DIY bathroom shelves using nail polish

DIY removable bathroom shelves decorate with nail polish

Last week I gave you guys a little preview of how I am planning on refreshing our upstairs bathroom, and today I wanted to share a little project that I made to organize our bedroom and add a little color We needed more storage space for little things items and thought I’d add this removable [...]

DIY constellation reward board…that glows in the dark!

DIY glow-in-the-dark constellation reward board for kids

I am so excited to share today’s DIY with you – only because the girls have been as excited about it as I have. And well, let’s just say dipped kitchen jars – no matter their amazingness – don’t quite work as well on them. But a reward chart with magnetic gold stars? AND their [...]

DIY dipped kitchen jars

DIY dipped jars for the kitchen

I have an obsession with pretty, colorful storage for the home. So of course, when I got these glass jars I just couldn’t possibly leave them alone – I HAD to add a bit of color to them! Is it bad, doctor? Here is a super easy DIY for these dipped jars, using spray paint & [...]

{weekend DIYs} for a cosy winter

DIY cosy winter projects

Oh winter! It’s always so exciting when it starts – the first snow, the thought of having hot cocoa by the fireplace…and then mid-way through it, it always seems like it will never end! To be honest, we don’t even really get winter here in California, and after just a month back home in Europe [...]

Glitter belts and matching purse for Say Yes To Hoboken!

DIY  glitter belts

Hi friends! We’re having a brilliant time in Denmark – it’s soooo cold though, brrrrrrr but we’re staying warm and drinking a lot of cocoa. Today I am sharing a quick and easy project over at Say Yes to Hoboken during her maternity break – these super cute hand-painted glitter leather belts and a little [...]

the girls’ advent calendar

DIY simple advent calendar in a jar

Today I thought I’d share this little advent calendar I made for the girls this year. Sorry, no detailed pics of the DIY – I actually wasn’t originally thinking about showing them on the blog, but  I love the way they turned out and figured I’d show them to you here All supplies from this [...]

Peppermint Sugar scrub on Say Yes to Hoboken

DIY peppermint sugar scrub for holiday gift

I must be on a peppermint thing – I blame the peppermint Oreo cookies from I’ve been stuffing my face with! Today I sharing a little DIY on Say Yes To Hoboken to give Liz a hand during her maternity Liz, and there you can find out how I made these little peppermint sugar scrub [...]

DIY no sew holiday cloth napkins + a giveaway with Celina Mancurti

A few weeks ago, fabric designer Celina Mancurti sent me a bundle of one of her gorgeous hand-printed fabrics so I could check it out – and when I got it I knew right away I wanted to do more than just check it out. I had to make a little something with it! Enter [...]

{Weekend DIYS} make your own holiday gifts

DIY your christmas gifts

Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed my holiday gift guide this week? Today I thought I’d share a few ideas that you can make yourself – I find it so special when someones gives me (or the girls) something that they made themselves. That they found the idea, and took the time to make something unique [...]

DIY modern tartan blanket basket with West Elm

DIY painted blanket basket

You know one thing about moving to California that surprised me, friends? The nights can get so chilly! I’ve always been the “girl that’s cold”, I blame it on poor blood circulation but I’m always more dressed than anyone else…so when we moved I geared up for the chilly evenings and bought a gazillions blankets. [...]