“Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a little something near and dear to my heart – my first free computer and phone wallpapers for you all, designed in collaboration with my sweet friend Jessica from Coco+Mingo. A little tech candy for y’all :) I worked on the watercolor illustration, and Jessica worked on the calligraphy – isn’t she so talented? So excited because I had tons of fun working on this and actually love how it turned out! This quote by Steve Jobs is my hubby’s favorite quote, and mine too for that matter….and I am sure he’ll appreciate dressing his tech with pineapples just as much as me. Am I right or am I right? 😉

All of these wallpapers are free, so download away! We included a few different computer screen resolutions so you can find what fits best, as well as a few versions for your phone. Hope you guys like it!

For your computer – click to download: 
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200
1024 x 768
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1080
1920 x 1200

For your phone – click to download:
Stay Hungry iPhones up to 4S (and some other smartphones)
Stay Hungry iPhone 5 (and some other smartphones)
Pineapples iPhones up to 4S (and some other smartphones)
Pineapples iPhone 5 (and some other smartphones)

Downloadable wallpaper created by Audrey of This Little Street and Jessica of Coco & Mingo. For personal use only. If shared, please link back to original post.

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Raise your hand if like me you don’t want summer to end! It’s been so nice to take it slow and just hang out with my little family. One of my favorite ways to make summer last a bit longer is to have picnics (just like this one) way into the fall until the rain comes…and even then… I am pretty unstoppable when it comes to picnics :) Anyhow, today I wanted to share a little tutorial for bright and cheerful picnic throws with pompoms, to make each of your summer picnics a little celebration. Because, duh, pompoms. Come on, look at these guys and tell me they don’t make you smile :)

These are especially great if you are planning a little picnic party and want to add a little whimsy. Maybe a birthday in the park? Or a movie night with friends in your backyard? I’ll definitely be using these next year when we celebrate the girls’ birthdays! Olivia was all over the throw with the golden pineapples….that’s my girl 😉 I love that print too.

This project is a very easy sewing project – perfect if you are just starting or want to get into sewing! You’ll get a lot of practice sewing in straight lines here. I used Spoonflower‘s new eco canvas –  the colors are so vibrant, the fabric has a great weight to it, and will hold up really well being thrown on the ground and washed many times. I also LOVE the endless pattern options that they offer!

The pompoms are also super simple to make, they take 5 minutes. The pompoms are clipped on the throw, so that when it gets dirty – and it will if you’re doing your job right :) – you can just take them off and put the throw in the wash. Et voila! You can also remove the pompoms whenever you want to pack the throw in a smaller bag without room for the pompoms.

Click here to read more and see the full tutorial!

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Happy Tech #1 | Stay Hungry Stay Foolish wallpaper

I am back in the US of A and back on the blog, friends :) Sorry about the silence around here, I didn’t really plan on taking a blogging break during our vacation – but this year in Denmark was so magical, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend a minute in front of a computer screen.

We went rowing and boating, found a magical cove with swings that went over the water, took the girls and their cousins on a treasure hunt, jumped in the lake from the dock, ate ice creams as big as our heads, chilled at the beach, strolled through the streets of Copenhagen, went on a family picnic in a field of flowers and flew kites….sounds idyllic? Sure was. So much that at times I had to pinch myself. It really wasn’t the Denmark I remembered from when hubby and I lived there.

When we left Denmark 3 years ago I was done with it. The problem was, I think I was focusing on the things that Denmark WASN’T – i.e. comparing to life in the US too much. I used to look at how much more expensive life in Denmark, when I should have been looking at their amazing design. I used to complain about the rainy weather, when I should have have learned to make the most of the few but amazing sunny days. I wanted stores to be open 7 days a week, when I should have been appreciating the slower pace of life. The list goes on…

I think that back then too many things were new to me: becoming a mama + moving from Manhattan to the countryside + going from having a career to staying at home…I was overwhelmed and couldn’t appreciate what I had right in front of me.But this year, I stopped and looked and couldn’t believe what I saw. Maybe having young kids, seeing them build the most amazing childhood memories there, made me look at Denmark through their eyes more. Or maybe it’s because we had an entire week of amazing weather. Which is pretty much a miracle there :)

There is a study that says that Danes are the happiest people in the world – despite the bad weather and high taxes. Hubby always jokes that it is because they have super low expectations and so they get happy with what they get..But he is a right, in a way. The Danes know how to make the most out of what they have. Short winter days with no light? Let’s paint the inside of our home white. 180% tax on cars? Well, let’s grab our bikes!

I really am so happy that I married a Dane, otherwise I might really have missed this amazing part of the world, and everything it is teaching me. And I hope that we can keep bringing the girls there every summer to spend time with family. And hopefully, they will be a bit smarter than their mama and don’t miss what a gem Denmark truly is.

