I fear that this might be the last year I can call her little. My little girl. She’s been growing and changing some much lately, my little Olivia. It feels like life is speeding up on us. A little baby born on a cold Danish night yesterday, on that didn’t even fit in the newborn clothes that we had bought her. And today, this fun, loving, ever-happy little girl that spends her time smiling, laughing, making friends, dreaming and dancing. Man, I tell you, she’s got some moves I don’t even have!!

Last Sunday We celebrated her and every bot of wonderfulness that she is with a small but fun, color-filled party on our backyard with a few friends. A small party, people, not very American – that means more cake for each of us, and I am all about that ;) When I asked Olivia what cake she wanted for her birthday, “Strawberry!!!!”. Yes, the same cake as last year. I gladly obliged – I mean, have you ever tried that cake?!

As usual I made a point of decorating for my girl: some giant balloons and DIY fringe garlands a la geronimo, spray painted little horses in gold to top her cake and of course, a cute little bithrday crown – mandatory in our house for all birthdays. No joke.

The day after her birthday, I asked Olivia to make some drawings for the people who gave her presents so we could send them along with a thank you card. SShe came back to me after 1/2 hour with a few extra drawings, so she could “send them up in the sky”. Again, I gladly obliged :)

And of course, everybody who came to the party (and our families via email) filled out our traditional “When she grows up” poster – see the one when she turned 2 and when she turned 3. It is so much much to see everybody answers change with the years, as we get to know our little girl more and more. But no matter what you do when you grow up, my little Olive, mama and daddy will always love you to the moon and back. And the some.

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I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned, my body is waaaaaay ready for a break after the holidays. I think my blood sugar is still on an all time high from all that candy cane and hot chocolates and overall cookie abuse. My midwife almost had a heart attack yesterday when I stepped on the scale….yeaaaah that was quite a big jump haha. So time for some smarter eating! Since I am pregnant, I can’t go on a proper detox, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t eat better to give my body a fresh start. If like me you’re looking for some yummi recipes that will help your body reset and start the year in a healthy way, I’ve got these 6 amazing recipes for you:

1. Winter salad with persimmons and apples. You might not know persimmons – they are so good and really common here in California, but might be a bit harder to find where you live. You can always replace it with another winter fruit: pear, grapefruit, clementines, or beets if you like your salads not too sweet.
2. Beetroot juice. I’ve never tried it but people swear by it! Especially when it is mixed up with strawberries (like in this recipes) or raspberries. Yum!
3. Kale and ginger detox smoothie. Don’t let the kale part fool you – it’s tasty and packed with vitamins! The perfect detox smoothie.
4. Grapefruit, fennel and quinoa salad. More winter favorites packed into one tasty salad!
5. Black cod with a raw salad of beets, carrots and radishes. Just so you also get a little protein in your diet ;) The colors of this dish alone make me want to cook it!
6. Roasted carrot soup. Vegetable soups are an awesome way to detox – look for recipes with no cream through ;)

And tons of water, that’s also on my list! Also, I am always looking for more ideas – so tell me, do you have any favorite winter detox recipes? I’d love to know! Happy Friday, friends  :)

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L: Danish home via La Maison d’Anna G|R: Mini meringues by Griottes for Decor8.

Hi all, thanks for all your lovely lovely notes after the announcement about our baby yesterday :) I can only imagine what our house is going to be like during teen years…crazy!!!Today I wanted to share some images of this pretty Danish home.

Of course I love all of the neutrals and natural tones, but what I love the most about this house is the colorful, bold art in every room. And even better? The owner of this house painted all of these paintings herself. I am just blown away. This makes me want to pick up my paint and brushes and do the same for our own house. Hubby always tells me I should, but I think part of me just think I am going to “mess up” – but maybe I could? In any case, enjoy these pretty images. Isn’t the nursery the prettiest too? I included it in my inspiration moodboard for the baby’s nursery, and it’s probably one of my favorite out of all of them.

And how pretty are these mini meringues by Griottes for Decor8. I love that she showed every steps of making them. When she fixes the colors to the eg white, the uncooked meringue looks like pots of paints, don’t you think? Little drops of colors, they makes me smile! I should really try these, don’t you think they would make a great little gift?! Happy Wednesday, friends!

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You guys have been emailing me and messaging me on Facebook – what stalkers you all are, this baby is sure getting a lot of attention :) Thanks so much for all of your messages, it made my day! I wanted to post yesterday but was too jet-lagged and crashed at 7:30pm right after I put the girls to bed. So anyway, now you know!

