{Rock it yourself} DIY toy box with casters

As mentioned before, I’ve been redecorating the girls bedroom and having tons of fun with it. I’ll share pictures soon, but in the meantime I want to share one of the projects I worked on for their room – these little toy boxes with casters. Some very simple wooden crates with fun pink casters – an easy and inexpensive trick! I love them because the girls can easily roll their toys around themselves now – and it also makes it easier for me to clean up the mess. Did someone say mess???? No, not here, never! 

I SWEAR I didn’t dress my daughter so she would match her toy boxes! Guess I just love these colors 😉

Since space is very limited in our apartment and I try to make everything multifunctional, I added a cushion to the top of the crates so we can sit on them whenever we need more seats – you know, for those tea parties with all of the teddy bears and princesses of the kingdom…we can’t have everybody standing, wouldn’t be proper. Plus, picking pretty fabric for the cushions was also a nice way to personalize these simple boxes.

wooden crates
fun casters in citrus pink
– plywood (bought this and cut it in lids big enough for my crates)
foam sheet
– fabric (bought a lot of mine a Purl Bee)
– fabric stapler
– screws
– paint (if you want to paint your crates)

1) If you want your crates in a different color, paint them with a couple of coats of paint.
2) Place one caster at each corner & attach with screws.
3) You’re done!


1) Cut your plywood if you got a big sheet to the size of your crate
2) Cut foam the same size
3) Cut pieces of fabric big enough to cover the entire seat cover with an extra inch to staple.
4) Place fabric down on the floor, and put the foam + plywood on top of it. Fold the fabric over – this video can help you deal with the tricky corners.
5) Staple the fabric to the plywood.
6) Et voila!

PS: This project is more cost efficient if you plan on making a few crates, as you will most likely have to buy a long sheet of foam.

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102 Responses to “{Rock it yourself} DIY toy box with casters”
  1. Cindy says:

    What a great idea! The one with the geometric print is my fave. I’ve gotta try this.

  2. Steffi says:

    wooow, great :-) thanks for sharing

  3. This is such a great idea!! Have to give it a try!

  4. Pas encore d’enfants mais ce meuble est vraiment chouette ! C’est pas grave, je remplacerai les jouets par mes vieux magazines :) Bises

  5. I’ve been eyeing the toy box in casters from Serena & Lily for years, but could never stomach the price…you’re are such as cute! Great job! My only worry is that my boys might try to surf the stairs in them….

  6. These are just wonderful! I love the fabrics, and those bright little casters. Great project!

  7. Clemence says:

    Such a wonderful idea and a GORGEOUS result!

  8. These are just adorable!! I think I need to make some of these for my own storage!!

  9. fawn says:

    I love this so much. What is going to happen to all my “LOVE” and “DIY” tags when Google Reader is gone? *sigh*

    • audrey says:

      Fawn – hop on Pinterest if you’re not already on that, and save the images from the DYIs you like. At least there’s that. But I know what you mean, I am addicted to Google reader too, and not sure what to switch to now to read my favorite blogs…

  10. Shari says:

    Such a FABULOUS idea!! My kids are all grown but what a great solution for all my crochet and knitting projects not to mention the array of other projects I have in the works. Best of all my kitties are going to love,love,love the custom seating. Thanks again, can’t wait to get to town to get the crates!!!!
    Will send pix when I’m done.

  11. Jeanette says:

    Where can you purchase the crates?

  12. Michelle says:

    Fantastic idea, want to make one for my daughter! So unique, but wondered, does the cushion top/lip slip off the crate at all?

    • audrey says:

      Yes, they do move a little but it hasn’t been a big problem for us. If you don’t want them to move, you could try nailing or glueing some stoppers so they stay in place better.

  13. Kenzie says:

    We made these after seeing them on your blog :)
    Home Depot didn’t have them in stock or available online,
    so we ended up constructing our crate from scratch
    -which worked nicely cos we could make them custom sized :)
    Have yet to add the casters, but the ‘finished’ product:


    Thanks for the awesome post!

    • audrey says:

      So so fun that you shared your version with me – I love it. It’s so great for me too see what you guys make of what I post :) You made my day! Love the fabric you choose too. Are you going to put toys in this box, or something else? Thanks again :)

      • Kenzie says:

        Well thank you for originally posting about it 😀 We saw it and it and had to make it happen asap :)
        The fabric is actually from a tablecloth from Target we got a few weeks ago too!
        And definitely toys, ha- my daughter likes to be in it too 😛
        I want to make others though!

    • Vana says:

      Hi Kenzie,

      Can you please tell me the dimensions of your crate?

