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About this blog

My mind keeps escaping to this special place. A hidden little street. Full of treasures. Of beautiful things that people make with their hands. Of amazing things that people design with their heart. But most of all, of beautiful and amazing people. It is place where I can just hang out for hours and hours without guilt. It is a place where I shop (too much), and eat (too much) cake at my favorite coffee shop, where I laugh and jump over puddles, and where I can hear my heart beat fast from so much happiness.

So grab a cup of coffee, relax, and let’s go exploring together!

About me

My name is Audrey. I am from France but I’ve moved all over the world with my little family these past few years. I just moved from NYC to Berkeley, CA, and we’re hoping that California will be our home a little while.

I love strawberry shortcakes. And cameras. And hugs (real or virtual). I used to work in online advertising, but quickly discovered that it went against my strawberry-shortcake-eating habits. Go figure. So now I work from home, taking care of my two lovely little girls. And the best thing is that I can eat all of the cake I want.

Oh, and I’m addicted to pretty things. Things that are well-made. Things that are made with the hands and the heart. And so I decided, why not share the lovely little things I find on this blog with more people.

Welcome to my little world, welcome to This Little Street!