Happy Friday, friends! Just realized that I never shared pictures from our week in Denmark visiting hubby’s side of the family, so there you go!

It’s been harder and harder to go back – I mean, hubby and I used to complain about the price of airline tickets when it was just the both of us…now take that times four! Ouch. But every time we get there, we know that no matter how hard it is to save up to visit family, it is worth is every. single. time. We look at the happiness and laughter on the girls faces as they run around with their cousin, and I immediately forget about the exotic destinations we could be visiting instead or the dozen of pretty dresses I could have in my closet. The memories we built there are just priceless. Whatever. I’ll wear my sweatpants instead.

This year we managed to go right around hubby’s birthday, so it was extra special. My mother-in-law made the most delicious cake with loads of fresh berries, we brought out the Danish flags – which is a sign for celebration there. And the rest of the week? Well, we didn’t do anything fancy, we just lived life at Danish pace. We went for ice cream runs. Many of them. We had late night al fresco dinners with friends and family. We took the row boat across the lake. We had water fight. Badass water fights if you ask me – and the kids kicked the adults butts ;) I also had a couple of photo sessions for some friends of mine - here and here if you want to see. Oh, and I may or may not have gone shopping a tiny weep bit ;) Design in Denmark is like a religion, walking in any store is just mind-blowing, so much beauty and inspiration.

I wish our Danish summer never ended. But at least, I feel so grateful that we had one at all.


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My 5 new favorite blogs
New York New York

While catching up on my favorite blogs yesterday, I discovered these gorgeous notebooks by My Live Lovevia my blogger friend Claire at Fellow Fellow. Loved them right away and just had to share with you guys. Lately I have been a real sucker for bold geometric prints, and these screen printed pretties would be a perfect to calm my geo cravings! So pretty I might not even dare to write in them…ha, well good thing I have the girls at home to write on pretty much everything I own ;)

Find these, but also totes and more at My Live Love. Happy Thursday, friends!

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new IKEA BRÅKIG collection

L: Amsterdam apartment via | R: Kaffir lime mango ice cream via.

Pieces of normalcy are slowly starting to come back to our lives since the move. We now have a dining table and chairs to sit at – not that I don’t like picnics, but well, picnics from breakfast, lunch and dinner ain’t quite my things ;) And the girls are starting school this week….soon I’ll be able to really refocus on the blog and give you, my dear dear readers, all of the attention and yes, LOVE that you deserve :)

Today I wanted to share this gorgeous, bright and eclectic loft in Amsterdam. It’s a great modern of industrial (did you see that kitchen) and older vintage pieces. They kept the walls and floor bare and simple, and it really helps draw more focus on the beautiful elements that they brought into this loft. I also love the touches of lime green that help brake the industrial feel and bring in some happy, earthy notes.

And with this beautiful loft, won’t you try this delicious kaffir lime mango ice cream by Golubka? yum!

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Wood and pastel colors is one of my favorite combination. For the ladies, wouldn’t you jump up and down and do cartwheels in you living room if you have these chairs and table by Muuto? And for the little ones, how cute is this little blue tractor? Happy Thursday, friends!

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FALALALALA.....24 Merry Days starts Sunday!
Wanted – July edition

I am utterly in love with these bold and beautiful prints by Inaluxe.While searching for artwork for our new home, I discovered the work of Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd – the masterminds behind Inaluxe- and I just can’t pick a favorite. The geometric shapes, the bold colors…I feel like a little girl in a candy store! One thing that that’s for sure –  next time I feature pictures of my home, you will spy some Inaluxe prints! Happy Thursday, friends :)

PS: More artwork that ended in my house…

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{this weekend} let's make this + that - feel better edition

When I find blogs I love I go in stalker mode, as in wont-go-to-bed-until-I-have-read-their-entire-archives kinda mode. Do you do that too? Today, I wanted to share 5 blogs that I a completely obsessed with that aren’t yet on my blog love page (check it out too, some more amazing bloggers on there!). The five bloggers that I am about to share constantly blow my mind, they make me laugh and cry and think different and fill my eyes with beauty. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.