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…the more time passes, the more priceless they become.

My photographer friend Alicia (who also photographed our family picnic) snapped this picture of me and the bump when she visited us in California last April. Alicia tried to send me the picture before Freia was born, but her message landed straight in my spam folder and I only got it now. And in a way I am glad I only saw it now, because I am sure if I had seen the picture then, I would only have talked about how tired I was and how big I looked – when really, duh, I was fiiiiiiiiiine…but when you’re pregnant you often mix up how you feel and how you look. Three months later this pictures is so much more special – all I see is time, stopped. A slice of my life as we knew it a few months ago. And I know this picture is only going to get more and more special as the years pass and the girls get big.

It’s my favorite thing about photography: bottling up that time so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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We’re flying to Denmark today to see hubby’s family, and so I thought I’d share a quick little morning smoothie recipe with you to celebrate. Buttermilk is very popular in Denmark, especially in the summer where it is often used chilled for dessert and served with small cookies. I first tried this lemon smoothie at my favorite brunch place in Hilleroed when we used to live in Denmark a few years back.

I love the zesty yet sweet taste of it. Kinda like a lemon tart – except for healthier :) And now it’s become one of my favorite smoothies to make on busy mornings. It’s so easy to make and helps me fill my crazy dairy needs these days!

Recipe (makes one tall glass or two small glasses – about 12oz)
1 and 1/2 cup of buttermilk
Zest and juice of one small organic lemon
1 teaspoonful of vanilla extract
1 to 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar (to taste) – you can also use honey if you prefer

In a glass, mix the lemon juice, vanilla and sugar together. Add the zest and buttermilk and stir well with your spoon. For best result, let the drink chill in the fridge for 1/2 and hour so that the lemon zest have time to really infuse the buttermilk. But let’s me honest – I often make this drink in the morning for breakfast and don’t always have the time to let it chill. I gulp it down right after making it, and it’s delicious already as is :)

NB: This recipe uses a real teaspoon (rather than measuring spoons) to measure how much vanilla and sugar you use – Just because I like to use as few utensils as possible in the morning when I make my drinks. Less dishes = happy Audrey :)

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L: Swedish summer house via Hus o Hem | R: Coconut tres leches cake by Local Milk

Sharing this little Swedish summer house with you all today. We leave tomorrow for Denmark, and I can’t wait – I’ve had Scandinavian summers on my mind lately. Summer in France are great, but somehow, there is something extra special about summers in Scandinavia. Walking in the green forests. Jumping in the lake. The extra hours of light that let you eat Al Fresco until 11pm every day. Everything I love.

Cottages and summer houses are extremely common in Scandinavia – so common that, in Denmark for example, houses are categorized as either year-round or summer houses by the state, and different laws apply depending on the category the house falls into. Because the summer houses are a big part of their life, people make a point of giving their summer house a homey feeling – just like this Swedish summer house. The furniture isn’t anything fancy, but each piece brings some personality to the house.I love that the house feels old and fresh at the same…oh, and can we talk about that old stove?! My grandma used to have one like that in her house, I loved watching her put logs in it.

And with that, I’ll take this delicious-looking coconut tres leches cake by Local Milk. I know that the flavors aren’t exactly scandinavian (berries berries berries!), doesn’t that cake look like it stepped right out of that Swedish kitchen?! Love the gorgeous styling with wild flowers.

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Long time no see, friends! I had planned to share a few posts last week, and then…well, life happened :) So I decided to enjoy it rather than spend time rushing to try and finish posts when my head and my heart  just weren’t there. Life happens offline. Time to slow down and smell the flowers, literally – flowers everywhere here! We had no master plan coming here this year, and I love that for once I am letting time sort of flow, no goal, no agenda. A walk in countryside here, a glass of wine there…I was hoping we could go cherry picking with the girls again this year, but the cherry season peaked a couple weeks before we arrived and birds took care of the rest for us. Oh well! The girls have been spending time with their cousins and making little French friends at summer camp – and every day they are learning new words, especially new words that their mama won’t teach them 😉

We’re in France staying at my parents  until then end of the week, and on Friday we’ll head over to Denmark. Hubby will join us there –we miss him so!  His family hasn’t met little Freia yet, and we can’t wait to see them all :) I will *try* to post a bit more the next couple of weeks – but no promises there 😉 Hope you are all having a lovely summer!

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I’ve been obsessed with making my own sugar scrubs ever since I made that great peppermint sugar scrub last Christmas. Scrubs have become one of my favorite thing to gift to girlfriends for birthdays, as party favors etc. So cheap and easy to make and ladies love it – and I always make extra for myself while I am at it 😉

Today I wanted to share my latest sugar scrub addiction: rose + coconut!

