This post should really have been titled “Happy Halloween” really- because wouldn’t that the most appropriate thing to say on Halloween?! It’s just that I feel like the worst blogger when it comes to Halloween, zero post on the topic to be exact. Heck, all the other girls are posting these cute handmade customs – I bought ours at Target, ha.

So there, instead of a Halloween post, I give you a little color inspiration with this round-up of pretty things I’ve been loving on Etsy. But wishing you all a very spooky Halloween –  we’ll be out trick or treating with the girls tonight in our target rock-on outfits ;)

toy bus | shoes | cups | fox top | headscarf | cushions | bread board | fingerless gloves | plaid fabric

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Artsy Modern is by far my new favorite shop, and the place where you’ll find me Christmas shopping….including for myself ha ;) I discovered it recently and I am just completely smitten by it. This gorgeous little shop is filled with treasures for the home and includes some of my favorite scandinavian designers including One Must dash ( I have this print in my home and love it!), Darling Clementine and Kauniste. The entire shop is filled with all that’s modern, colorful, fresh and whimsical – and you want to hear the even better news? All of it is super affordable, so no robbing a bank to make all your wishes come true :) ! Check them out, really.

storage bin | necklace | birthday card | mug | scarf | mail holder

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Hi friends! Today I am other on my friend Aileen’s super cute blog At Home in Love sharing my favorite fall recipe: an upside-down caramelized plum tart. It’s divine and I make it every fall! Go check it out :) Happy Thursday!

PS: And if you love chocolate

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This is the last picture of that I instagramed of New York before our move, and I thought it was only appropriate to share it again since I’m flying back to New York. I am taking the girls with me and we’re going to spend the rest of the week there. I have to attend some events for work and it’s going to be so nice to catch up with friends. I have to admit, I miss New York more than I thought I would. Not that I want to go back and live in New York. After a few years trying to handle the pulse of the city with a young family my own heart almost flatlined, and moving to California has been the best thing we did for our family. But the fact is, I miss it. A LOT. It’s a beautiful love/hate relationship, and right now I just want to throw myself into the arms of the city and drink in every minute of my trip. Now excuse me while I leave on a jet plane ;)

PS: My favorite places in downtown Manhattan. Hope I’ll get to go back to some of them!

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I just spent a weekend like I hadn’t spent in a long time – simple and magical all at once. We went camping with the girls for the very first time with an old friend that I met in Ireland. After months of packing and moving and trying to adapt to a new schedule, these couple of days were the perfect mini vacation. We packed our car with no real plan in mind and let nature show us the way. Life, simplified.

The girls were SO excited to be on their first camping trip, and I have to say, so was I. I used to camp so much when I was little  and absolutely loved it, and was waiting to see who they would react. They rocked it, and it was actually so easy to be out there with kids so little – all they wanted was to run among the trees, find hiding places and make bows and arrows out of sticks they found.

On Saturday we decided to check out a nearby beach, and we couldn’t believe our eyes at the beauty around us – we saw seals and dolphins and flights of pelicans…it was simply magical, because we weren’t on a tourist boat trying to make all that happen. It felt so raw and honest to be on the beach and see it all.

After our walk at the beach we stopped at a little organic strawberry farm called Swanton Farm. My friends knew about it and told us we HAD to go. I am so happy they showed this farm to us, because it is probably the most soulful place I’ve ever been too. They sell strawberries of course, but also anything made with strawberry – jam, pies, strawberry apple cider even! It’s cosy, they have couches and big tables and board games and a banjo and funny old pictures on the walls.

And my very favorite part? You pay and make your own change yourself. Nobody is at the register. They just trust that you’ll do the right thing. That place represents everything that’s soulful and honest in this world….and it got me thinking, why aren’t more places like this nowadays? Shouldn’t soulful and honest be the norm rather than the exception?  Some will say it’s utopian to put that much trust into people you don’t know, but as far as I am concerned, that’s how the world should be.

Credit: All pictures by Audrey Smit and my friend Julien G. 

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You know one thing about moving to California that surprised me, friends? The nights can get so chilly! I’ve always been the “girl that’s cold”, I blame it on poor blood circulation but I’m always more dressed than anyone else…so when we moved I geared up for the chilly evenings and bought a gazillions blankets. And when I saw these super pretty modern-weave oversized storage bins  at West Elm, I knew that they would be the perfect thing to store the blankets during the day and carry them from indoors to outdoors for our dinners al fresco.

But hey, I could not possible just leave this pretty bin without a little touch of color, you know? ;)  You can take the girl out of the color, but you can’t take the color out of the girl. I thought of updating the bin with a modern tartan pattern because to me there is nothing that screams blankets more than tartan – but I didn’t want it to look to traditional. After putting together my little rolling herb garden, I knew I wanted more mint in the home, so I used that as the base color and paired it up with more fun colors – pink, green, coral and blue.

PS: West Elm is having a blanket sale until Monday. My favorite are the ombre throws, so pretty!

- modern-weave oversized storage bin from West Elm.
- Acrylic paint
- Embroidery thread
- Super thin steel wire – I used 28 gauge wire- to make a makershift needle that you can bend enough to go through the weaving,
- pliers
- brushes
- masking tape, two sizes for the stripes. I used 3/4 of an inch and 1.5 inches wide.
- water based polycrylic in satin or gloss to protect the paint.

