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Happy Wednesday, friends! Switching it up gears a bit from all the DIYs and home posts I’ve been doing lately. Today I wanted to share with you three books that I’ve been reading – and really really enjoying! I mean, I’d buy them for their covers alone (aren’t they all so pretty?!), but what’s inside is equally as good! Keep on reading to find out what I think of each book. What about you guys, anything that you’ve been reading & love? Always looking for suggestions!

PS: If you guys like this post, let me know & I might do book posts more often :) ….although haha, who am I kidding, will I really have any time at all to read once baby girl arrives?

♥♥♥ Where’d you go, Bernadette? ♥♥♥ I’d been wanting to pick up this one for months, but only finally jumped in a couple weeks ago – no regrets! This book is written in such an unconventional and funny way. From the beginning you know what happens (Bernadette, the main characters, disappears), but the story and characters unfolds little by little with so much creativity and wit – crazy and funny and so real all in one. Put together with bits and pieces from flashbacks, emails etc, the book had me turning pages lime a mad woman to finally figure it out – where did Bernadette actually go? Plus, having lived in Seattle and worked for Microsoft, this book brought me straight down memory lane :)

♥♥♥ Creative block ♥♥♥ This book just came out, and whenever I saw Victoria’s post I knew I had to get it! If you are a creative person, you’re going to adore this book. In this book, Danielle Krysa (bet you know her, she’s the Jealous Curator!) has gathered 50 interviews of amazing artists. These interviews are just so honest and witty, nestled between beautiful photograph of gorgeous artwork. The artists talk about their own creative blocks and insecurities, which you’d think would be a sad topic, but everything they share is actually so inspiring. What I like the most about this book is that these artists get down and dirty on how they actually get unstuck, in a very concrete way, and each of them also gives a “creative unblock exercise” to help shake us readers out of our own creative blocks. Priceless!

♥♥♥ Prints & Patterns ♥♥♥ Oh, how I *love* this book! I picked it up last month at my local art store, and it’s quickly becoming my go to book whenever I need pattern ideas for a project – or when my brain feels the need for a little color explosion :) a real jumpstart for inspiration! It’s the second volume in the series – I don’t own the first one, but I might just have to ask for it for my birthday in a couple weeks! The book is like a encyclopedia for prints and patterns, featuring dozens of modern designers and their beautiful, colorful work. Real eye candy for the pattern and color lover!

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5 Responses to “[1, 2, 3] currently reading”
  1. Ebabee says:

    Love the sound of that Creative Block book. I’m going to get it – thanks for sharing.

  2. Nina says:

    Oh tu as bossé chez Microsoft? Tu y faisais quoi, si ce n’est pas indiscret? :) Le livre sur les motifs a l’air super!
    Je suis une trèèèèès grande dévoreuse de livre, et ce depuis que je suis gamine. Je rallumais souvent ma lumière le soir pour lire après que ma mère m’ait dit de dormir, et je me faisais “gronder” car je lisais jusqu’à tard dans la nuit et que je n’arrivais pas à me lever le matin! Mais c’est pas de ma faute si je suis beaucoup trop prise par les intrigues des livres! Depuis janvier, j’ai lu Battle Royale (de Kôshun Takami), L’Ami retrouvé (de Fred Uhlman, offert par un ami car ce n’est pas du tout ce que je lis habituellemnt), Dôme (de Stephen King, un auteur que j’ai commencé à lire assez récemment mais dont les livres me captivent complètement), les deux premiers tomes d’Autremonde (de Maxime Chattam, qui fait également d’excellent thrillers – un peu dégueu cependant!) et là je dois avouer que je bloque un peu sur Notre Dame de Paris. Je m’impose un peu de littérature française au mileu de tous les thrillers, polars et bouquins d’heroic fantasy que je lis pour me cultiver un minimum!

    • audrey says:

      Non c’est pas du tout indiscret – je travaillais dans la publicite sur internet pour MSN (qui fait partie de Microsoft) :) Merci pour toutes les suggestions! C’est marrant que tu lises Notre Dame. c’est derniers temps j’ai une envie de relire les Miserables, mais a chaque fois que je vois l’epaisseur des tomes, je me dis “Est-ce vraiment raisonnable?!”. Hugo ecrit tellement bien quand meme…..

      • Nina says:

        Haha oui je comprends, quand j’ai vu l’épaisseur de Notre Dame (et la taille de la police du texte!) je me suis demandée dans quoi je m’embarquais! Bon, après coup j’ai réalisé qu’un bon tiers du bouquin était composé de préface, annotations et analyses diverses, ce qui réduit quand même le truc, mais là je viens de me farcir 40 pages de description de Paris et c’était un peu long. Très beau, certes, mais un peu prise de tête à la fin de la journée… Mais je ne lâche pas l’affaire, je déteste abandonner un bouqin en cours de route!