Rosewater always brings tons of sweet memories. When I was little my grandma kept a bottle of rosewater in her bathroom. It was the prettiest deep blue bottle with a picture of pink roses on it, and she used the rosewater as her perfume. She was the kindest of women, and making anything with rosewater – like these rosewater cupcakes I made for Madeline’s birthday – brings a smile to my face.

In any case, back to this scrub: it has become my favorite. While I liked the peppermint one, I find the combination of rose and coconut super relaxing. It smells SO delicious that you’ll want to eat that scrubs- and technically you could, since it’s made with all eatable ingredients! Find my recipe below.

What you need

yields about 12oz/350g

1 cup 1/2 of sugar – or about 300 grams
1/3 cup of virgin coconut oil, melted– or about 8 cl
3 teaspoons of rosewater (you can always add a bit more if you prefer a stronger rose smell)
the petals of one rose (about 12 petals, more or less)

What you do

Easy! Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend together until the rose petals are broken up into smaller pieces and the sugar is all wet – you might need to use a spatula to finish mixing a bit. Transfer the scrub into a jar. If you want to decorate you jars like me, find some pictures of roses (in magazines/catalogues or just print some off the internet), cut and glue on the container with mod podge/white glue. You could also add a little gift tag, ribbon or print a label if giving to a friend.

Tip: make sure to use a container with a wide mouth (like a small mason jar for example). I made the mistake of using these milk bottles for the pictures – while the bottles look very pretty, it’s was a bit too hard to get the scrub out of the bottles as it is more of a wet one.

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Hi friends! We made it to France alive. Alive being the key word here. Ha. I was afraid of the flight with 3 girls, but it was actually a breeze. I was going to scream victory….until I realized that the hardest part of this trip is actually to deal with 3 jet-lagged little girls on top of my own tiredness. We’re getting there, but man…..fun times!

Today I wanted to share a round 2 of books I’ve been enjoying lately – see round 1 here.  No novel this time because as you can imagine, I haven’t quite had the time for any Tolstoy lately 😉 But here are some great books for a little sumer fun!

Decorate with flowers: there is nothing that puts a smile on my face like fresh cut flowers in my home (PS: where do you stand in the great flower debate?), but I don’t always know how to make the most of the pretty blooms I pick up at Trader Joe’s. I’ve always been a big fan of Leslie Shewering’s work with colors and flowers, so when I heard she was working on a book  with Holly from Decor8 on the topic I knew I’d have it in my library. The book is really inspiring – it is filed with great tips, gorgeous photography  & typography, the prettiest moodboards and some fun DIYs to make your own pretty vases to display flowers in your home. And the best thing is you don’t have to be an expert in flowers to start applying all of the tips in this book around your home with what you already have!

POPS!: The lovely woman running Madeline’s day care (hi Bari if you read this!) does something pretty genius: at the end of each day, she sits all of the kids around her little table for story time and gives them popsicles (usually made with yogurt or juice)  to eat. Such a simple and brilliant idea – I mean, don’t you wish your work did the same thing, a popsicle before you wrap up your day? Pretty sure it would make some happy employees everywhere! Anyway, the point here, pops have become a thing in our home, and when I saw this book a few weeks ago at Paper Source I had to get it. It has some super fun options for kids and adults!  Do I see a popsicle birthday party in the near future? 😉  These are not your classic type of pops  but if you like exploring with difference flavors then it is for you! You’ll also learn how to make popsicles in various shapes  and using different kinds of molds etc.

Braids, buns and twists:  I always save tons of hair tutorials in my board on Pinterest, but I have to admit that I have never really used any of them. Why? Because, when I am doing my hair in the bathroom in the morning rush while eating a piece of toast, I just don’t have time to run back to my computer to find that tutorial I pinned weeks before. I LOVE having it in the bathroom next to all my pins – it’s really helped me get more creative with my hair since it’s right there.  It has TONS of tutorials – the girls have been eyeing those pretty Anna and Elsa-like braids 😉 Quite frankly, some of the pictures could be prettier but that’s just me being picky :) The instructions are well-detailed and super clear. I’ve tried a few looks from the book already to get my mane up during the hotter summer days, and was super happy with the results. A great buy!

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L: Home via Hus o Hem| R: Spicy grapefruit margarita via The Life Styled.

hi friends! I am on my way to France with the girls – flying alone with all 3 girls, wish me luck! Today I wanted to share this sweet place from Sweden. The owners of this lovely home are from Iceland and I love the rustic feel that they managed to bring to the place without it being too overwhelming – it’s got a lot of that scandinavian white to break it up a bit. Oh, and can we talk about that gorgeous orange wall? I probably would have never dared that color, but I love how it contrasts with the the wood and rustic furniture. And with that, I’ll have a yummy spicy grapefruit margarita while I stare at that pretty orange wall and sit in that pretty leather chair.

Cheers, and I’ll see you guys on the other side of the Atlantic!

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