Interrupting my holiday gift guide week to show you this genius little ad by GoldieBlox. A friend just shared it with me and I share it here with you. Yes, girls are so much more than princesses and pink-stuff-lovers!!! And with the right toys we can show them how much fun inventing, building and engineering things is! Oh, I’m not kidding myself, I know that the princess stuff is also going to be all over my house for a while, and that’s just fine, but we do need more toys that challenge our little girls’ brain and get them excited about things that are usually labeled as “for boys.” Who’s with me on that?

PS: Also, what toys do our kids need?

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Hi friends! After sharing my gift guide for the ladies yesterday, here is some fun stuff for the gents in your life. I don’t know about you, but I always find shopping for guys SO hard! You can always get some makeup or a piece of jewelry for a girl and she’ll be happy, but what’s your go to item for guys? A pack of beers? :D In any case, I’ve been doing a bit of digging, hope these ideas help you with your shopping! Happy Tuesday.

PS: More gift ideas for the m boys….

TOP – HIP AND TRENDY GIFTS: 1. Such a stylish messenger bag.|2. These rocks keep the whiskey cold without watering it down, amen | 3. Essential, the Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook. |4. Wood bottle stopper, such a pretty design.|5. Hold your money, the cool (and geeky) way |6. Now he’ll be on time.|7. Mini-wooden speaker |8. Cool hat.

BOTTOM – FUN AND OUTDOORSY GIFTS: 1. A little game of Bocce with friends? |2. Nice shirt. |3. How to build a fire, and other important things. |4. Belive me, you’ll score a lot of points with this foosball table top |5. Every man needs a knife that has it all. |6. Comfy and stylish shoes.  |7. Perfect camp blanket.

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Can you smell the cinnamon, see all that colorful wrapping and taste all that yummi food?! That’s right, the holidays are coming – and I couldn’t be more excited! I LIVE for that time if the year. This year we’ll be celebrating Christmas in Denmark with my hubby’s family, and then we’ll be off to France for the New Year. Not exactly restful, but I ain’t gonna complain here. I feel so lucky that we’re able to see family at all and be with them to gather around the Christmas tree.

On a less cheerful note: holiday shopping! Well, it’s not that I don’t love buying pretty things for my loved one, but it can be so stressful to find the perfect gift – especially for men! I used to be so last minute about it all (you’re looking at the girl who would buy it all on the 24th), but I’d end up hating the process so this year I am starting early. I thought I’d share some of my finds with you, hopefully it will help make your holiday shopping easier :) Today, some ideas in colors and neutrals for the ladies.

P.S: Check the asterisks for Black friday and Cyber Monday discounts and deals!

P.P.S: My gift guides this week MAY or MAY not include some of the amazing things that’s we’ll be giving away during 24 Merry Days this year ;) We’re still in the process of revamping the website, but  in the meantime I just created our Facebook page – like it to get updates about all the fab giveaways this December :)


TOP – for the ladies that love colors: 1. Dipped wooden spoons make cooking more fun. |2. You can’t go wrong with pretty bling. |3. Pretty sweater for a pretty lady. |4. Such a pretty silk scarf.*|5. Love these cute little rosewood bracelets. **|6. Bike in mint for a happy commute. ***|7. The most amazing plates, hands down. ****|8. Coffee shall travel in style. |9. Sumptious lip balm.

BOTTOM – for the ladies that love neutrals: 1. Warning: your lady might squeal if she gets these shoes. |2. Simple and gorgeous, this geometric ring. |3. Love the prints on this cushion. *|4. The perfect chair. |5. Gold cutlery, so decadent. ****|6. Smiles guaranteed with this fox mug. |7. Pretty little headband.


* Get 30% off the entire Artsy Modern site from 11/28-12/1 and free shipping the entire week for any purchases made from 12/2-12/7.
** Get 40% off the entire Gold & Gray site for 24 hours with code CYBER40 on Cyber Monday (12/2).
*** Public Bikes C1 Bike: Special Introductory Price $299.00 instead of $449.
**** Get 15% off entire Horne site with code MONDAY15 on Cyber Monday (12/2). The sale excludes: Wastberg, Ferm Living, Demeyere, AKMD, Emeco.

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What I would give to be a child again and have these on my bookshelf. The pretties covers really, available here. If you ask me, all books and textbooks should look this pretty – no doubt students would pick them up and read more! I might just have to get them for myself for the girls. For when they are bigger. Yes. Totally for the girls ;) Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Is it December already?!!! i mean, COME ONE, let’s get started with the holiday celebrations already :) I’ve been spending my weekend looking for Christmas inspiration to decorate the house. Even though we’ll be in Europe to celebrate with family at Christmas, I really want our house to look bright and happy because. Do you have a color theme picked out already? Are you going classic red and green? All gold? Color explosion like me? And talking about the holidays, I can’t wait to share more  our round 2 of 24 Merry Days (remember last year?)….I’ve been working hard at it, and let me just put it this way: you guys are going to freak out when you see what there is to win this year :)

Happy Monday, friends!

