. Everything they make is inspired by India and blended with Scandinavian design – such an amazing combination!

Here are just a few of the things you can find in their shop. I am so in love with their leaf platters – I want them in every color! Now, if only they could start selling in the USA, we’d be all set. Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday, friends!

PS: More gorgeousness for your table here.

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How about a little game this very fine Wednesday morning? It’s time to play with our virtual wardrobe, ladies 😉 Let me know how you would accessorize this pretty little dress with the above accessories, and I’ll let you know my favorite option too! Today you get to play around with gold, navy and mint hues. What would you go for? I can’t wait to hear your answers.

If I am to be honest, accessories used to be a thing from another planet for me – up until a few months ago. I swear, I never ever spiced up my outfits. I just thought “dang it’s so hard to accessorize right, why try!” and “nobody will notice, what’s that point?”. But something happened this winter, I started buying some accessories – nothing much, a hat, a couple scarves, a fun belt… and it was like a revelation. First because it wasn’t so hard after all. And second, because it wasn’t only that I looked more put together, it also was that I FELT more put together. I had more confidence, and I never expected that coming from a belt and a scarf. What about you, are you good at accessorizing?

The dress, and your options: 1. Gold dotted clutch. |2. Buckled boots. |3. Navy polka dot satchel |4. Dotted scarf. |5. Leather wrap belt. |6. Geometric necklace |7. Stars comb. |8. Leather slingbacks |9. Feather belt. |10. Navy lace-up pumps. |11. Flower necklace.

This is probably the outfit that I’d go for – maybe a bit classic, but I know I would feel 100% myself wearing this. I do also absolutely love the navy polka dot satchel too, and a navy outfit would be fab!

PS: Thank you ALL for all the nice notes and comments so many of you sent me after my post from last week. They meant more than you can possibly imagine, and went straight to my heart. Thank you!

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Credit: Flower Mandala by Lupen Grainne Photography

My dear Spring,

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Seriously. Where have you been hiding? I was expecting you this week. I mean, I cleaned my house, I found myself a pretty dress,  so please don’t tell me that you’re not coming anymore. Not that I don’t like your brother Winter, but to be honest, he’s not really my type, and he can’t stay here anymore. He needs out. And to tell you the truth, I think I have a crush on you – I mean, you always always bring me flowers and you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Anyhow, let me know if you lost my address –  I’d hate for you to get lost.

Laters baby,


On my shopping list: 1. Pink scarf at Leif |2. Pretty spring dress at Modcloth |3. Stop & smell the roses card by Rifle Paper Co.

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For the ladies, how about a hot pink tassel necklace? This particular one is a necklace from a previous collection at Spell Designs (great gypsy-inspired clothes!), and unfortunately not available anymore – but it could be some great inspiration for a DIY! And for the little ones, I recently discovered Nellystella and it was love at first sight – isn’t their Chloe dress so cute with the tiny tassels on the shoulders?

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As much as I like this blog to be my happy place, my little corner of perfect world, sometimes things happen in life and I think it would be cheating to not talk about them here too. This is not easy for me to write, but I feel like I have to do it so I can fully move on.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to you guys that I was having a rough week. The truth is, it was a very rough week, because I was expecting a baby and that Wednesday I lost it. I had never experienced that before, I had always been lucky and only had easy, uneventful pregnancies with the girls. Losing the baby was very painful, physically and even more emotionally. I was sad for that little baby we lost, and for our dreams gone, but mostly I was very scared because I felt like my life was completely out of my control.

And although I am starting to feel better now, I still feel a bit out of control, a bit out off balance. I took this picture of Olivia last summer while she was climbing a wall at my parents’ house, right before she lost control and slid all the way back down – that’s a bit how I’m feeling right now, like I just slid down. And I am sure you’ve felt the same before – maybe you never lost a pregnancy, but maybe you lost your job, or maybe it was a relationship that ended that you didn’t want to see end.

What do we do when we lose control? What can we do? Well, as far as I am concerned, I started taking control over all of the areas in my life that had fallen behind over time: I redecorated the girls room, I finally put all our pictures in family albums, I scheduled doctor and dentist appointments that were long overdue….listen, I even created an EXCEL spreadsheet to plan our finances for heaven’s sake – uh uh, you heard me right, me in Excel! Whatever it was that I could find I could control, I did. And it helped make me feel better, mostly because it took my mind off the things that I could not control. It kept me busy. And I know I’ll climb that wall again – and hopefully, soon enough, we’ll try again and everything will be ok this time.

