Hi friends! We’re having a brilliant time in Denmark – it’s soooo cold though, brrrrrrr but we’re staying warm and drinking a lot of cocoa. Today I am sharing a quick and easy project over at Say Yes to Hoboken during her maternity break – these super cute hand-painted glitter leather belts and a little purse to go with that. Super easy gifts to DIY if you were still looking for some idea, or just something you can make for yourself for New Years…or anytime really ;) can’t go wring with wearing a little shine! Get the full tutorial here.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter my Swedish Hasbeens shoes giveaway for 24 Merry Days – you can choose the pair YOU WANT in the color that YOU WANT –  pretty fab uh?! Happy Friday, friends!

PS: Also for day 20 of 24 Merry Days, head over to Design crush to win $500 (that’s right!!) worth of gorgeous Mud Australia dishes – so dreamy! Also, find the full giveaway calendar here.

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We’re almost at the start of a new year – how that happened, I am not sure, this year has flown by! I guess moving across the USA will do that, suck up all your time :) Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite calendars for 2014. Personally, I am sort of stuck between floral and geometric this year and can’t decide which one to pick. Which one would you go for? Happy Thursday, friends!

PS: Today is day 19 of 24 Merry Days – and you can win $150 worth of goodies for the little ones and the mamas from Amelia over at The Proper Pinwheel. Enter here! Also, have you entered my giveaway to win dreamy Swedish Hasbeens shoes?!

Images: 1. by Lydia & Pugs |2. by Coco Lapine |3. by Dozi |4. by Little Low Studio |5. by The House that Lars Built |6. by Snug

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It’s no secret by now that I am utterly in love with all Scandinavian design – and what is more Scandinavian than a pair of gorgeous Swedish Hasbeens?! Well, guess what, today is your super duper extra lucky day because it is my turn to host one of the 24 Merry Days giveaways, and I am giving away a pair of Swedish Hasbeens – your choice from their fab Cruise collection, worth up to $400! I own a pari of Swedish Hasbeens, and they are by far some of my favorite shoes to wear…if only I could have one pair of each of their shoes, my life would be complete ;) And this giveaway, my friends, is open to people WORLDWIDE – which means that every single one of you can enter. Are you doing the happy dance or what?! If only I was eligible I’d be all over this!

So, which shoes will you pick?! These awesome red boots? Or maybe these sassy gold braided beauties? It’s a tough choice, isn’t it?

To enter, it’s super easy! You have up to 30 entries (20 regular + 10 extra for referring friends!), and it all happens in the Rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note: As mentioned before, this giveaway is open to people WORLDWIDE (yay!) and you’ll need to enter before 12/24/2013 at 11:59 PST. Please make sure to leave a valid email address as this is how we’ll contact you if you win!

Also, don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway- a $250 gift card to the Land of Nod over at You are my Fave. And also check out all of the other fab 24 giveaways on the 24 Merry Days calendar page, I promise you won’t be disappointed ;) Good luck, friends!

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Old pictures of hubby and I with Olivia when she was just a year old(!) and we lived in Denmark

Friends, we’re off to Denmark today (and then France after Christmas) to spend the holidays with our families! And I am kind not-so-secretly hoping we’ll get a lot of snow while we’re there – what do you want, I’ve been in winter withdrawal mode since we moved to California :)

And don’t have a heart attack please, I’ll still be posting while traveling ;) Especially TOMORROW, you DON’T want to miss my post tomorrow – because listen to that, I may or may not be giving away some pretty little shoes for my turn in the 24 Merry Days of giveaways *hint hint* AND it will be a WORLDWIDE one so all of your can enter! BTW, have you entered them all?! Today you can win a fab $250 gift card to the Land of Nod over at You are my Fave – don’t miss it, enter here!

Happy Monday, friends – and I’ll talk to you again when I am on the other side of the pond ;)

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It sure is starting to look a lot like Christmas at our place :) It’s been so nice to be in the new house and decorate for our first Christmas here. The house is slowly coming together and starting to feel like home. I’ll show more picture of our house in January, but for now some pics of our home as it is right, all Christmas-ed up and all. If you look carefully you’ll see the girls’ advent calendar and the cute little bottles that I made last week for Say Yes to Hoboken – it’s been a crafty Christmas!

We’re leaving on Monday (already! Where the h*** did December go?!) to spend the holidays with family back in Europe, and I am trying not to freak out that our bags aren’t packed or that I haven’t done that much laundry at all, for that matter. I just put it off, because every year I always feel a little sad that we don’t get to have Christmas in our own home…but the minute I see our families I forget all about it – especially as I stuff myself with yummy French food at my mum’s ;)

I just realized that today is Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious at all? In my family Friday the 13th have been considered a good thing ever since my little brother bought a lottery ticket on a Friday the 13th when he was like 10, and won 10 000 euros! We’ve been buying lottery tickets on those days ever since but doesn’t seem like luck is striking twice ;) Talking about winning, today is also day 13 of 24 Merry Days, and you should head over to the lovely 79 Ideas – she’s giving away a gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS!) open cuff necklace by Alexis Russell. And the giveaway is open to people worldwide – so really, don’t miss it!

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Last week I showed you guys my holiday cards – was so proud to have them ready already, so not like me…well, uhm uhm, they haven’t left my house yet, and hopefully they’ll make it to the post office before Easter ;) ANYHOW. Today I wanted to show you some more holiday card favorites, just in case you havent’ made up your mind yet.