Yesterday was an amazing day – my little Olivia turned 4 (so big already!) and we went for our anatomy ultrasound with her as a birthday treat so she could see the baby…and we found out we are having another GIRL!!! A lot of you had voted for a boy last Friday but it’s going to be full on Pink Power in da house. And she is healthy, so we couldn’t be happier. To tell you the truth, hubby and I had secretly wished third baby would be a boy – to add a little blue in the mix, you know ;) But after hearing the news we were like “Awesome! A girl….that we know how to handle at least ;)” It’s going to be so much have having all these sweet little girls at home. Last night I overheard Olivia say to Madeline ” We’re having a little sister, aren’t you happy?!” Happy happy Tuesday, friends!

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1. |2. |3. |4. |5. |6.

The time has come, friends…it’s time to start planning baby’s nursery :D Amen to that! I’m so excited to get this done, this is actually the first time I get to do this. With Olivia we moved from NYC to Denmark a month before she was born, and for Madeline we moved from Denmark to NYC when she was 3 months old, so I didn’t really have any energy left to think about room decorating for either of them. But this time around – BANG, time to rock ‘n roll! Well when I say nursery, it’s more of a corner in the room since our house only has two rather small bedrooms – but that will do. No huge rocker for us, I am not even sure we’ll have space for a changing table by the crib, but that will force me to think outside the box a bit.

Hubby and I want the baby’s nursery to feel RELAXING, COSY and HAPPY. Also, because baby is going to stay with us in the room for a good while, we want the nursery corner to complement our bedroom well, and not to be overly baby-ish. While I am sure Junior will appreciate all the art on the wall from his or her very young age, we need daddy and mommy to feel like they belong too ;) And to add to the challenge: we’re on a budget. Go figure, we’re trying to save up a down payment for a house, and that ain’t a small chunk of money in the Bay Area!


So here is some of the inspiration I am going for. Think loads of white (duh), soft textures (those fur rugs!) and happy patterns. Color-wise, I’ll stay pretty neutral because it will fit so much better with our bedroom, and also it will be easier to mix and match things I’ve been using for the girls. So think yellow, aqua, cold mixed in with touches of warmer colors – red/pink depending on the sex of the baby.

Talking about the sex of the babe, we find out ON MONDAY and I am trying to not freak out to much :D I am SO beyond excited. I could never be one of these moms that choses to wait until the day of the birth. I want to know! So tell me, friends – what do YOU think our baby will be? My pregnancy has been feeling the exact same as with the girls, so I am leaning towards a girl, but hubby is convinced it is a boy. I’ve check the Chinese calendar and it said boy…but then again, it said boy for Olivia and Madeline also :D Take a vote, and I’ll do a reveal next week! Happy weekend y’all!

online poll by Opinion Stage

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An artist that I love today – Jo Chambers from Studio Legohead. I know Jo reads my blog every now and then, so holla girl if you’re reading this :) Jo is crazy talented – so talented in fact that blogger Joy Cho from the ultra popular blog Oh Joy used two of her gorgeous prints when she decorated her new office with interior designer Emily Henderson.

I love the vibrant colors and bold patterns and the doodling style of her artwork. So happy and fresh! And if you are a pet loving person, she even does custom prints of your own pet. Her works makes me want to get a puppy at home :) I know the girls would definitely agree with that, now to convince hubby…here are some of my favorite prints by Jo, and of course you can check out the rest of her work on her website and in her shop.

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Once in a while, I’ll ditch colors and get lost in a sea of black and white. There is something so simple, so serene about it. The yoga of interior design is the way I see it :) and oh, how much this let’s you play with patterns and textures. I never stay away from my beloved colors for too long, but every now and then – it’s like hitting the reset button and looking at life with a different perspective. A new truth. Happy Wednesday, friends!

PS: Also, this house might be the perfect combo of black and white mixed with colors!

1.2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

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Our time in France is nearing the end. Last weekend hubby and I left the girls with my parents and went on a weekend escape to the coast of Brittany. A cold but oh-so-perfect seaside escape. If you have kids and leave far from your close family, you know how rare of a treat that is :) You might already have seen some pics on my instagram feed, but I wanted to share a few pictures of this simple, yet magical weekend here with you all.

