Alright alright try to not squeal, friends :) I know quite a few of you have been waiting for this post, by the look of my inbox. You guys have been emailing both the lovely Jessica (Coco and Mingo) and me left and right to see if/when we’d be sharing a new calendar for 2016 since you all liked last year’s calendar so much…and so, there it is!

This year has been such a big year for me with so many transitions – starting my pattern design business, launching my first collection, lining up first licensing deals (shhh!)….oh, and well, adding a 4th little girl to our family. You know. The little details  😉 I really wanted to design a calendar that reflects all that: a new season and the happiness I am feeling right now. My hope is that you smile BIG when you look at this calendar on your desk. 2016 is going to be oh so good, friends!

free printable 2016 calendarfree printable 2016 calendarfree printable 2016 calendar

As much as I loved our calendar last year, I think I might love this one even more. Once again <ahref=”http://cocoandmingo.com/” target=”_blank”>Jessica did an amazing job with the hand-lettering and the layout (she’s simply the best!) and I had so much fun designing the patterns/illustrations. My favorite pages must be April and May, but then again I am slightly biased 😉  Would love to hear your thoughts/favorites! I’ll be adding some of the patterns from this calendar to my Spoonflower shop soon for those of you who might want to have them as fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap.

We love seeing you guys show off your calendars on Instagram last year, so make sure to tag @jessicakeala and @thislittlestreet again when you post of picture on IG so that we can see your lovely pics :)

Click below to download and print the full printable 2016 calendar.

Each month is printable on 8.5 x 11″ (letter) paper. Print in high resolution on white, thick card stock for best results. A couple notes: I cut the white edges for a cleaner look, but the calendar is just as lovely with the white edges left after printing too. Also, the colors might show more saturated than they really are if you are looking at the pdf file on your phone but don’t be scared – we optimized the file so that the colors will print best. Enjoy, friends!

Calendar and wallpaper created and copyrighted by Audrey of This Little Street (artwork) and Jessica of Coco and Mingo (calligraphy/layout). For personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to sell this calendar in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in its original or in an altered form. Please link back to original post if you want to share this calendar – do not link directly to the file. Thank you!

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Hi all! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving :) We are SO stuffed and now the girls are just wanting EVERYTHING Christmas to start – no time shall be wasted 😉 Talking about not wasting time – how about we don’t wait until Christmas to send gifts your way? The holiday Collective giveaways are starting today and will be going on every day until December 15 – you don’t want to miss out! No 24 Merry Days this year so I can have more time to focus on this little (big!) family this holiday season – but I will be back at it next year and this year instead I am taking part of the Holiday Collective giveaways so you guys don’t miss out :) My giveaway will be next Tuesday and I am beyond excited to be giving away a $200 gift card to Anthropologie + a beauty box filled with Anthro beauty favorite. How about that for spoiling you?! So make sure to stop by the blog again next week. Also, make sure to check out all of the other fab giveaways on the friends’ blogs, starting today:

Nov. 27 (today!)- Design Improvised is giving away a $400 box of Martha Stewart Crafts supplies
Nov. 28 – Pars Caeli is giving away $100 to Seedling 
Nov. 29 – Fall for DIY is giving away a Silhouette Cameo ($300 value)
Nov. 30 – Squirrelly Minds is giving away $200 to SnapBox
Dec. 1 – This Little Street is giving away $200 to Anthropologie and beauty assortment box
Dec. 2 – Idle Hands Awake is giving away $150 to Artfully Walls
Dec. 3 – A Bubbly Life is giving away $250 to Pottery Barn Teen
Dec. 4 – Alice & Lois is giving away $200 in Banana Republic shop cards
Dec. 5 – This Heart of Mine is giving away 4 pairs of Livie & Luca shoes
Dec. 6 – The Merrythought is giving away 1 adult bicycle & 1 kid’s bicycle from Brilliant Bicycle Co. ($588 value)
Dec. 7 – Shrimp Salad Circus is giving away $200 to Michaels
Dec. 8 – Lovely Indeed is giving away $150 to Social Print Studio
Dec. 9 – A Girl Named PJ is giving away $250 to BRIKA
Dec. 10 – Brepurposed is giving away a welcome package & $100 to Spoonflower
Dec. 11 – Damask Love is giving away a Cricut prize bundle
Dec. 12 – Hey There Home is giving away $200 to Pottery Barn
Dec. 13 – Alice & Lois is giving away a $200gift card to  Minted 
Dec. 14 – Hello Lidy is giving away a pair of Lotta from Stockholm clogs (up to $200 value)
DEc.15 – Lulu the Baker is giving away $200 credit to Design Life Kids

Each giveaway will run for 3 days. Don’t miss your chance to enter by following along with our Facebook page and checking back at our giveaway page! You can also follow along on Instagram :) Good luck, friends!

