Falling into place

Victory! Freia slept through the night the past two nights, which she had not done in almost two months….I feel like I am getting my brain back! Haha. Don’t ask my friends how many times I’ve *lost* my keys in the past month. Thank goodness for friends willing to take the girls to school while I turn the house upside down to find said keys. Gaaah. But hey – I see the light at the end of the tunnel now, it feels like things are finally falling into place. Crazy what good this little thing called sleep will do to you 😉 Only hoping I am not jinxing myself my screaming victory too fast 😉

Fall finally arrived here (it was still 90 degrees last week!), and all I want to do is to get time to stop spinning so that I can enjoy my favorite season. Good news is that we’re going camping friends this weekend in the redwoods (same place we went to last year), so you’ll find me rolling myself in leaves and stuffing my face with s’mores all weekend :) I can’t wait for music by the camp fire! 

On that note, a few perfect fall projects: 1. Customized enamel mugs! 2. Wax-dipped leaves |3. Pumpkin tartlets | 4. DIY dream catcher | 5. Squirrel neck pillow – not a DIY, but should be easy to make!|6. Almost like s’mores in a jar 😉

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2 Responses to “Falling into place”
  1. Ju says:

    Can I have this little thing in the little jar that seems to taste REALLY GOOD ??!!
    Fall is such a great season, my favorite too.
    Congrats to Freia ! We’re totally on the same boat here. I haven’t had any sleep through for 3 months, but only ONE wake up in 12 hours for the past 7 days is BLISS compared to… a dozen ?! It’s actually quite ‘funny’ (ahem) what (the lack of) sleep can do to us poor mamas 😉 Fingers crossed 😉 (What I like about them being the 3rd kid is that we know the end of the tunnel will come at some point. Experience shows it WILL. Experience also shows you cannot know when though… nor how !)
    Have a great day Audrey !

    • audrey says:

      haha, I am pretty sure that if I made that little jar it would look a lot messier 😉 But hey, I should give it a go! So glad to hear that your babe is letting you sleep more! And I totally agree about the 3rd kid thing – I feel so much more relaxed about it! Knowing that everything is just a phase, and that before we know it they are already too big! Have a lovely day, Ju :)