My lovely ladies, don’t you love these super feminine rose and white headphones by Frends? And while you listen to your favorite tunes, the little ones can go around your home in these cutest handmade metallic moccassins by Freshly Picked. Happy Thursday, friends!

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Fall is by far my favorite season….and so I ask, will it ever show up in California? My leather boots are itching to get out of the closet and my jackets are glued to the weather app for any signs of chill temperatures. People here keep telling me it’s going to get cold but I just have a hard time believing them. I know I know, gotta have faith. In any case, here’s a little color inspiration – I love these softer, sweet colors, they remind me of a beautiful fall sunset. Happy Wednesday, friends!

PS: Also, are you ready for the rainy days?

1. Plaid wrapping paper sheets at the Trading Post.|2. Sweater by Sheila Couture. |3. Apple & pear bowl set at Leif. |4. a little house for the birdies by Hubler Furniture. |5. Chester the Racoon at Brika. |6. Card by Little Low.|7. Chunky throw by Ceannis.

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Present time is one of my favorite brand, and you’ll easily guess why: everything they sell is fun, modern and colorful. A TLS soulmate of a shop, really :) I also love the geometric influence and the scandinavian influence. I have to admit, Present Time is kinda simply perfect. The only problem? They only sell wholesale – I know you feel my pain, all of you who like shopping in your PJs ;)

Below are some of my favorite objects from Present Time‘s new fall 2013 collection. I’ll take one of each, thank you very much sir. Loving the geo vases especially!

Oh, and by the way friends,sorry the blog is still a bit slow these days – getting used to our new life and schedule has been a bit more challenging than I anticipated, but all is great and I promise I’ll share pictures of our new life and our new place soon. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Pillows, please!

To be honest with you, I used not care much for the phone on my camera because the pictures I could take with my DSLR were so much better. Until recently, when my big DSLR started acting up on me, and I just had to use my phone as I had nothing else to capture family memories. And the more I did it, the more I realized how easy and fun it was – and that really, you can take great pictures with a little phone if you know a few things:

1. Grab your phone. The worst picture if the one you didn’t take – and same goes with videos. In the end, the technical and compositional details don’t really matter – the most important thing is that you take a picture and capture the momemts, the emotions, the details of it all. And take more than one picture while you are at it, we’re in the digital age after all! Just make sure to delete all of the ones that aren’t worth it, except for your 1 or 2 favorite ones. Taking loads of photos will also increase your chances of taking some that are good.

2. Turn off your flash. Unless it’s pitch black outside, you probably don’t need your flash. The problem with the straight-on flash most phones is that it blinds people, gives them red-eyes and can make people look like ghosts. When inside, try to look for natural light – a window (like I used my my selfie below), a slider, or an open door. And if your picture gets too noisy or grainy, just convert it to black & white – an old trick of the trade :)

3. Zoom with your feet. The zoom you have on your camera does nothing more than blow up the existing image, resulting in pretty bad quality photos. You’re much better off moving closer – plus, think about it, if you take a lot of pics and move a lot to take them, you won’t have to go to the gym anymore :D By moving with your feet you’ll also learn to better compose your pictures since you’ll have to think about what you want to include as you’re taking them.

4. Learn about the rules of composition. Most of these rules evolve around the the rule of thirds – which is more or less this:iImagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. According to the rule of thirds, you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect. Most smart phones, including the iPhone, have an option to turn on a 9-box grid when you look at your camera settings. Starting looking at leading lines, ways to frame your photos, symmetry and simplicity….the better you know the rules of composition, the better you can break them.

5. Take note of the light. Try to avoid extreme low and extreme high light conditions. Photography is all about lighting. Whether you use a camera phone or a DSLR, you’ll get better photos when you’re shooting in better light. Better light doesn’t mean brighter; the best natural light you’ll get is right after dawn, and again just prior to dusk. Cloudy days are also great, as the light that’s outside is very soft and diffused. Believe it or not, the light on a cloudy day is much better than at midday under a bright blue sky which can create harsh shadow or “burn” parts of your subject. And low light situation, try to stand very still (lean against something if you have to) as to avoid camera blur.

6. Think about your background.  Don’t let the background steal too much attention. When taking pictures of the girls at home, I have favorite spots where I know the clutter won’t show too much – because, really, didn’t anybody think that house was mess free?! Objects popping out from behind someone’s head distracts from the image you were trying to capture. If you have no plain background on hand and there is clutter everywhere, simply fill the image with your subject. But this rule is totally breakable, and should also look for “interesting” background that will add interest or texture to your pictures. 

8. Curate and edit your favorite pictures. I rarely take pictures and share them right away. I take a lot of pictures, and it’s important for me to only select my favorite ones. I can then do a tiny bit of work on them so they look as nice as they should. There are many apps available to crop, adjust brightness or contrast, and overall enhance your photos…and they are so easy to use! My favorite app for photo editing is vscocam (I am addicted!), but Camera+, Snapseed and Afterlight are also great ones. And if I can add my two cents – hey it’s my blog: ditch the filters, they’re entirely overused. Instead of relying on funky colors and borders, let them stand out for their own beauty.

9. Experiment! Don’t always go for the obvious shot. Dare to look for different perspectives – shoot at waist level or from above, for example. If you are taking a picture of a child, get down to their level. And always think about how you can compose your picture differently. You don’t always have to “get it all in.”By choosing what goes into your picture you can draw a lot more interest to some details – like the tiny feet of the little ones watching the puppet show. Go outside your comfort zone, try something different and have fun with it!

