{In love with} Love Lane

cape and mask by Love Lane

Simply the cutest kids’ superhero dress up costumes I’ve seen in a while, don’t you agree? And hello, an adorable unicorn vest? My girls are gonna be all over that! it would make the best gift for a kid’s birthday. The colors, the patterns…and look they even have awesome pet teepees ha! love everything about […]

Adorable Spring collection for your bunnies + a bunny coat GIVEAWAY!

Happy Wednesday, friends! How about a little giveaway today – it’s been a while, right?! Today Molly of Little Goodall is giving away one of her super-duper cute bunny jacket (value $149) to celebrate the release of her Spring collection! I mean, can you imagine the cuteness of your little one wearing this adorable coat […]

Happy shoes by Zuzii

persimmon polka dot shoes

Zuzii shoe collection When I shop for the girls, I often think “Man, I wish I could buy that in my size!” – so much cute stuff out their for the kiddos. And that’s exactly what went through my mind when I saw Zuzii‘s shoe collection! Aren’t they the cutest little shoes? Hard to pick […]

{holiday gift guide 2013} for babies and the little ones

gift wish list baby

Some more gift idea for the holidays, this time for the little ones in your life! Finding toys isn’t really hard, but finding GOOD toys – toys that kids will enjoy, that are great for them and that “special” isn’t always so easy. I personally have a thing for wooden toys because I know that […]

{In love with} Handlebar Heroes

handlebar heroes on scooters

Handlebar heroes at Frog Bikes shop. Happy Monday, friends! Sorry I’ve been missing last week, I’ve been sick and it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns around our house. Or maybe it has been about unicorns a little bit? When we left New York one of my very good friend gave the girls these awesome […]

{like mother, like child} wood and pastel

wood and pastel

Wood and pastel colors is one of my favorite combination. For the ladies, wouldn’t you jump up and down and do cartwheels in you living room if you have these chairs and table by Muuto? And for the little ones, how cute is this little blue tractor? Happy Thursday, friends! You might also like:{live here, […]

{tuesday giveaway} win a bow tie & cardigan onesie set by Haddon Co.

cute bow tie and cardigan onesie set by Haddon Co

When I first saw these little boy outfits by Haddon Co., I squealed with excitement – aren’t they just too cute for words! And then panicked when I realized I don’t have a little boy of my own to dress in these…something will have to be done about that 😉 In the meantime, I am […]

Fancy little fella

baby cardigan and bow by Haddon Co

Cardigan and bow tie onesie set  by Haddon Co. It seems like I have been a bit biased on this blog and featuring a lot of girly things – but not as much for the little boys in your life. Time to change that One of my friends actually asked me if I could find […]

{the colors of happiness} sleeping babes

sleeping babies

Image source. Sometimes they quietly fall asleep in my arms, their head nestling gently in the crook of my neck. And other times they fight sleeping like it’s their greatest enemy. But when they finally let go and drift off to sleep, it’s like something magical takes place. I don’t think there is anything sweeter […]

{like father, like son} bow ties

bow ties for men and the little ones

The men of the house should want to look their best for their ladies today, right? Well, I’ve got just what you need, some fun bow ties! Forage has some really great bow ties for men – love all the patterns. I want to get hubby one, he doesn’t have a bow tie yet! And […]