1. Apply masking tape about 6.5 inches from the bottom of the bin.
2. Paint your base colors with a brush – I thought of doing spray painting here, but was afraid it would mess up the weaving when I needed to thread it later on. Give it too coats if needed, but make sure to spread the paint as well as possible so there aren’t any big lump of paint stuck anywhere.
3. Think about what pattern you want to do on your bin. Start with your first colors – apply masking tape, paint, and once it is dry, remove the tape. Repeat for the process for each color. Note: Painting stripes on weaves can be tricky, and you won’t get something completely straight, but here are a couple tricks to make it easier: A) Make sure to apply the paper very well to follow the movement of the weaves, and B) never put too much paint on your brush, this way there are less chances that extra paint will “escape” to the sides.
4. Take off the masking tape. Note: Some of the paint might chip off when you take off the masking tape, make sure you save a little extra paint to patch these up.
5. Apply a coat of protectant on the basket so the paint won’t chip to easily.
6. Make a makeshift needles with the steel wire – something string enough to pull the thread through but that can bend to go through the weaving. Cut a 1 and 1/2 inches long, tie a not at the end and thread it. Pull on the knot some more to make the end as small as possible – that’s when the pliers might come in handy.
7. Cut pieces of embroidery threads about 7 feet long – long enough to go all around your bin.
8. Thread your basket horizontally all around the bin and repeat for as many lines as you want to create. Tie a knot when done and cut loose ends. Note: If some of  the whole are plugged with paint (it happened to me quite a bit), just use a nail/thick needle to make a whole through.
9. Et voila! You’re done. Fill up your basket with all your blankets!

Disclaimer: This post was put together in collaboration with West Elm. They provided the modern-weave oversized storage bin to me. All ideas, words and photography for the post are my own. 

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Something in green, red and yellow for ladies and the little ones, inspired by all them pretty leaves out there. For the ladies, how fun is this vintage lamp – the neon is the perfect pop of color! And for the little ones, I love this bookend deer. It it would so darling in a nursery. Happy Thursday, friends!

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L: Swedish home via Hus o Hem| R: Malted-chocolate toasted marshmallow cake by Sweetapolita.

 A home all in black and white…and then some, because of course it had to have a little bit of color! ;) Loving all the graphics accents, the stripes ceiling, the bold wallpapers used throughout the house. Most of the black and white homes that I see leave me a bit cold, because, well, they feel cold to me. But somehow the owners of this house managed to make their house look warm, happy and welcoming. They also did a great job mixing mid-century pieces with more modern ones. I’d move in, pretty much any day!

And yum, that cake? I mean, did you hear the name of it? 6-layer malted-chocolate AND toasted marshmallow cake….it’s like campfire heaven just arrived on your kitchen table! It looks like the most perfect thing in the history of cakes, and might very well be Olivia’s next birthday cake. Check out more pictures and the recipe here on Sweetapolita. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Handlebar heroes at Frog Bikes shop.

Happy Monday, friends! Sorry I’ve been missing last week, I’ve been sick and it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns around our house. Or maybe it has been about unicorns a little bit? When we left New York one of my very good friend gave the girls these awesome Handlebar Heroes unicorn and horse heads (she got them here) to put on the girls scooters. Well, if the girls loved their scooters before, they are now deeply IN LOVE with them. They have conversations with their scooters, they “feed” their scooters and they want to take them everywhere they go. Everybody keeps stopping us in the street to ask where we got them. Aren’t they just so cool? They fit on bikes too I think, and I love how they add magic to the everyday.

PS: I know Olivia isn’t wearing a helmet, she just wanted to show off her beautiful unbrushed messy hair to y’all ;) Jokes aside, we were just riding in front of the house to take pictures, otherwise the girls always wear their super fun bunny helmets

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Today I’ve got something fun to share with you, a little something that I set up in our new home in Berkeley – this herb garden on casters! A few weeks back I saw this mint kitchen cart in heaven IKEA, and just had to have it even though I had no clue what I’d do with it- envision my husband rolling his eyes in IKEA and thinking “great, more c**p in the house”. He’ll forgive me I know ;) Anyway, last week a couple of my herb pots landed on it and I figured, wouldn’t it be fun to make this cart a little rolling garden?!

And when I saw Oh Joy’s new studio (that gorgeous mint smeg fridge!), I knew right there I had my inspiration to update this little cart. I love what Joy did with her Ikea furniture, and thought I’d put her DIY to a test. A bit of gold contact paper, some washi tape and voila. So easy! And the best part is, you get tired of it…you tear it all apart and you can start over with new colors and a new style. I’ve said this before, but I am so deeply in love with contact paper….and washi tape….and casters – after all, all of our toy boxes are on casters!

FIY, you’ll might notice that a few of the plants on the cart are fake plastic plants from IKEA. Yeaaaaah, so about that…well, I figured that, with my famous black thumb and all, I’d better include something that I know will stay green in the long term ;) But aside from the fake plants, I included a bunch of cooking herbs and plants (sage, basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, cilantro, etc), as well as a few flowers that you can cook with (lavender, violets). I hope I can keep this garden green and growing!

The best thing about a having a garden on wheels is that I can put it outside when the weather is nice, bring it home if it’s too cold and even put it in different rooms in the house depending on when the sun falls over the seasons.

And to go along with this little garden of mine, I made some fun plant markers using wooden plant markers, chalkboard contact paper and washi tape. Again super easy! Originally I was planning on using a liquid chalk pen, but then I figured I wanted the names to stay on, so I used a white sharpie instead. The rest is history :)

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