L: French home of Aurelie Lecuyer via The Socialite Family | R: Coconut tapioca pudding via The Kitchn.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I wanted to share this lovely French home with you – the home of stylist Aurelie Lecuyer. I love the balance of natural, earthy notes mixed with bright and pastel elements. My favorite thing in this house? So hard to pick, but I’d have to say either the big bright yellow table or the old fashioned faucets in the bathroom. Wow, and the elephant family in the bathroom?! Brilliant! This family did an amazing job at keeping some of the elements of the old French house they renovated - the quirky mini-tiles in the entrance, the faucets, the stone wall. An amazing little home, really!

And to go along with this gorgeous, natural home, how about a little tapioca pudding made with coconut water? Tapioca pudding is so simple to make, but still one of my favorite desserts. Find the recipe here on The Kitchn.

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Whatever, winter. Whatever.

I know, I know, we’re just barely getting started with summer…but when I stubbled upon Orla Kiely‘s collection for this fall/winter, I got too excited not to share it with you. I love the Mad Men/retro feel of it, and of course, the fun colors. I always wonder why people wear so much black during winter, especially here in New York City – the subway turns into a sea of black during the winter months. Of course darker colors are good, but from head to toe for weeks and weeks, that’s just boring. So, what do you think? Do you love this collection too? You can see the entire collection here. Happy Monday, friends!

PS: Talking about retro, do you remember these prints?

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Nothing like a little retro and a little red together to make a big impression, don’t you think? This summer the ladies wear these pretty Swedish Hasbeens red clogs, while the little ones toss their beach balls around in this oh-so adorable red retro 2-piece swimsuit by Flora & Henri. Happy Thursday, friends!

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Nursery update - our moodboard

Image source.

Last night my friend sent me a picture of gorgeous peonies growing in her backyard in New Jersey. Meanwhile, none of the flowers I planted with the girls back in March grew. As in zero, nada, rien de rien. Maybe using spoons wasn’t such an effective planting method after all. That, or black thumb is just my middle name. Maybe I should stick to artificial flowers….or better yet, I think I’ll go to the flower shop around the corner, buy a big bunch of gorgeous pink peonies and just pretend I grew them myself – and then take a bow while I hide that big black thumb of mine behind my back. Happy Wednesday, friends!

PS: Where do you guys fall in the great flower debate?

1. Scandinavian retro flower cushion by Gunna Ydri|2.Giant paper flowers at Anthropologie. |3. Floral sneakers at Modcloth. |4. Lilac sugar recipe via Call Me Cupcake. |5. Mini planters by Wind & Willow Home. |6. Swimsuit in Liberty at J.Crew.

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Mollie Makes Home + link love

Image source.

Hi friends! Sorry about the fewer post these past few days, between the big little one finishing school and preparing for a few big changes this summer (updates on this in a few weeks!), it’s been a bit hectic. And it will probably stay this way for a little while, so hang in there with me! Today I wanted to share a few ideas to add color and personality to your walls without having to paint your walls entirely. We’ve been renting FOREVER, dealing with oh-so-plain white walls pretty much all along and I can’t wait for the day when we have our own house and can do whatever we want.

1. Honeycomb wall: This one is probably the most labor intensive, but talk about a wow effect! BTW, You’ll want to check out the whole bedroom makeover that Mandi over at Vintage Revivals did for her little girl, it’s pretty surreal…in a brilliant way! In any case, for this type of wall, precision is a must, so if you’re not very precise (or patient) I’d stay stay clear from a project like this. But if you’re up for a challenge, go for it!!! You can do honeycomb of course, but other geometric shapes could also look fantastic (thinking triangles here). Add colors in all or few of the shapes depending on the effect you want to get.

Image source.

2. Peekaboo wall: Paint a wall that’s not big nor obvious but that will give you an unexpected burst of color. A hallway is perfect for this, for example. This is a great idea for renters because you’ll only have to paint a small area back to white once you move out, and it will help give your place more personality. I love the bright coral of this wall, and you can also use fun (removable if you’re renting) wallpaper for extra personality.

Image source.

3. Half-painted wall: With this method you can add bright, fun colors without it becoming too overwhelming for the eyes. What else is there to say, really other than it’s so easy to do and you can’t really go wrong with it!

Image source.

4. Contact paper or washi tape accent wall: If you are renting your place, nothing like sticking something to your walls to make them more you. Of course you can always buy already made stickers, but even more fun is to come up with your own. For Madeline’s birthday party I used contact paper to make giant polka dots on our walls…..and the polka dots are still there a month later – they are so much fun!  Buy rolls of contact paper in a few colors and cut out whatever shapes you like. Cheap and effective! You can also use oversized washi tape sold by Sincol and mt to make big stripes on your walls. All of this will easily peel off your walls the day you move out.

Image source.

5. Repeating shapes: A bit trickier to do, but I love the look of these rooms – the repeating circles are so much fun. They allow the rooms to feel connected even though they are separated by a wall.