1. Ornament tree by Indiska |2. Bright and Merry signs by Paper & Stitch |3. DIY fabric lights ornaments by Kojo Designs |4. Wrapping paper at Anthropologie (last season)|5. Jam jar snow globes by Sweet Paul |6. Tiny trees for your table by Carnet Parisiens |7. Simple packaging with felt balls by This Little Street |8. Modern ornament garland by Sugar & Cloth.

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Being married to a Danish guy – the ultimate biking country- made me rediscover bikes as a grown-up. They are so fun and easy to get around and get you in such shape without the price of a gym membership! I love it when I see US cities like Berkeley or NYC start and try to make it easier for bikes to get around – because really, you’ve got to be able to ride safely. Did you know that in Denmark, many of the bicycle lanes are separated from the car lanes by a whole sidewalk?! Personally I’ve never liked to wear a helmet – so uncomfortable, and not too sound shallow, but they are kinda ugly. But I do it because it’s the right thing to do.

So when I stumble upon the story of the invisible bike helmet today, I knew I wanted to share it with you because it is such a striking idea. Check out this video:

Photo credit: Hövding.

What I like the most about this story is that Swedish industrial designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin never listened to the words “That’s impossible”. The product is still very expensive, but I love the out-of-box thinking to come up with something completely unexpected.

What do you guys think? Cost aside, would you wear the invisible helmet?

Complete Hövding invisible bicycle helmet is available online and at shops in Europe.

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L: Home of stylist Lisa Marie Andersson | R: Pear tarts with chocolate crumble by Sips and Spoonfuls

Last Friday I mentioned to you guys the new (and super gorgeous) Mollie Makes Home edition in which I am featured, and so today I thought I’d show you just one of the many beautiful homes that were included in the magazine. This is the home of Swedish designer Lisa Marie Anderson - and it was love at first sight. Sure, the color palette she chose for her place is much softer and delicate than the one I picked for my own home, but I love it all the same. It’s really perfect, so calming, and it speaks loudly of her own design style. If you look carefully at the pictures, you’ll realize that her place is only a studio apartment – isn’t it amazing how much she did with it and how she made all of her needs work in this small space? It reminds me a bit of this place that I featured when I started blogging.

And while chatting with Lisa about her work and starring at all her her origami birds hanging from the ceiling, wouldn’t you want to snack on these delicious little pear tarts with chocolate crumble by Sips and Spoonfuls? You can find the pictures here and the recipe here (Page 142). Happy Tuesday, friends!

Photo credit: Lisa Marie Andersson’s home, photography by Sofia Bystrom.

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Have you guys checked out the latest Mollie Makes Home edition?! It’s nothing short of amazing! The magazine is filled with the inspiring spaces and gorgeous homes of so many of my favorite creative people. And I am not seeing I love this magazine because I am featured in it. I actually still can’t believe I was included in it and feel so honored. I received my copy yesterday and just can’t put it down! It’s worth every penny. If you want to order a copy (you SO should!), you can go here. And if you’re feeling lucky, Mollie Makes is also giving away 10 copies.

And with that, a few things I’ve been loving lately:

Have a great weekend, friends!

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This post should really have been titled “Happy Halloween” really- because wouldn’t that the most appropriate thing to say on Halloween?! It’s just that I feel like the worst blogger when it comes to Halloween, zero post on the topic to be exact. Heck, all the other girls are posting these cute handmade customs – I bought ours at Target, ha.

So there, instead of a Halloween post, I give you a little color inspiration with this round-up of pretty things I’ve been loving on Etsy. But wishing you all a very spooky Halloween –  we’ll be out trick or treating with the girls tonight in our target rock-on outfits ;)

toy bus | shoes | cups | fox top | headscarf | cushions | bread board | fingerless gloves | plaid fabric

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Artsy Modern is by far my new favorite shop, and the place where you’ll find me Christmas shopping….including for myself ha ;) I discovered it recently and I am just completely smitten by it. This gorgeous little shop is filled with treasures for the home and includes some of my favorite scandinavian designers including One Must dash ( I have this print in my home and love it!), Darling Clementine and Kauniste. The entire shop is filled with all that’s modern, colorful, fresh and whimsical – and you want to hear the even better news? All of it is super affordable, so no robbing a bank to make all your wishes come true :) ! Check them out, really.

storage bin | necklace | birthday card | mug | scarf | mail holder

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