PS: Talking about eyes filled with beauty, make sure to enter my giveaway with fashion designer Carolina Benoit – today’s the last day!

1. La receta de la felicidad

Well hello sweet tooth of mine, you’ve been served. Every time I go to La Receta de La Felicad (The recipe for happiness, in Spanish), I just want to lick my screen. Pure whimsy in the kitchen! This rainbow cake has got to be one of my favorites. Between the fun recipes (that come in Spanish and English) and the beautiful photography, it’s one of my favorite cooking website to visit. Disclaimer: I shall not be held responsible for any weight your put on after visiting this site if you shall decide (and you will) to make any of these recipes ;)

2. Enjoying the Small Things

Kelle’s blog is hardly a new blog to me, but when I realized it wasn’t in my blog love list, I just HAD to let you know about it. Enjoying the small things is actually the first blog I really got into (read here above mentioned crazy-sleepless-nights-stalking-her-blog-until-my-eyes-cant-no-more). I ‘ve been following her and her little family after the birth of her daughter Nella (which you MUST read here), and Kelle feels like an old friend. Well. Except that she has no clue who I am. Tiny little details. ANYHOW,  Kelle is an amazing writer, she has the most beautiful soul and is so down-to-earth and honest. When I have a bad day I always go to her blog, she just has this way of putting things back in perspective and showing you the beauty that’s around. I never leave her blog without having laughed or cried with her…usually both. Her stories have rocked my little world, making me look at the world in a whole new different way.

3. A House in the Hills

A gal that like rompers has much as I do?! Hello, my romper-soumate. I just can’t stay away from Sarah’s blog, A House in the Hills. I love her sense of fashion…because, let’s be honest here, if we both love rompers, that’s pretty much where the comparison stops – she wears hers with so much style! Her blog is the perfect balance of all the things that I love reading about: food, interior design, fashion and travels. Her photography is always so beautiful and inspiring.

4. Katie’s Pencil Box

So I’ll just admit it off the bat, I have a huge girl crush on Katie. She’s this gorgeous redhead woman with the most beautiful family, the photography she shares on her blog is nothing short of amazing (oh the colors!) and I just love her sense of style – just check out her daughter’s first birthday party, I mean, hello gorgeousness!? Oh, and she’s a painter too. When I grow up I want to be Katie. ;)

5. And then we saved

I met Anna during the ATL conference in Salt Lake City last January, and the minute I checked out her blog I was hooked. Anna is a no B.S. kinda girl with the biggest willpower I’ve ever seen. I mean, the girl paid off close to $20,000 in debt in ONE year, just because she decided she should and could. On her blog And then we Saved, Anna gives great advice to take your life back in control – financially of course, but also all kinds of advice to live more awesomely with less.

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Happy fFriday, friends! Any fun plans this weekend? The girls are starting school next week, and I’ve also been looking at ideas to organize my new “office” – read here closet in the back of the house. Even though our new house is much bigger than our New York apartment, we don’t really have a good spot for an office, so I’ll have be creative to make myself little nook that feels inspiring. Here are some fun little projects I found that are great to keep your office pretty and organized.

1. Colorful bookmarks by Projektila.
2. Cork pencil holder by Design For Mankind.
3. Alphabet containers by Willow Day.
4. Cloud cork board by Papernstitch.

PS: Have you entered our fantastic giveaway yet? If not, you’re going to want to – click here!

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Whatever, winter. Whatever.

While we were in France at my parents last month, I made this little tree swing for the girls. Originally I wasn’t planning on showing it to you guys, but my dad complimented me on it - and if you know my dad, you know that compliments don’t come around that often. So I thought, maybe a few of you might like to see it to?

Madeline wants to go on swing non-stop, but my parents got rid of the swing set we had when we were little a long time ago.  So I rounded up some wood, rope and paint and surprised her. You should have seen the look on her face – she squealed and ran to it when she saw it under the walnut tree!

I made it wider than usual swings cause I wanted to be able to pile up a few of the cousins together on it for some fun. And that’s exactly what we did :) How cute are these guys sitting together, really?! Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the supplies that I used, but I’ll try to give you a list and describe the steps as well as possible.