10. Capture real life. Look around you. And I mean, REALLY look. What are the things that you’ll want to remember ten years from now? A moment, an emotion, a detail –  that cup of tea that you just shared with your best friend when you asked her to be your bridesmaid, or the cherries that you just picked with your kids at their grandparents. People don’t always have to be looking or smiling when you take a picture, try to capture life as it comes – your pictures will get that much better if they feel like “real life”. Downplay the situation and shoot even when people aren’t prepared. Smiling pictures are way overrated, and everybody can do that. Try to look at life the way it is.

And don’t forget a little photo etiquette: all that being said, please try to remember your photo etiquette. Camera phones make it so easy to discretely take pictures where we go that we forget that sometimes people would like to be asked permission first. Also, mind the people that are with you. While taking pictures to collect memories is great, don’t spend all of your time on your phone taking pics, editing and sharing them on Instragram while with your friends. Take some pics and put your phone down, the rest can wait. Enjoy the moment. Your photos will be that much more valuable to you if you’re not head down into your phone the entire time!

All pictures by This Little Street. Taking with Iphone 5 and edited with vscocam

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L: Studio via Oh Joy | R: Allsorts sugar cookies by Sprinklebakes.

You’ve probably seen Oh Joy’s new studio space all over the internet already, but it’s so gorgeous that I had to share it here. I mean, my own house isn’t even as pretty as her workspace! Joy and designer Emily Henderson did such an amazing work transforming this space. It’s fun and functional, and it feels personal yet very professional. Wouldn’t you give an arm and a leg to work in such an inspiring place? I would! My favorite thing a bout her studio, aside from that gorgeous mint fridge, has got to be her fantastic collection of art – I am in awe at how Joy mixes prints and photographs together. And the painted floor to divide the different areas in the studio? Amazing! What’s your favorite thing about it? If you want to see more, make sure to head over to Joy’s blog, she also made a great video to show you how the space was transformed over a few weeks.

And while you’re working there (yes yes!), why don’t you nibble on these too-cute-for-words sugar cookies by Sprinklebakes?They are so tiny and perfect,  I’d eat them all day long! Find the recipe here on Sprinklebakes’ blog.

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I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull off such a color palette at home – probably a bit too much pink for hubby, he’d come back to me saying “So where do my Bruce Willis posters go?!“. True story you guys, he said that to me way back when we first moved in together…I still married him ;) So  yes lot of pink, but I still love this color combo! Would you go go it? Maybe in a kids room? Or your living room even? Happy Monday, friends.

Images: 1. Cloud wall hooks by Kuku Design. |2. Fun shelves and pink wall via 101 woonideeen |3. Kids school desk via Poligom. I need to find one like this for the girls, maybe at the next Alameda fair?!|4. pastel mid-century furniture by cby furniture. |5. I am obsessed with kantha quilts, love this one by Fossik. |6. Mail sorter boxes by Papier Tigre. 

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Happy Friday, friends! Just realized that I never shared pictures from our week in Denmark visiting hubby’s side of the family, so there you go!

It’s been harder and harder to go back – I mean, hubby and I used to complain about the price of airline tickets when it was just the both of us…now take that times four! Ouch. But every time we get there, we know that no matter how hard it is to save up to visit family, it is worth is every. single. time. We look at the happiness and laughter on the girls faces as they run around with their cousin, and I immediately forget about the exotic destinations we could be visiting instead or the dozen of pretty dresses I could have in my closet. The memories we built there are just priceless. Whatever. I’ll wear my sweatpants instead.

This year we managed to go right around hubby’s birthday, so it was extra special. My mother-in-law made the most delicious cake with loads of fresh berries, we brought out the Danish flags – which is a sign for celebration there. And the rest of the week? Well, we didn’t do anything fancy, we just lived life at Danish pace. We went for ice cream runs. Many of them. We had late night al fresco dinners with friends and family. We took the row boat across the lake. We had water fight. Badass water fights if you ask me – and the kids kicked the adults butts ;) I also had a couple of photo sessions for some friends of mine - here and here if you want to see. Oh, and I may or may not have gone shopping a tiny weep bit ;) Design in Denmark is like a religion, walking in any store is just mind-blowing, so much beauty and inspiration.

I wish our Danish summer never ended. But at least, I feel so grateful that we had one at all.


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While catching up on my favorite blogs yesterday, I discovered these gorgeous notebooks by My Live Lovevia my blogger friend Claire at Fellow Fellow. Loved them right away and just had to share with you guys. Lately I have been a real sucker for bold geometric prints, and these screen printed pretties would be a perfect to calm my geo cravings! So pretty I might not even dare to write in them…ha, well good thing I have the girls at home to write on pretty much everything I own ;)

Find these, but also totes and more at My Live Love. Happy Thursday, friends!

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L: Amsterdam apartment via | R: Kaffir lime mango ice cream via.

Pieces of normalcy are slowly starting to come back to our lives since the move. We now have a dining table and chairs to sit at – not that I don’t like picnics, but well, picnics from breakfast, lunch and dinner ain’t quite my things ;) And the girls are starting school this week….soon I’ll be able to really refocus on the blog and give you, my dear dear readers, all of the attention and yes, LOVE that you deserve :)

Today I wanted to share this gorgeous, bright and eclectic loft in Amsterdam. It’s a great modern of industrial (did you see that kitchen) and older vintage pieces. They kept the walls and floor bare and simple, and it really helps draw more focus on the beautiful elements that they brought into this loft. I also love the touches of lime green that help brake the industrial feel and bring in some happy, earthy notes.

And with this beautiful loft, won’t you try this delicious kaffir lime mango ice cream by Golubka? yum!

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Wood and pastel colors is one of my favorite combination. For the ladies, wouldn’t you jump up and down and do cartwheels in you living room if you have these chairs and table by Muuto? And for the little ones, how cute is this little blue tractor? Happy Thursday, friends!

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