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Guess what…..it’s Friday! It’s been a hectic (short) week around here, and looking forward to relaxing a bit this weekend. We are planning on going to the Jersey shore this weekend and hitting the beach – it gotten SO hot all of the sudden here in NYC! But it sounds like summer hasn’t arrived everywhere, right my dear European friends ? Missing summer much? I know everyone back home in France is complaining about all the rain and cold weather. So if it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to hit the beach where you live, I rounded up a few DIYs for you to try. At least this way I know you’ll all stay warm and dry while crafting – I am only thinking about your well-being here, is all ;) Everybody else, see you at the beach with a mojito in your hand! Happy weekend everybody, sunny or not! xx

Images: 1. Hanging vase by Mini Eco. |2. Fun toddler socks by the Purl Bee. Told you I was trying to keep you all warm ;) |3. Make some rosewater vodka. Yes, rosewater strikes again! |4. Update an old dresser like Mobel Pobel. |5. Keep the littles ones busy by making these neon binoculars.|6. Celebrating something? Pimp the room with balloons!

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Last year I wrote a post about snail mail, about how much I miss it and how I’d love to get back into it. And what happened since that post? Well, a whole-lotta-nothing, to be honest. I haven’t been any better at sending snail mail, and I am not even good at giving pretty cards to people for a special occasion – pretty birthday thoughts work too, right??? uhm uhm. Needless to say, I’m not at my proudest. So here’s a new attempt to change that. This week I am creating a birthday calendar for all of these special events, and pumping up my collection of pretty cards. While on the lookout for cards I stumbled upon these pretties by Little Low Studio – aren’t her cards so fun? Totally the type of card that I’d love to give and receive, they would make anyone happy. Make sure to go check out Little Low Studio’s shop!

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The temperature is rising in NYC, and before we know it it’s going to be hotter than we want it. Hot and sticky. Not my favorite time of the year in the city. But at least that’s the perfect excuse to indulge in popsicles….because, let’s face it, I’ll indulge in popsicles ANY TIME of the year really…in sub-zero temperatures even :D So thank you, hot sticky NYC summers for giving me a cover-up! I’d love to try and make my own, I’m seeing so many fun recipes go around on Pinterest right now – like this one for example. Do you make your own popsicles? Do you have a favorite recipe? In any case, with that in mind, today I though I’d share a few popsicle-colored things to refresh and sweeten your office….because seriously, we can all use a little extra motivation to work during the summer months. So here are some fun sherbet colors to bring summer to your desk. Happy Wednesday, friends!

1. Flamingo tape dispenser at Anthropologie. So sweet!|2. Sweet four fruit screen printed poster by Slide Sideways.|3. I love this retro lamp with a fun neon twist by Earth Sea Warrior! |4. A vintage mint coffee pot at French Attic Finds. Because, really, it’s more stylish than a coffee IV. |5. Love these neon cards by Moglea. This set available at Anthropologie. |6. When we buy a house, I’d love to get one of these custom embossers, so pretty!|7. How pretty is this coral clock by Design Atelier?

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Happy Thurday, friends! Today, the ladies display their pretty colorful dishes in their kitchen – because, right, we all have beautiful dishes to display, right? Like a truckload of them?!-, while the littles ones play with these printable food boxes in their play kitchen. Aren’t these the cutest?!

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A couple of weeks ago one of my sweet readers from Germany sent me an email asking for her help to find some ideas for the home that her and her husband recently purchased:

“It is a house made of wood. It is situated in the nature close to the mountains. We love it here. The only thing is I have so much difficulties to decorate it, because of the wood, as all of the walls are made of wood. Now we want to build a new kitchen and I have no idea.”

Now, I am no interior designer, just a French girl with a love for design that spends waaaaaay too much time surfing the internet (ask my husband), but I was really honored that she asked me for advice. Really, how unique is her home? True, the wood is over-taking a bit but with some changes here and there she can turn her home into a real gem – no doubt about it. Loads of potential! I sent my reader two inspiration boards and some pieces of advice, and today I thought I’d share all of this with you.

For this lovely home I created two options to show my reader two different paths she could take to decorate her home – a vibrant one associating wood with bright colors (above), and the other one a bit more organic, using wood and neutral colors only (at the bottom of this post). My sweet reader mentioned that she wanted to create a cosy feel in her home, and often people will stick with neutrals for that, which is great, but I think that with the right personal touches one can create a very cosy home using bright colors as well.In the end, the 3 most important pieces of advice that I gave my reader were:

  • Create some rhythm: too much of a good thing can make a place feel a bit overwhelming, but breaking it up a bit can help make a big difference. Use colors or neutrals to break through all that wood. While you don’t want to cover it all up, think about painting a wall or the ceiling or floor. It will help draw some attention on the rest of the wood present in the house.
  • Add texture: Wood brings a lot of texture, but a lot of the same one. So you want to bring in different fabrics, as well as material like concrete or metal in the kitchen can help create a new balance.
  • Think bold: When you have a unique home like this, you have to do it justice, and not be afraid of doing things that are a bit bolder. Dare to break down a wall to bring more a natural light, paint a door bright pink or hang up very large pieces of art that you love.


Oh, and don’t mind me thinking out loud here, but maybe it could be fun to make this a regular column on This Little Street. Maybe you too would like some help with your home?  If you love your home and think it has potential but isn’t quite there yet, just shoot me an email with some pictures and your questions, and you might just very well get featured on This Little Street!

Sources forWood and Colors board images – top to bottom, left to right: 1.|2.|3.|4.|5.|6.
Sources for Wood and Neutrals board images – top to bottom, left to right: 1.|2.|3.|4.|5.

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