A European summer

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Many of you have been following our european summer adventures on my Instagram account, and now that we’re back States-side I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from our time visiting family in France and Denmark this past month. So sorry I went MIA for a month by the way – I had […]

Vanilla bean and bourbon marshmallows

vanilla bean and bourbon marshmallows

It’s become a tradition now: the day before we got on a camping trip, I make these vanilla bean and bourbon marshmallows for the adults. I mean, if I am going to have some s’mores, it better have a little something something extra in it, don’t you agree? These are also amazing with a little […]

Collect moments not things

Hi friends – Obviously, a little break was needed on my side of the pond. It’s been very intense (hopefully I can share more on why soon), and I could have forced myself to come up with posts that were half-hearted, but that wouldn’t have been fair to you or me. So instead chose to […]

The summer I fell in love with Denmark

I am back in the US of A and back on the blog, friends Sorry about the silence around here, I didn’t really plan on taking a blogging break during our vacation – but this year in Denmark was so magical, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend a minute in front of a computer […]

Santa Cruzing

santa cruz boardwalk

It’s Friday, friends, want to do the happy dance with me? Any fun plans for you? So happy it’s the weekend, even though we’ll spend most of it cleaning up around the house before my in-laws arrive from Denmark on Sunday. Whatever, I don’t really mind because I am still on a high from our […]

Our lovely winter vacation in Lake Tahoe

winter fun

Last weekend was a weekend of firsts. First time in Tahoe for me. First time we touched some snow since we left New York last summer. First time on skis for the girls. And we loved every single second of it. Some friends had rented a cabin in Squaw Valley for the long holiday weekend […]

New York New York

new york city

This is the last picture of that I instagramed of New York before our move, and I thought it was only appropriate to share it again since I’m flying back to New York. I am taking the girls with me and we’re going to spend the rest of the week there. I have to attend […]

Soulful + Honest

I just spent a weekend like I hadn’t spent in a long time – simple and magical all at once. We went camping with the girls for the very first time with an old friend that I met in Ireland. After months of packing and moving and trying to adapt to a new schedule, these […]

A Danish summer

Happy Friday, friends! Just realized that I never shared pictures from our week in Denmark visiting hubby’s side of the family, so there you go! It’s been harder and harder to go back – I mean, hubby and I used to complain about the price of airline tickets when it was just the both of […]

Paris is always a good idea

Montmatre in Paris

While I am getting back in the swing of things -thanks to all the people who sent me kind notes about the move!-, I wanted to share a few pics from the little trip to Paris I took a few weeks back….because, let’s face it,pictures of Paris are much more f un than pictures of […]