{live here, eat that} urban pastels

pastel cake and pastels for the home

L: Small apartment via Decor8  | R: Vanilla blackberry mascarpone cake for two by Sweetapolita.  Usually I am all about homes that don’t have a lot of darker colors (if any), but I am loving the contrast of darker colors with pastels –  the pastels help soften the industrial vibe of this home, and the [...]

I’ll leave a treat under your pillow…

color inspiration in green yellow and pink

When I was little, my grandma almost always came to have Sunday lunch with us, and every now and then when I’d go to bed at night I’d find a little treat under my pillow. Nothing much, a piece of candy or  picture or a little treasure she found in her attic that she knew [...]

A little bathroom refresh

tropical bathroom inspiration board

1. |2. |3. |4. |5. |6. As if putting together baby’s nursery wasn’t enough (more about that here and here), I’ve also decided to do a little “refresh” in our upstairs bathroom. welcome to the journals of a mad nesting woman  I never did much to our bathroom when we moved to Berkeley last summer, [...]

Decorate with amazing removable wallpapers

how to decorate with removable wallpaper

Have you guys ever tried using removable wallpaper? I put removable wallpaper on a couple of walls in our home, and I’m addicted now, so I thought I’d share a bit about my experience and a few tips – but before I do that, don’t forget to enter the giveaway, today’s the last day! When [...]

{live here, eat that} Pistachio

pistachio cupcakes and pistachio kicthen island

L: Australian beach house via Share Design |R: Pistachio  and white chocolate cupcakes by Fresh.  Happy Tuesday, friends! I don’t know if it’s the effect of Easter and Spring and all these pink, green and blue rabbits I see everywhere in the stores, but I’ve so into pastel colors right now. Are you feeling it [...]

Pillow punch

colorful pillows by Menina Lisboa

One thing I can NEVER get enough off around the house are pillows – they’re everywhere! On our couch, on our bed, in the girls bedroom, in our reading nook…our bathroom is probably the only room that’s pillow-less – I need to fix that In any case, I just found these lovely pillows by Menina [...]

{live here, eat that} rainbow pop

bright colors around the home

L: English home via Ikea Family | R: Rainbow whole fruit ice pop by 84th and 3rd. Today I wanted to share this English home with you – not your typical British cottage with tea and crumpets served in pretty china It’s the home of one of my favorite illustrators, Jane Foster, and when I [...]

Carte blanche

cosy white inspiration

Happy Monday, friends! A little “color” inspiration post all in white, for once We used to have so much white in our New York apartment, and since we moved to California I really miss having so much white in my home. The home we’re currently renting in Berkeley is absolutely beautiful, but it is an [...]

Somewhere over the rainbow

pastel rainbow colors

In case you didn’t know, today is St Patrick’s day – a.k.a rainbow power day in my books, so here’s a little color inspiration for you if I may! Last year for St Patrick’s day my very good Irish friend invited us over her apartment to celebrate, and it was all stew and green jello [...]

Lavender white hot chocolate

While many of you are still under a pretty little blanket of snow, it’s been warm here in California – so warm that the lavender in our garden is already in full bloom. Don’t hate me, friends, but I’ve actually been wearing my sandals all week Anyway, I thought, why not make up a little [...]