When they turn one…


It is bittersweet when they turn one, isn’t it?

That very first birthday. When they turn one I see both the baby and the little girl. They say so much and yet so little. I want to cheer them on to take their first steps and still want to carry them everywhere we go – because I know the days are counted and soon she’ll want to do it all on her own like a big girl. So many reasons to celebrate on that first birthday, and yet part of me always feels a little sad…knowing that from that moment on the baby days are really going to slip away. Freia turned one last week and already I can everyday I can see the chance in her, becoming more and more of a little girl. I swear it was only yesterday that her sisters turned one….now how is Olivia about to enter Kindergarten already?!

IMG_3563 IMG_3591IMG_3670IMG_3595IMG_3577

And of course, we had a little party because really we always try to spend more time celebrating life and all the changes it brings than regretting the things of the past. Moving forward, to infinity and beyond :)

As we always do, we hung balloons and set the Danish flag on the table, we put a crown on our party girl and made our traditional strawberries and cream cake, we asked friends and family to write down what they think Freia will do/be when she grows up on her birthday post. Traditions. I love them. They make time stand still for a moment…and sometimes really that’s all you need. Take minute to reflect on life. Knowing that some things might change, our babies might grow up and we may not always like it, but really in the end – we get so much good stuff out of all that growing up. So cheers, to this tiny little girl turning one.

IMG_3703IMG_3654IMG_3664IMG_3581 IMG_3675

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6 Responses to “When they turn one…”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations to the cutest little button :)

  2. Ju says:

    Happy birthday Freia ! How cute is she ??!! (She reminds me of someone I know very well who turned one a few weeks ago 😉 This smile, this look in her eyes, her love of cream cake… she’s such a happy little girl !!! Congratulations to you for this lovely partyyou set for her. It’s such a chance to have this taste, and this gift for colours and photographs !
    Thanks for sharing !

  3. Awww! No way! I CANNOT believe she is ONE already!!! Awww, where has the time gone?? Well, Happiest birthday sweet darling Freia! She is getting so big! And of course, Audrey, you put together THE cutest party! I love love love all the details, prints, colors, and especially that crown!! <3

    • audrey says:

      Thank you sweet friend! It was a tiny little party but we had a blast :) I made that crown for Madeline’s first birthday and so glad I kept it so Freia could wear it also :)

  4. Nina says:

    Déjà un an! J’ai l’impression que tu annonçais sa naissance hier… Elle est trop mignonne sur ces photos :) J’aime beaucoup cette tradition de “Quand elle sera grande…”, j’essaierai d’y penser pour le premier anniversaire de ma petite cousine (née il y a deux semaines, donc j’ai encore le temps!)

    • audrey says:

      Merci Nina! Oui une super tradition, je garde le poster et je fais aussi une petite photo souvenir….et puis au cas ou en perd le poster au moins on aura ca 😉