L: Swedish home via Hus o Hem | R: Scandinavian Christmas baking recipes via The Guardian.

I don’t want to go all OMG on you, but O.M.G!!! Did you all see that you can win a BIKE (yes, yes you hear right, A BIKE!) from Public Bikes today on Day #3 of 24 Merry DAYS!? And did you see the colors of that bike?! Seriously! To enter, click here to visit my friend Brittany from The House that Lars Built - she’ll tell you all about how you can get that pretty bike home!

Today’s {live here, eat that} takes you to Christmas in Scandinavia. I’ve lived many places these past few years,  but I have to say that celebrating Christmas in Denmark was probably my favorite place for that time of the year. I am not sure if it was because of the snow, or because of all the holiday traditions that they have, or the beautiful way everybody decorates their house….whatever it is, they just seem to get it right! If you ever have a chance to experience Christmas in a Scandinavian country, do it! I love the pictures of this pretty Swedish home. All that red and white, so classic and so beautiful, and it still has a modern vibe to it.

And with that, find loads of fantastic Scandinavian baking recipes via the Guardian! My favorite thing on there is probably the honey hearts and the dried fruits – yum yum! Happy Tuesday, friends.

PS: More 24 Merry Days goodness – did you see that you can win a $250 gift Anthropologie gift card on Lovely Indeed and a beautiful accent Chair from Lowe’s  on House of Earnest with 24 Merry Days? Find out about all the giveaways here

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Hi friends! A little holiday inspiration with a touch of pink to follow up on my “colorful Christmas” post. Love me a little girly Christmas, don’t you think? :) And talking about the holidays, did you guys entered the amazing 24 Merry Days giveaway yesterday on House of Earnest? Do it – you can win this amazing accent chair from Lowe’s…and today another fab prize for 24 Merry Days, Lovely Indeed is giving away a $250 gift card to Anthropologie – how about that, is 24 Merry Days rocking your holidays or what? :) Happy Monday, friends!

PS: If you’re still looking for present ideas, check out my gift guides for the ladies, the gents and the little ones – tons of ideas there!

Images: 1. the cutestest bulldogs – this one is for my friend Gloria ;) |2. DIY pompoms by Jojotastic|3. Pretty little trees. |4. Peppermint coffee milkshakes by Sugar and Cloth – need I say more?!|5. A very joyful little branch by Dottie Angel.

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“Give thanks”, made with the treasures in my backyard.

Wishing all of you in the US a very happy Thanksgiving! We’re hosting Thanksgiving for the very first time this year, we’re celebrating it with some good friends who also don’t have family around. We’re doing nothing else but eating and eating and eating some more until our bellies explode – and playing board games too, because come one, we can’t be eating ALL day ;) A fun relaxing day giving thanks for all the good things in our lives :) And for those of you not in the US, enjoy the rest of the week, and I’ll be back on Sunday to share with you the very first giveaway of 24 Merry Days – and an awesome one with that!

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Alright, second big announcement of the week – 24 MERRY DAYS starts this Sunday, and this year is going to be bigger and better than last year. And merrier. And awesomer too. Oh you guys, I am SO excited and can’t wait for Sunday and the giveaways to start!

The way it works: Each day from the 1st – 24th December, one blogger will be giving away a prize on their blog, and you’ll have a week to enter each one.My giveaway will be on December 17, and you DON’T want to miss it…you might actually freak out a little when you find out what it is :) Get ready for it! Everyday I will make sure to let you know where you need to go to enter the giveaway of the day.

This year we’ve got an amazing line-up of bloggers who will be giving away the most fantastic prizes for you, things that I KNOW for a fact you’ve had on your Christmas wish list – or that you just didn’t know you wanted ;)

I mean, come on, we’ll be giving away a BIKE by Public Bikes. And a pair of Swedish Hasbeens. And beautiful prints for your walls. And amazing jewelry. And gorgeous things for your home. And gift cards to your favorite shops (do I hear Anthropologie? Poppin? Rifle Paper co.?). And gifts for the little ones. And and….are your doing cartwheels in your living room yet? Because I am! So, if I can sum up this post – you DON’t want to miss 24 Merry Days, like at all! Check out our giveaway advent calendar here – and you can also like the 24 Merry Days Facebook page so you don’t miss a beat.

