Last week I showed you guys my holiday cards – was so proud to have them ready already, so not like me…well, uhm uhm, they haven’t left my house yet, and hopefully they’ll make it to the post office before Easter ;) ANYHOW. Today I wanted to show you some more holiday card favorites, just in case you havent’ made up your mind yet.

Oh, and today is day 12 of 24 Merry Days – can’t believe we’re already 1/2 way through all of these awesome giveaways. And still plenty of awesome prizes to come!! Swedish Hasbeens, Mud Australia, Rifle Paper Co. and so much more. Today’s giveaway is over at the lovely Sugar & Cloth and you can win a $100 gift certificate to Artsy Modern – such a cool shop! Check it out here!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Images: 1. |2. |3. |4. |5. |6.

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Today I thought I’d share this little advent calendar I made for the girls this year. Sorry, no detailed pics of the DIY – I actually wasn’t originally thinking about showing them on the blog, but  I love the way they turned out and figured I’d show them to you here ;)

All supplies from this project come from Target, from the canisters to the ornaments, including the tiny presents and even the wrapping paper from the dollar section. It is so easy you’ll put it together in just minutes – well, not including wrapping the 24 presents, that take a bit more time ;)

Here is what I did:
1. Cut off the attachment part of the ornaments so you can’t see them anymore.
2. Glue the ornaments to the lid of the canister.
3. If you want, add a little nose to your ornaments like I did – I used air dry clay and painted red when dry.
4. Wrap up all 24 goodies and stuff then in the canister.
5. Et voila, you’re done!

These little jars would also be great for gift giving. Fill them up with Christmas cookies or chocolates, et voila, you’re got yourself a super cute present. And the best thing – it’s an advent calendar that you can keep over the years! I can already foresee these jars becoming heirlooms in our home.

Oh, and don’t miss out on day 11 of 24 Merry Days! Today you can win an awesome lion jacket (the same one that Olivia owns, remember?!) by Little Goodall over at Mer Mag – so make sure to enter here. Check out all other 24 Merry Days giveaways here!

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L: Home via | R: Cranberry mojitos via We are not Martha.

Since last week I showed you what Christmas looks like in Scandinavia, I thought today we’d head out to a *slightly* warmer place for a little holiday inspiration. It is a bit weird for me associate warm + Christmas together – luckily when I lived in Arizona I’d always find a way to go home for the holidays- but I have to admit, I absolutely love these pictures and maybe it would be fun to have a Christmas dinner al fresco until billions twinkle lights? :) Also love all these Australian holiday ideas that Love Mae put together – isn’t this wreath so beautiful?!

Oh, and Australian friends, totally call me out on the cranberry mojitos – I actually have no idea if you guys drink that around Christmas – but hey, I’d totally drink  if I spent Christmas in a warm place…and didn’t have a baby in my belly  ;) Cranberry mojitos recipe via We Are Not Martha.

PS: Oh, and today is day 10 of 24 Merry Days!!! Today you can win a large print of one of Max Wanger’s amazing photographs – your choice too ;) Head over to Coco & Mingo to enter – and don’t forget to check out all of the other 24 Merry Days giveaways going on right now!

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And one more “colorful Christmas” inspiration board for y’all – check out my first and second boards. I simply love the combination of coral and gold together. Add a bit of white to balance it out and you’ll get a gorgeous, fun holiday mood in your home. Alright, so today is December 9 – is your house all decorate it up already? Did you go for a color theme? I’d love to know what! This year our decorate our house in the traditional green and red hues mostly – but not in the most traditional of ways. Will share some pictures of our home this Friday, so be on the lookout for them ;)

Also, today is day 9 of 24 Merry Days – there are right now 8 AMAZING giveaways that you can enter if you click here. And today’s giveaway is an UBER amazing $500 (you heard me right!!) gift certificate to Poppin on Studio DIY – a wholotta colors for your office space! Don’t miss it, enter here!

Images: 1. Dried leaf garland by A Fabulous Fete. |2. Cutest advent calendar by a Bubbly Life. |3. Wooden horses by Botanika.|4. Coral holiday sweater at H&M. |5. Gold Christmas tree.

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Do believe in miracles, people. They happen. Usually by this time of the year, I am just scrambling to get a Christmas tree, I have’t bought a single present (ok, maybe one) and holidays cards…wait, what holiday cards??? ha! But this year, it’s like a miracle! THe house is all Christmas-ed up (more on that next week!) and my holiday cards are ready to be mailed out. What is happened to me?!

Last year I used Minted to get my cards, and was SO happy with them that I was planning on using them again – and that’s when they contacted me and asked if I wanted to feature their cards on my blog. My answer? heck yeah! Seriously, I don’t even look anywhere else really for my cards at this time of the year because they seriously have the cutest of designs (with your own photo or without), and they are super fast. This year they also came up with these super pretty foil stamped holidays card – I didn’t end up choosing one of these designs but my friend Will chose foil stamped cards and they came out so great. And how about these cute little card ornaments?! Aren’t they so fun?