So tell me, what do you do when you feel you’re losing control? All answers welcome, including hiding under the covers and stuffing your face with ice cream :)

PS: Happy Spring – I promise I’ll be back with more cheerful posts tomorrow!

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L: Paris roof top apartment on Milk, via Miluccia.| R: Meringue pie via What Katie Ate.

My heart usually goes towards a house painted in white with touches of brighter colors, but I am totally falling for this Paris apartment with dark walls and tons of natural light. The place was designed by the two French architects who live there. They purchase the last floor of a building (an old attic used to store coal) with the idea of designing the space like a small house. No small task, but they tore it down to get a blank canvas, and opened up a lot of windows to let natural light in. Oh natural light, my best friend, how I love you! Another thing to notice here is that there isn’t a single white wall in this house. Personally, I always felt that lighter colors were better at creating a homy feeling – but the space feels so cosy with the darker/gray hues, and I love how they contrast with bright colors. What do you guys think? Do you like darker colors on the walls?

And with that wonderful space, you’ll certainly want to try some of the desserts on the Australian blog What Katie ate. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the direct link to the recipe of the meringue pie above, but there are so many amazing recipes on her blog, and Katie’s photography is simply divine. Her pictures are filled with warmth, darker hues and natural light, just like the roof top apartment – and I can’t get enough of them.

PS: Don’t forget to enter our Winter Water Factory giveaway, today’s the last day!

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When I first came to the US of A during high shool, I thought it was so weird that a bunny brings the eggs for Easter. Growing up in France it was always a hen who brought the eggs, so I really didn’t buy this whole bunny thing at all – chicken and eggs, duh. What about you guys, who comes in your country? Any fun tradition? Anyway, this bunny thing puzzled me until now and so I just did some extremely crucial Easter bunny research, and found out that the Easter bunny is originally an old tradition from…guess…yep, Easter France, the region of Alsace. Ha, yes, my own country, where the hen is now queen. I’m fooled :) In any case, whomever brings the eggs where you live, here are some fun Easter DIYs. Enjoy, and happy Monday!

PS: More Easter projects….

PPS: Hurry hurry to enter our sweet Winter Water Factory giveaway! You only have until tomorrow.

Images: 1. Painterly pastel eggs by Papernstitch. |2. Pinata eggs by A Subtle Revelry. |3. Golden marble eggs via She Knows. |4. Dip dyed eggs via Oh Joy. |5. Easter bags via Purl Bee. |6. Little egg man by A Bit of Pilli Pilli.

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Promissory notes by IUO.

We live in a material society and we often forget that the most meaningful gifts cost nothing at all. Of course, let’s not kid ourselves, getting a pretty necklace for your birthday or the cutest baby outfit for your newborn is always nice, but all we really do is add more clutter. Pretty clutter, I’ll give you that, but clutter nonetheless. I find this especially true when it comes to kids. I remember that when Olivia was born, I received so many clothes that she didn’t even get to wear all of them. Sad but true. A few weeks ago Joy from Oh Joy discussed the pros and cons of doing a no gift party for her one-year-old daughter Ruby. It seems to be getting quite popular these days, and while I like the concept and agree that big gifts are completely not necessary, I still think gifts are a great way to show affection – especially if you can come up with a gift that will count.

On my list of meaningful gifts:

  1. books – especially if you leave a personal note in them!
  2. small handmade gifts – made by you or someone else. It is so special when someone takes their time & talent to make something unique.
  3. experiences – like tickets to a concert or a cooking class
  4.  and also, as of late, promissory notes – like the ones I am featuring by IUO. Promissory notes literally cost nothing, but can mean everything to the person who receives them. A couple of hours of babysitting to news parents. Help your friends who just bought a house paint their kitchen. Give your neighbors a voucher to walk or watch other their dog when they have to go away for a weekend. I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t have anything more precious than my time and my love, and I should remember to give away more of it.

What about you, what are some of your favorite gifts? Have a great weekend, friends!

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Happy Thursday, friends! The sky is gray oh so gray today in New York City (boooo!), so I thought I’d cheer us up with a little yellow :) For the ladies, how darling is this “love builds a happy home” print on Minted – love love all of their cards too btw. Hang it up in your home while the little one runs around in these cute Bobo Choses Lemon overalls, available at Darling Clementine. So perfect for this summer!

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