Follow me on Instagram!

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Have you all heard about the Holiday Collective, this rad holiday pop blog where me and 24 of my favorite blogger friends are sharing holiday DIYs, recipes and maybe just maybe some rad giveaways starting soon?! We’re rust trying to rock your holiday season, you know? :) Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’d better head over there right now because today is my day to share a little DIY – find out how I made these winter wonderland advent calendar jars here on the Holiday Collective. They are so easy to make and your little ones are gonna love them comes December first. :) Have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, y’all! I’ll see you all next week with some pretty great surprises if I can say so myself 😉


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free printable holiday tags by This Little Street and Coco + Mingo

How about some free printable holiday tags to make up for not showing up on this blog the past month? :)

My partner in crime, the lovely Jessica from Coco + Mingo, and I decided to make your holidays extra pretty this year and made these free printable holiday gift tags for you dear readers, just because you’re awesome. All you need now are the presents to go with them, am I right? :) I know I’d better get that Christmas shopping going! As usual, Jessica worked her amazing hand-lettering magic, while I worked on the patterns and graphics. I absolutely love how they turned out and hope you love them just as much! Also, want to know a little secret? Jessica and I may or may not be working on our 2016 free printable calendar (thousands of you downloaded our 2015 edition edition!), and we may or may not share it with you early next 😉

free printable holiday tags by This Little Street and Coco + Mingofree printable holiday tags by This Little Street and Coco + Mingofree printable holiday tags by This Little Street and Coco + Mingofree printable holiday tags by This Little Street and Coco + Mingofree printable holiday tags by This Little Street and Coco + Mingo

We made it super easy for your guys – all the download links are below. Just print and cut the tags along the lines.You can choose to print these tags single-sided or double sided – they will turn out great either way :) I’d recommend to choose the high quality settings on your printer and print them on thick card stock paper for best results! Also, for all of you guys who like to use Avery products, we made an Avery version of our printable  tags to make it even easier for you.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

PS:  If you post a picture of the tags on Instagram, make sure to tag me @thislittlestreet and use the #thislittlepattern hashtag so that I can see all your gorgeous gifts :)

Round holiday tags (Print and Cut out version)
Rectangle holiday tags (Print and Cut out version)
Round Holiday stickers (for Avery template 22807)
Rectangle holiday tags for Avery template 22802

free printable holiday tags

These gift tags are not for distribution or resale. We love it when you talk about our work, but please link back to this original post if shared! Hand-lettering by Jessica from Coco + Mingo and artwork/patterns by yours truly.

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DIY reusable book covers made with fabric
Alright friends, so this post was originally meant to go up when school started, buuuuuut you know, life and a baby happened and there you go :) Still, I figured you could use this idea in case you still have some school books to cover up – or for next year! These DIY reusable fabric book covers are washable and reusable from one year to another and are so easy to  make. Make them once and then you’re set every year! I remember being young and the hours it would take us every year to cover our school books with my mom. Not my favorite memories! Problem solved here :)
DIY reusable fabric book coversDIY reusable book covers with fabric
If you are a beginner at sewing this is a perfect project to practice that straight stitch. You can use new fabric or totally repurpose old shirts! I used some of the prints in my new California dreaming collection to cover some of my own books that really didn’t have a great cover – ready for the easiest of all tutorials?!

What you need

– Fabric: fat quarters are great for this project. You need pieces of fabric that are as tall as your book and 3.75 to 4 times the width of your book – more or less. Best to use fabric that has some stretch to it – a knit or even better, a lycra fabric. That extra stretch your the advantage of reusing the covers that are slighting different in size!
– Sewing machines + thread

how to reusable book cover with knit fabric

What you do

1. Cut your fabric as tall as your book and 3.75 to 4 times the width of your book, more or less.
2. Put your fabric right side up, and fold the left side over to just about the middle of the rectangle. Repeat with the right side. You should have about an 3/4 of an inch as shown in the picture above.
3. Saw the folded fabric along the bottom and top on each side. Flip the fabric inside out and you have your new cover!

PS. For a cleaner finish and longer lasting cover, use a serger to sew the edges!