Let the holiday fun begin!

PS: My other big announcement this week in case you missed it :)

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Friends, I am so excited to share this big news with you – I’m 15 weeks pregnant and baby number 3 is due to arrive in May! Hubby and I couldn’t be more excited, we want a big family and had actually been trying for a little while now. While I have been a bit nervous to loose another baby during my first trimester, everything has been going super smoothly so far and I can relax since I am now officially out of my first trimester :)

I had not much of a bump up until last week and then POP! Out of nowhere it arrived. Regardless, I claimed the right to sleep with my body pillow the minute I found out I was pregnant – hubby hasn’t been a happy camper to have share me with my beloved pillow … but guess what, what pregnant lady wants, pregnant lady gets ;) We told the girls about the baby in mama’s belly and they are so excited. Last week one morning, Madeline woke up and came to our room and ask: “Mama, did the baby sleep with you?” So so cute! I’ve been craving ANYTHING sour – it was the same for the girls – tomatoes with balsamic (and pretty much anything with balsamic), pickles in vinegar, sour candy…the list goes one! It’s the weirdest thing really and I have no idea why I crave that stuff.

I got pregnant pretty much right after our move to California, and needless to say, between the move and this bigs news, life has been a tiny bit crazy and all over the place. But really, what is there to not love about this? :) We’ll find out in a few weeks if the baby is a boy or a girl and we can’t wait!

Happy happy Tuesday, friends!

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A few weeks ago, fabric designer Celina Mancurti sent me a bundle of one of her gorgeous hand-printed fabrics so I could check it out – and when I got it I knew right away I wanted to do more than just check it out. I had to make a little something with it! Enter these fun little no sew holiday cloth napkins. I call them my “perfectly imperfect” napkins, just like Celina‘s hand-printed fabric. Because they are no sew napkins, the back of the napkins ain’t perfect really, but who’s to notice? They are SO easy to make and with any fabric you can easily personalize your holiday table with these napkins.

Once my napkins where done I wanted to add a fun little details to the napkins, so I potato-stamped them in holiday colors – with a neon pink edge ;) The potato stamping adds to the perfectly imperfect feel of the napkins since the paint doesn’t get spread out perfectly. Also, I may or may not have made a mistake carving out some of the letter – noticed any letter that’s no quite right? ;) Instead of the words I chose, you could also stamp the names of the people that will be at your table, or or you don’t want to carve a lot of potatoes, you could also do a star and stamp that all over the napkins.

Keep reading for the how-to – and for your chance to win a bundle of hand-printed fabrics by Celina Mancurti.

What you need

- Fabric (a yard or more, depending on how many napkins you want to make)
- Iron-on seam tape, like this.
- Tape measurer
- Fabric scissors pr rotary cutter
- Iron
- Potatoes
- Fabric paint

What you do

1. Measure up your fabric to make squares that are about 13 inches, and cut them out.
2. Put iron-on seam tape on one of the side, about 1/2 inch from the border of the square, gently fold the fabric over and iron on to make your first seam. Next, to the opposite side to the one you just did – and then two the other two. This way all of your corners will look neat and similar.
3. Cut your potatoes in 1/2, and then cut your letters/shapes in each side.
4. If you are stamping out words like me, fold your napkin the way you want, and put a piece of tape where you’d like to stamp the word. When you unfold your napkin, you’ll be able to find the spot again easily.
5. Apply some paint on your stamps with a brush, remove the piece of tape and get stamping! Tip: make sure you have something that can absorb excess paint right under your fabric.
6. Let the paint dry – et voila! you’re done :)

Now, here is your chance to win a fun and pretty little bundle of handprinted fabric by Celina Mancurti. It’s easy, just enter in the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway sponored by Celina Mancurti. Celina sent me a yard of fabric for review, but all ideas, thoughts and opinions in this post are mine.

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Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed my holiday gift guide this week? Today I thought I’d share a few ideas that you can make yourself – I find it so special when someones gives me (or the girls) something that they made themselves. That they found the idea, and took the time to make something unique for me, there is nothing better really. So here are a few ideas! Do you guys make some of your presents for Christmas? What have you made in the past? Have a love weekend.