We need nothing extravagant really. We went for walks by the water and stayed cosy at the hotel drinking tea and reading books for the most part. And we talked. A lot. It’s crazy how much you can talk with your partner when you’re not constantly interrupted by life and kids ;) We talked about the past year, and the one to come and beyond. And we also talked about our resolutions for the year. We’re so hard core we even started an excel spreadsheets for them – I kid you not….we’re such geeks :D

Baby number 3 is going to be here before we know it (I am already 21 weeks pregnant!) and life is just about to get a bit crazier, but there is still so much more I want to do for my family, for this blog and for myself. I love setting up goals, it makes me feel I’m getting this much closer to reaching my dreams. Last year I shared my 13 goals for 2013, and while that was amazing guidance for the year -and I actually managed to keep up with almost all of them!-, I want to cut down a bit this year – but more focused on each of them.

1. People, people, people: because really, isn’t it the one thing that really matters in life? I want to feel more connected to those around me. We all pretend that we’re too busy, that we don’t have time to go on that walk, grab that coffee or even just give our loved ones a call. It should be that way. We should always make the time. I want to cut down on screen time and social media, and spend more time actually being with family and friends – old ones and new ones- in the moment. I am dreaming about sharing a passion with a friends, and spontaneous adventures, and dinners parties and long conversations about life. I also want to make sure I get to know you all better. You might not know it because I don’t say this often, but you are such in important part of my life – you make it possible for me to come back here everyday and blog.

2. Take better care of my body: When you have kids, that’s usually the first thing that goes out of the window. You have less time and you cut down where it will “hurt” the less. You skip a shower. Or two. Or….mmm, I don’t smell that bad, riiight?! You stop combing your hair or hydrating your skin like you used to. Gym what?! And before you know it, you’re that woman-thats-too-busy-to-care-about-her-appearance that when you were in college you swore you’d never become. This year I want to find a new exercise routine, eating well and listen to my body a bit more. A pretty ambitious plan but I am determined to make it a priority!

3. Prioritize creativity and original work: I want this place to make unique, I want to explore new avenues, explore my creativity, and push my limits. I want to train my eyes to look at the life around me in my own, particular way, and encourage curiosity. And I’d love to pass some of this along to my own children – Olivia is already showing so much talent and love for painting, and I need to encourage her in that path. I can feel that there is so much more in me, and I have the tendency to let other things put that side of me in the background. Like Justin said, let’s bring sexy creativity back ;)

4. Strengthen my marriage: because it is where this family all started. And I can’t really imagine life without my partner in crime. I don’t want to take my husband (and our relationship) for granted. This year will be spent on finding the right balance between family time, us time and letting each other have some alone time. Since we moved to Berkeley, we’ve barely gone on any dates since we didn’t really have any good babysitters. And that needs to be fixed – anybody out there that wants to babysit our adorable-and-not-at-all-mischievous little girls? :) I also want to step it up in the “small gestures” category, so that he’s reminded every day of how much I love him.

5. Stress less: life with young kids and babies can be very busy and feel so stressful, but in the end, I just need to step back and make sure to remember that life IS very good. I don’t want stress to get in the way of my appreciating all that’s good in my life.I want to remember the past but not dwell too much on my mistakes. I want to feel prepared for the future but not have that take over this moment right here, right now. I tend to live through to-do list, and while they are awesome at helping me stay on top of things, sometimes I just feel like I am becoming the slave of these lists. This year I’ll be better at knowing when to quit and not letting the perfectionist side of the take over too much.

I know these my seem very general  and vague, but don’t let the list fool you – as I mentioned I’ve got a whole excel sheet and a plan for each of these items. They say it takes 66 days to change a habit…..so let’s get to work! :) It will be hard to find the balance while adding to our family, but I know we can do it.

What about you all? Did you make a list this year? Anything that’s really dear to your heart on there? I’d love to hear about them!

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Hi friends, hope you’re having a wonderful first week of the year :) I’ll be back with new content next week, but in the meantime I wanted to share again some of my (and your) favorite posts from 2013 – in case you missed a thing or two. Have a lovely weekend!

TOP – Favorite 2013 DIYS: 1. A rolling herb garden |2. A colorful basket for blankets and pillows |3. Rolling toy boxes on casters |4. Cake topper made with artificial flowers

BOTTOM – Other favorites of 2013: 1.  A baby is on the way! |2. The girl’s bedroom, redecorated |3. 10 tips to take great pictures with your phone |4. My summer escape to Paris |5. Danish summer with the family.

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France - and life, simplified

Picture by Janoid.

I hope you all had the loveliest of holidays! We’re still in France enjoying a little break with my family, and to be honest I am not quite ready to review to the year that has gone by, or to make new resolutions for the year to come. All I want to do is to enjoy the moment right here, right now. I’ll be back next week with regular posts, but in the meantime I wanted to wish you all the happiness in the world for 2014. Many many hugs!

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