Oh, and today is day 12 of 24 Merry Days – can’t believe we’re already 1/2 way through all of these awesome giveaways. And still plenty of awesome prizes to come!! Swedish Hasbeens, Mud Australia, Rifle Paper Co. and so much more. Today’s giveaway is over at the lovely Sugar & Cloth and you can win a $100 gift certificate to Artsy Modern – such a cool shop! Check it out here!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Images: 1. |2. |3. |4. |5. |6.

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Today I thought I’d share this little advent calendar I made for the girls this year. Sorry, no detailed pics of the DIY – I actually wasn’t originally thinking about showing them on the blog, but  I love the way they turned out and figured I’d show them to you here ;)

All supplies from this project come from Target, from the canisters to the ornaments, including the tiny presents and even the wrapping paper from the dollar section. It is so easy you’ll put it together in just minutes – well, not including wrapping the 24 presents, that take a bit more time ;)

Here is what I did:
1. Cut off the attachment part of the ornaments so you can’t see them anymore.
2. Glue the ornaments to the lid of the canister.
3. If you want, add a little nose to your ornaments like I did – I used air dry clay and painted red when dry.
4. Wrap up all 24 goodies and stuff then in the canister.
5. Et voila, you’re done!

These little jars would also be great for gift giving. Fill them up with Christmas cookies or chocolates, et voila, you’re got yourself a super cute present. And the best thing – it’s an advent calendar that you can keep over the years! I can already foresee these jars becoming heirlooms in our home.

Oh, and don’t miss out on day 11 of 24 Merry Days! Today you can win an awesome lion jacket (the same one that Olivia owns, remember?!) by Little Goodall over at Mer Mag – so make sure to enter here. Check out all other 24 Merry Days giveaways here!

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L: Home via | R: Cranberry mojitos via We are not Martha.

Since last week I showed you what Christmas looks like in Scandinavia, I thought today we’d head out to a *slightly* warmer place for a little holiday inspiration. It is a bit weird for me associate warm + Christmas together – luckily when I lived in Arizona I’d always find a way to go home for the holidays- but I have to admit, I absolutely love these pictures and maybe it would be fun to have a Christmas dinner al fresco until billions twinkle lights? :) Also love all these Australian holiday ideas that Love Mae put together – isn’t this wreath so beautiful?!

Oh, and Australian friends, totally call me out on the cranberry mojitos – I actually have no idea if you guys drink that around Christmas – but hey, I’d totally drink  if I spent Christmas in a warm place…and didn’t have a baby in my belly  ;) Cranberry mojitos recipe via We Are Not Martha.

PS: Oh, and today is day 10 of 24 Merry Days!!! Today you can win a large print of one of Max Wanger’s amazing photographs – your choice too ;) Head over to Coco & Mingo to enter – and don’t forget to check out all of the other 24 Merry Days giveaways going on right now!

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And one more “colorful Christmas” inspiration board for y’all – check out my first and second boards. I simply love the combination of coral and gold together. Add a bit of white to balance it out and you’ll get a gorgeous, fun holiday mood in your home. Alright, so today is December 9 – is your house all decorate it up already? Did you go for a color theme? I’d love to know what! This year our decorate our house in the traditional green and red hues mostly – but not in the most traditional of ways. Will share some pictures of our home this Friday, so be on the lookout for them ;)

Also, today is day 9 of 24 Merry Days – there are right now 8 AMAZING giveaways that you can enter if you click here. And today’s giveaway is an UBER amazing $500 (you heard me right!!) gift certificate to Poppin on Studio DIY – a wholotta colors for your office space! Don’t miss it, enter here!

Images: 1. Dried leaf garland by A Fabulous Fete. |2. Cutest advent calendar by a Bubbly Life. |3. Wooden horses by Botanika.|4. Coral holiday sweater at H&M. |5. Gold Christmas tree.

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Do believe in miracles, people. They happen. Usually by this time of the year, I am just scrambling to get a Christmas tree, I have’t bought a single present (ok, maybe one) and holidays cards…wait, what holiday cards??? ha! But this year, it’s like a miracle! THe house is all Christmas-ed up (more on that next week!) and my holiday cards are ready to be mailed out. What is happened to me?!

Last year I used Minted to get my cards, and was SO happy with them that I was planning on using them again – and that’s when they contacted me and asked if I wanted to feature their cards on my blog. My answer? heck yeah! Seriously, I don’t even look anywhere else really for my cards at this time of the year because they seriously have the cutest of designs (with your own photo or without), and they are super fast. This year they also came up with these super pretty foil stamped holidays card – I didn’t end up choosing one of these designs but my friend Will chose foil stamped cards and they came out so great. And how about these cute little card ornaments?! Aren’t they so fun?

Another thing I LOVE about Minted? Their FREE recipient addressing service – really helps you get the process finished early in the season! Especially for people (always late) like me ;) I chose this template because I loved the simple, bold message “Be Merry” – that really what I wish anybody this Christmas season :)

PS: Today is Day 5 of 24 Merry Days! And you can win tons of goodies from Leif (one of my very FAVORITE shops!!) on The Sweetest Occasion. Check it out here and make sure to enter :) And also, make sure to enter the other giveaways!

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