DIY bathroom shelves using nail polish

DIY removable bathroom shelves decorate with nail polish

Last week I gave you guys a little preview of how I am planning on refreshing our upstairs bathroom, and today I wanted to share a little project that I made to organize our bedroom and add a little color We needed more storage space for little things items and thought I’d add this removable [...]

I’ll leave a treat under your pillow…

color inspiration in green yellow and pink

When I was little, my grandma almost always came to have Sunday lunch with us, and every now and then when I’d go to bed at night I’d find a little treat under my pillow. Nothing much, a piece of candy or  picture or a little treasure she found in her attic that she knew [...]

Santa Cruzing

santa cruz boardwalk

It’s Friday, friends, want to do the happy dance with me? Any fun plans for you? So happy it’s the weekend, even though we’ll spend most of it cleaning up around the house before my in-laws arrive from Denmark on Sunday. Whatever, I don’t really mind because I am still on a high from our [...]

Sunset boulevard

sunset color inspiration in yellow and orange

Happy Monday, friends! Sending a little sunshine your way with this color inspiration in shades of yellow and orange to start the week – actually, we could use some sun ourselves since it’s raining today! But hey, who am I to complain We had a lovely weekend. I finished some of these books, and took [...]

5 great ways to print your phone & Instagram pics!

5 amazing ways to print your instagram pictures

Since you guys seemed to really like the “10 tips to take killer pictures with your phone” post that I wrote last fall, I thought I’d do a follow up and share some great ways you can get these pictures off your phone and into your left – 5 great ways to print and gift the pictures [...]

[1, 2, 3] currently reading

beautiful covers and great books

Happy Wednesday, friends! Switching it up gears a bit from all the DIYs and home posts I’ve been doing lately. Today I wanted to share with you three books that I’ve been reading – and really really enjoying! I mean, I’d buy them for their covers alone (aren’t they all so pretty?!), but what’s inside [...]

DIY constellation reward board…that glows in the dark!

DIY glow-in-the-dark constellation reward board for kids

I am so excited to share today’s DIY with you – only because the girls have been as excited about it as I have. And well, let’s just say dipped kitchen jars – no matter their amazingness – don’t quite work as well on them. But a reward chart with magnetic gold stars? AND their [...]

DIY dipped kitchen jars

DIY dipped jars for the kitchen

I have an obsession with pretty, colorful storage for the home. So of course, when I got these glass jars I just couldn’t possibly leave them alone – I HAD to add a bit of color to them! Is it bad, doctor? Here is a super easy DIY for these dipped jars, using spray paint & [...]

Spring fling

salmon and green color inspiration

Did you guys have a good weekend? We had the most lovely weekend – no nesting for me after all, instead we went on a little beach adventure some friends. I posted a few pics on my instagram feed and will have more for you on Friday! Gosh I am so excited for Spring! When [...]

Look at the stars…


I’ve been complaining too much my own liking lately. You see, I am usually a “cup full” kind of person. I am a big picture person I usually manage to put things back into perspective. But these past couple of weeks, I’ve et the little things bother me. Blame it on third trimester tiredness maybe…whatever [...]