{like mother, like child} wood and pastel

Wood and pastel colors is one of my favorite combination. For the ladies, wouldn’t you jump up and down and do cartwheels in you living room if you have these chairs and table by Muuto? And for the little ones, how cute is this little blue tractor? Happy Thursday, friends!

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5 Responses to “{like mother, like child} wood and pastel”
  1. Kenza says:

    I know!!!! Just adorable! I love Muuto…. Just discovered your blog: a beautiful & inspiring place! Can’t wait to find out more. À bientôt!

  2. that room is spotless! I love these colors, there’s so serene!

  3. I’m ALL about wood and pastels too. That tractor is adorbs. I want it for my little niece! xo

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