What you need

  • Piece of wood (a bit less than foot long, 3.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick)
  • Sisal rope (10 feet or so, depending on how high your branch is)
  • Drill and drill bit slightly larger than your rope
  • Sanding paper
  • Laquer paint

What you do

1. Drill two holes on each end of the piece of wood. Sand the wood afterwards to remove chips and prepare the wood for painting.
2. Paint the wood with the color/pattern you fancy. Make sure it dries well before setting up the swing (I’d give it 24 hours)
3. Cut the rope into two pieces.
4. Prepare an area where you can hang and paint the ropes (above a tree etc). Dip then end of each rope in your first colors of paint – about 1 foot for each piece. When it stops dripping paint, add the second color along the 1 foot about that, so you have about 1.5 foot to 2 feet of paint on your rope.
5. Gradually blend the two colors together until you get the amount of ombre you’d like.Hang the ropes to dry.
6. When the wood and ropes have dried up, tie up the rope to the piece of wood using a hangmans knot – here is the good video to learn how to if you don’t know. Cut any extra rope.
7. Attach the swing to your branch using more hangmans knots – or even better, set up some hooks in the branch to attach the rope.

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DIY modern tartan blanket basket with West Elm

Bwahaha I told you I was coming back….and what best to get back in the swing of things than an amazing giveaway?!

Today I’m teaming up with Carolina Benoit, a Miami fashion designer, to give you an $150 gift certificate to shop shop shop until you drop on her website. Carolina just released her new fall collection – and it’s simply breathtaking. Each piece is filled with whimsy and romance, just see for yourself.

I am absolutely loving all of the neutral and soft pink hues, and I just can’t choose a favorite – my heart is beating fast for the popcorn silk blouse. And the rosette gown. And…Alright alright, be still my heart.

The other reason why I am a such big fan of Carolina’s work is that every piece in her collection is crafted with great care locally in Florida. Now, that’s not something you see a lot in the world of fashion these days. Carolina is quite an amazing woman really, and I am in awe of the passion, dedication and care she puts into creating such beautiful, unique pieces.

Credits: Photography by Vlopz Photography , model Lauren Arboleda & make-up by Adel Berman

So, ready to enter?

Below are 5 (super easy) ways you can enter and win this $150 gift certificate to add some lovely Carolina Benoit pieces to your closet. You can choose to do one only or do them all. What are you waiting for, today might be your lucky day?! :) Make sure to enter via the Rafflecopter widget below! This giveaway is open to people worldwide.

Psssst….even if you don’t win this giveaway, Carolina is currently taking pre-orders for her new collection with up to 50% discount (depending on the item) for pre-orders placed before September 20. Hurry hurry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway




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My travel beauty essentials

While I am getting back in the swing of things -thanks to all the people who sent me kind notes about the move!-, I wanted to share a few pics from the little trip to Paris I took a few weeks back….because, let’s face it,pictures of Paris are much more f un than pictures of unpacked boxes and mess everywhere ;)

My best friend Soazic (pic above) is moving to Africa this fall, so while in France I decided to take a little trip to Paris on my own to visit her so we could get into a shenanigan or two. My golden mom took care of the girls, and it was so fun to stroll around Paris completely carefree.

We hit none of one of the busy touristy place- instead we wandered around little streets of Montmartre in the early morning (always my favorite), went to the gigantic parc of Buttes Chaumont and had a drink at the lovely cafe Rosa Bonheur, stopped by Paris Plage along the banks of the river. Oh, and of course we had way too much good food along the way.

I saw Paris in a way that I had rarely seen it in the past – relaxed, slow-paced and gorgeous under the warm summer sun. My very favorite thing was probably spending the evening by the river Seine with my friend, having a few glasses of rose and tapas while making friends with our neighbors as the sun set over the bridge. It felt like a bit of dream, if you ask me.

Have any of you been to Paris? Or are you dreaming of going? What’s your favorite thing to do in Paris?

Photo credits: All pictures by Audrey Smit, except for the two pictures of me, by Soazic Gardais.

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