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a little French cottage

Hi friends – miss me yet? 😉 Sorry I’ve been away this passed month, this whole having-a-newborn-and-a-handful-more-siblings is no joke, really! But all things considered we are doing terrific :) The little lady is starting to sleep through the night already so I am getting my sanity back….hope I am not jinxing myself here! I’ll share more pictures and a little update of our life as a family of 6 (in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram here), but today I wanted to share something I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about for a long time: we’re finally starting to renovate the little family farm in France with my parents to turn it into the coziest of cottages! Gaaaah can you hear me squeal from where you are? 😀

I am so beyond excited about this project and I thought I’d document the process and show you everything we’re going through with the farm…so, what d’ya say? :)

a little French cottage 2a little French cottage 3

This place mean a lot to my entire family, and not only because it’s so charming. This little farm used to be a working farm and it’s been in the family for a few generations now. My grandmother had a garden there and there wasn’t a week she wouldn’t bring us kids there. Every Spring I watched snowdrops invade the nearby meadow, and every summer was filled running around the fields with my cousins, making forts in the trees while my aunt and uncles harvested the wheat. Nothing’s been really done with the buildings in decades, and the goal here is to give it a new life so that my brother (who lives in Switzerland) and I can stay there with our respective families when we go back home to visit.

But guys, beware before you see the pics, there is a lot of work that needs to be done!!! My dad redid the roof years back because it was in a very bad shape, and he also sort of finished up a room downstairs – as in, there is concrete floor instead of dirt floor, haha 😉 We don’t even have to demolish too much, because there wasn’t much in there – It’s pretty much just a shell right now waiting for us to do some magic. Here are some pictures of the house as of this summer when I went back with the girls. Ladies and gentleman, I give you le full tour!

Click here to keep reading and see all the pictures of the cottage!

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DIY reversible fabric storage bin
Am I the only one always running out of storage space? I swear, I declutter one day and the next toys are overflowing again – and it’s not like we buy a lot of them. I am a big fan of having “everything in its place and a place for everything” – my mind can’t function otherwise…oh my how I’ve changed since my teenage years, my mother would be so proud 😉 But with 6 people living in our house, we have to keep chaos under control :) So to help with that I just made a bunch of these cute reversible storage bins using the fabric from my California Dreaming fabric collection – which you can read about here and purchase here on Spoonflower – and wanted to share the sewing tutorial for these storage bin with you all!

DIY reversible fabric storage bin for plantsDIY reversible storage bin with handles DIY reversible storage binDIY reversible storage fabric bin with handles

These bins are so versatile, they are simply the best – and easier to make than you’d think!I made few small ones and one big one with leather handles – I am showing as a planter in this post but we’re now using for toy storage in our living room and it’s perfect for that too.

Click here for the full tutorial!

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coloring desk wrap +wallpaper by This Little Street

My girls are coloring monsters. As in, they DEVOUR coloring books, coloring sheets…and believe me it took years of training to teach them not to color our walls and furniture. But isn’t that every little kids dream, to just let their little hands go free with markers on whatever they want? Well well, Spoonflower to the rescue here because one of the super fun projects in the brand new Spoonflower Handbook let’s your little ones do just that – a tutorial on how to create coloring wallpaper that can also be used as desk wrap! Joy to the world :)

IMG_0107 (2)

It’s no secret by now that I am a big fan of Spoonflower, and when they let me preview the book before its release I stopped dead on this project – I just knew I had to make some for the girls! Using the tutorial in the book, a created a pattern that goes along with my brand new fabric & wallpaper collection, California Dreamingwhich you can check out here, and available for purchase here. This wallpaper is very similar to the Blooms pattern in my collection, but in black and white so that the little ones can add their own rainbow of of fun to it…and I may or may not join them on this coloring fun, because coloring is really all my poor mama-of-a-newborn brain can handle right now;)

Removable wallpaper as coloring desk wrap by This Little Street removable wallpaper as desk coloring desk wrapcoloring removable wallpaper by This Little Street

Coloring on the walls….every kid’s dream, no?! :)

We’ve mostly been using the wallpaper in our office as a mat for the big girls, and as a full on wrap around the desk for Freia – it’s been perfect for a toddler, because she can color as she pleases with her unsteady hand and never put marker on the desk…and I am not going crazy :) This wallpaper is filled with little details and the girls have been “working” on their wallpaper for days now….and still have a long way to go and don’t seem to tire of it! Eventually when it’s all filled up I’ll cut another piece of paper and they can start over.