Another thing I LOVE about Minted? Their FREE recipient addressing service – really helps you get the process finished early in the season! Especially for people (always late) like me ;) I chose this template because I loved the simple, bold message “Be Merry” – that really what I wish anybody this Christmas season :)

PS: Today is Day 5 of 24 Merry Days! And you can win tons of goodies from Leif (one of my very FAVORITE shops!!) on The Sweetest Occasion. Check it out here and make sure to enter :) And also, make sure to enter the other giveaways!

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I must be on a peppermint thing – I blame the peppermint Oreo cookies from I’ve been stuffing my face with! Today I sharing a little DIY on Say Yes To Hoboken to give Liz a hand during her maternity Liz, and there you can find out how I made these little peppermint sugar scrub bottles that we’ll be giving to the girls’ teachers as holiday gift. Click here for the full tutorial! Happy Thursday, friends :)

Also, today is day #4 of 24 Merry Days! Head on over to Making It Lovely to win an ENTIRE WALL OF ART from Artfully Walls for your home. That’s right…not just one print…an entire wall! Click here to enter! Oh, and you can of course still enter giveaway #1 (an accent chair from Lowe’s), giveaway #2 (a $250 Anthro gift card), giveaway #3 (a BIKE from Public Bikes) and giveaway #4 (a $100 gift card to Artifact Uprising).

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Today I wanted to share one of my favorite shops for the tiny ones, Sunday in Color. Simply going to this little shop makes me happy and brings a smile on my face. The shop is all about colors and pretty prints (everything I live for!) and is filled with wonderful little cheerful treasures. Bright little garlands, loads of decor for the little ones bedrooms, fun acccesories. So much cuteness I die – I want to buy it all for the baby :)

Oh oh, and did you see what’s to win today on day 4 of 24 Merry Days?!!!! A $100 gift certificate with Artifact Uprising to print your family album! Make sure to head over to A Thousand Threads to enter, and check out all of the other 24 Merry Days giveaway here!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Images: 1. |2. |3. |4. |5. |6.

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L: Swedish home via Hus o Hem | R: Scandinavian Christmas baking recipes via The Guardian.

I don’t want to go all OMG on you, but O.M.G!!! Did you all see that you can win a BIKE (yes, yes you hear right, A BIKE!) from Public Bikes today on Day #3 of 24 Merry DAYS!? And did you see the colors of that bike?! Seriously! To enter, click here to visit my friend Brittany from The House that Lars Built – she’ll tell you all about how you can get that pretty bike home!

Today’s {live here, eat that} takes you to Christmas in Scandinavia. I’ve lived many places these past few years,  but I have to say that celebrating Christmas in Denmark was probably my favorite place for that time of the year. I am not sure if it was because of the snow, or because of all the holiday traditions that they have, or the beautiful way everybody decorates their house….whatever it is, they just seem to get it right! If you ever have a chance to experience Christmas in a Scandinavian country, do it! I love the pictures of this pretty Swedish home. All that red and white, so classic and so beautiful, and it still has a modern vibe to it.

And with that, find loads of fantastic Scandinavian baking recipes via the Guardian! My favorite thing on there is probably the honey hearts and the dried fruits – yum yum! Happy Tuesday, friends.

PS: More 24 Merry Days goodness – did you see that you can win a $250 gift Anthropologie gift card on Lovely Indeed and a beautiful accent Chair from Lowe’s  on House of Earnest with 24 Merry Days? Find out about all the giveaways here

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Hi friends! A little holiday inspiration with a touch of pink to follow up on my “colorful Christmas” post. Love me a little girly Christmas, don’t you think? :) And talking about the holidays, did you guys entered the amazing 24 Merry Days giveaway yesterday on House of Earnest? Do it – you can win this amazing accent chair from Lowe’s…and today another fab prize for 24 Merry Days, Lovely Indeed is giving away a $250 gift card to Anthropologie – how about that, is 24 Merry Days rocking your holidays or what? :) Happy Monday, friends!

PS: If you’re still looking for present ideas, check out my gift guides for the ladies, the gents and the little ones – tons of ideas there!

Images: 1. the cutestest bulldogs – this one is for my friend Gloria ;) |2. DIY pompoms by Jojotastic|3. Pretty little trees. |4. Peppermint coffee milkshakes by Sugar and Cloth – need I say more?!|5. A very joyful little branch by Dottie Angel.

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“Give thanks”, made with the treasures in my backyard.

Wishing all of you in the US a very happy Thanksgiving! We’re hosting Thanksgiving for the very first time this year, we’re celebrating it with some good friends who also don’t have family around. We’re doing nothing else but eating and eating and eating some more until our bellies explode – and playing board games too, because come one, we can’t be eating ALL day ;) A fun relaxing day giving thanks for all the good things in our lives :) And for those of you not in the US, enjoy the rest of the week, and I’ll be back on Sunday to share with you the very first giveaway of 24 Merry Days – and an awesome one with that!

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