PS: Next week I have TWO super big announcements (as in, SUPER BIG) as well as a fun DIY+ giveaway, and I can’t share to share that all with you guys!

DIY GIFT IDEAS: 1. Pretty etched wooden spoons on Design Mom- and they are food safe!- by|2. DIY Faux-leather pouches by Claire at Fellow Fellow |3. DIY sweater bear by Handmade Romance. |4. Spray painted straw baskets by our dear friends at Martha Stewart.|5. Cute little planter from Make Your Day  -loads of cute ideas in the great book! |6. My fave, DIY gilded mugs by Garland of Grace. Definitely making this! |7. Pretty infinity scarf by Randomly Happy. 

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Some more gift idea for the holidays, this time for the little ones in your life! Finding toys isn’t really hard, but finding GOOD toys – toys that kids will enjoy, that are great for them and that “special” isn’t always so easy. I personally have a thing for wooden toys because I know that they will last, and not end up in a big pile of plastic jump. Toys that stimulate their imagination and give them room to grow and learn. Happy Thursday!

PS: Some of these things may or may not be for grabs during our 24 Merry Days giveaways in December! Like our facebook page so you don’t miss out on the giveaways when they start :)

TOP – FOR BABIES: 1. Such a happy mobile |2. Love these bamboo spoons. |3. The sweetest little cloud pillow! |4. Obsessed with these moccasins. |5. These rompers are THE BEST |6. Raccoon wobble |7. Bambi pants |8. Soft blankets. |9. Pink rabbit. |10. Fun sleeping bag! |11. Colorful alphabet puzzle. |12. My favorite set up for the table – Stokke chair and baby set (sorry friends in the US, the baby set isn’t available here yet). |13. Cute neon sneakers.

BOTTOM – FOR BOYS & GIRLS: 1. Pretty little polka dot shoes. |2.  hip mint skateboard.|3. Magnetic build-a-rocket.|4. Madeline is obsessed with this green grocer set. |5. House wooden building blocks |6. How fun is this plush campfire?! Perfect if you have a teepee in your home! |7. Castles and knights all day long. |8. Pretty stars duvet cover for sweet dreams |9. Wooden camera – getting two of these for the girls! |10. Their own “laptop” |11. Tools like daddy’s, but so soft! |12. This one is for my daughter Olivia, who is obsessed with horses!

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Interrupting my holiday gift guide week to show you this genius little ad by GoldieBlox. A friend just shared it with me and I share it here with you. Yes, girls are so much more than princesses and pink-stuff-lovers!!! And with the right toys we can show them how much fun inventing, building and engineering things is! Oh, I’m not kidding myself, I know that the princess stuff is also going to be all over my house for a while, and that’s just fine, but we do need more toys that challenge our little girls’ brain and get them excited about things that are usually labeled as “for boys.” Who’s with me on that?

PS: Also, what toys do our kids need?

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Hi friends! After sharing my gift guide for the ladies yesterday, here is some fun stuff for the gents in your life. I don’t know about you, but I always find shopping for guys SO hard! You can always get some makeup or a piece of jewelry for a girl and she’ll be happy, but what’s your go to item for guys? A pack of beers? :D In any case, I’ve been doing a bit of digging, hope these ideas help you with your shopping! Happy Tuesday.

PS: More gift ideas for the m boys….

TOP – HIP AND TRENDY GIFTS: 1. Such a stylish messenger bag.|2. These rocks keep the whiskey cold without watering it down, amen | 3. Essential, the Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook. |4. Wood bottle stopper, such a pretty design.|5. Hold your money, the cool (and geeky) way |6. Now he’ll be on time.|7. Mini-wooden speaker |8. Cool hat.

BOTTOM – FUN AND OUTDOORSY GIFTS: 1. A little game of Bocce with friends? |2. Nice shirt. |3. How to build a fire, and other important things. |4. Belive me, you’ll score a lot of points with this foosball table top |5. Every man needs a knife that has it all. |6. Comfy and stylish shoes.  |7. Perfect camp blanket.

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