This project has inspired me to create more coloring wallpapers with even more fun details for kids – maybe the next one will have a little town on it, with shops and people and bicycles? Or unicorns and mermaids and pirates searching for treasures? Endless possibilities when you are creating your own!

coloring desk wrap using removable wallpaper by This Little StreetMadeline

If you also want to make your own coloring wallpaper, go pick up the  Spoonflower Handbook and it will show you exactly how to do it – along with thirty other fun projects! Here you will find a sneak peak of what’s inside. And don’t think for a minute that you can’t do this project because you don’t know how to use illustrator and other digital drawing tool – you can totally make a repeating pattern using paper and a pencil, and just upload that in Spoonflower!

For those of you who are interested, I am also making this wallpaper available for purchase in my Spoonflower shop here along with other my patterns so that you little ones can enjoy it too – make sure to check it out :) Also, you can also purchase this design as gift wrap and let your little ones colors the present themselves ! :)

coloring wallpaper by This Little StreetFreia



The Spoonflower Handbook Blog Tour Schedule:

9/12   Sammy K featuring
the Recipe Tea Towel project – samarrakhaja.com

9/15   Sherri Lynn Wood of Dainty Time featuring
the Doppelgänger Dog Pillow project – daintytime.net

9/17   Well, me :)  featuring
the Coloring Desk Wrap project – thislittlestreet. com/blog

9/22    Kate of See Kate Sew featuring the
the Photo Panel Wall Art project – seekatesew.com

10/16  Emma Jeffery of Hello Beautiful featuring
the Geometric Soiree Kitchen Chairs project – hellobeautifulblog.blogspot.com

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happy tech | free desktop and phone wallpapers | he dared


These past few weeks have been a little insane for me – in the best way possible. I’d been scheming and dreaming away to start designing more patterns and things for the home – and with a little courage and work I released my very first pattern collection. Hubby and I always dreamed of a big family – and there we are now with four little girls since the birth of Penelope. It’s been full on, oh but if you knew all the things in my head still…..we’re only getting started here, friends. Even though the thoughts can be a little scattered. And the road may not always be clear. And at time all I’ll want to do is procrastinate. But it’s so important. To dream and dare and not let go until you get there.

So to keep the motivation strong, my dear Jessica from Coco and Mingo and I made this little wallpaper for your computer and phone using this lovely quote by Homer :)  Whatever your dreams, keep reaching out for them – dreams are only a few steps away from becoming reality! Download links at the bottom of this post.

P.S. Jessica is also having a little giveaway with Snapfish – you can win a photo book! Perfect for your summer memories :) Enter here and get all the details >> SNAPFISH GIVEAWAY <<
And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared


He nobly dared wallpaper for your phone
He nobly dared wallpaper for your PC
He nobly dared wallpaper for your Mac (13 inch)
He nobly dared wallpaper for your Mac (15 inch)

Lettering by Jessica from Coco + Mingo, artwork by me. For personal use only. Not for sale or distribution. If shared, please link back to original post – thank you :)

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Well friends, a whole lot happened around here last week – even more than I anticipated :) A couple of days after I release my first collection (check it out here!) our little miss Penelope decided to make her grand entrance! Oh and nevermind that it was also Olivia’s first day in Kindergarten. Details details, you know…just another regular week, no big deal 😉

Oh she is the sweetest little thing, you guys! That baby smell – how I had missed that baby smell. And believe me, since she’s our last I intend on sniffing her as much as I can :) I want time to slow down as much as possible so I can remember it all. She arrived racing in the middle of the night last Thursday early morning, just three hours after we made it to the birth center.

Penelope PenelopePenelopePenelope

And I can’t believe that we have four little girls now – four! And it’s been so good so far – hey, this morning I even got all of them ready and we made it out of the house with all four girls at 8:30am and Olivia didn’t miss her school bus. Small victories, friends, I am all about the small victories these days :) Of course it’s a little bit of an adjustment for everybody, and Freia isn’t always very please when I hold the baby – but I try to make sure I hold her and hug her as much as I can and I know she’ll be used to her little sister in no time. The big girls just want to be around Penelope all the time and fight over who gets to help mama with the baby… I guess they’ve got this big sister thing down by now 😉


And I just wanted to thank all of your who have been leaving the sweetest notes on my Instagram account – I probably won’t be able to thank all of you individually, but your words and kindness mean so much to my family and me! So thank you – from the bottom of our hearts.

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