      P.S. Audrey, j’adore votre idée et merci de l’avoir partagée :)

  14. Agnes Ksepka says:

    That is such a great idea! I am just wondering if is safe to seat on it, the coasters aren’t rolling?

    • audrey says:

      THey have been just fine for my girls – but if you are worried you can purchase the casters with breaks so you can stop them from rolling around if you want.

  15. Sarah says:

    These are so lovely (and cheap)! There’s no such thing as too much toy storage. I’m thinking of making one for my little lady’s room!

  16. Tiffany says:

    We have been looking for a storage box with casters (not just wheels) for my son’s transformers collection. This looks perfect. We’re going to Home Depot in the morning.

  17. I found this on Pinterest! Love it! Where did you buy the pink castors?

  18. courtney says:

    Is the lid not directly screwed to the crate??

  19. Shelly Briseño says:

    I love this idea for a small room. I also saw crates like those at Michael’s and was trying to think of a way to use them. I love the cushions for extra seating as well. Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. Alice says:

    love them i just got done making five of them for my children, I however did put hinges on the seats, that way they do not move. They are at our work table and I am storing all their coloring books and crayons and paints and ect ect in them and they are doubling as our seats. With the casters we are able to move in a circle for story time as well . thanks for sharing . P>S> the 12 month old lovs to push these around it is helping him learn how to walk.

  21. Jamie Rowe says:

    Was cruising Pinterest when I landed on this project. These are so awesome. Definitely Pinning and staying and snooping a little 😉 . Thanks for such a cute idea.

  22. kim shrum says:

    I have to start off by saying I love what you came up with and thank you for sharing!!! Do have one question what size crate did you by from HomeDepot? Once again thank you so much for sharing.

    • audrey says:

      Hi Kim! Glad you like the project. Most of them are the 18 in x 12.5 in. x 9.5 boxes, and I have one that’s bigger, this one: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Large-Wood-Crate-94621/203837841#.Uh7LZWSDQXw

      • Morgan says:

        On that note, do you find that the 18 X 12.5 X 9.5 are big enough? When I think of the size of a ruler plus .5 in I just don’t perceive it to be tall or deep enough. Does it seem like they still hold enough toys?

        • audrey says:

          For me they work just fine, maybe because I periodically clean out toys so we don’t drown under them 😉 I use them to put the girl train tracks, their legos, and also their puzzles etc. I have a few of them, and I actually find it nice that they are not too big this way each of them has a certain kind of toy rather than a giant crate with everything and anything in it. :)

  23. Ananasa says:

    These are so beautiful! Love them, you inspiration and creativity are truly amazing!

    Ananasa.com- Home For Handmade

  24. Katie says:

    Just found these on Pinterest and I absolutely adore them! Now that these have been in use for several months, do you find that they have held up well to daily use? Also, any problems with splinters? Thanks for the tutorial! These are the perfect solution for storage/seating under a long window in our soon-to-be-nursery! :)

    • audrey says:

      Yes! they held up great and no splinters at all :) One thing I would change – or should just add – is that the fabric is fraying a bit, so I should glue a piece of felt on the inside of the box to cover the fabric + staples and stop the fabric from fraying :) Send me some pics of you try them!

  25. Heidi says:

    LOVE! Such a great idea? Where is that amazing geometric print fabric from?!

  26. Heidi says:

    LOVE! What a great idea! Where is that amazing geometric fabric from?!

  27. Megan says:

    I was wondering how much length you need to screw in the casters? I found these adorable pink trunks at Hobby Lobby that are perfect for barbie doll sized items, and am turning them into wardrobes, with compartments for shoes/hats/purses/etc as well, for my niece’s birthday. The idea just popped into my head that it would be really cool if I could add wheels to them so they are easier for her to move around since they don’t have any sort of handle on them for carrying (they are 14.25″h x 9.5″w x 7.25″d in and 11.75″h x7.5″w x 6″d) …but just as quickly as I thought this would be a great idea, I started to wonder if I had enough space to screw any kind of wheel into the trunks without breaking all the way through…now I’m afraid to even try for fear I’ll ruin the whole thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated -thanks!!!

  28. Sabra says:

    Did you attach the lid with hinges or anything? If not does the lid slide around?

    • audrey says:

      I didn’t, and we haven’t had problems with the lid sliding around – but it would be a really nice twist on the box. It depends on how active your kids are too – I have two relatively calm little girls so they have been treating the boxes kindly too 😉

  29. Rachel says:

    Hey, this looks great! Did you use cotton fabric? Or did you use a thicker home decor fabric? And if cotton, how has it held up?

    • audrey says:

      Hi Rachel – I used cotton fabric, and so far so good. But it could be a smart move to use home decor fabric. Also, something I’d love to do with the crate is line the under part of the lids with left (glue it to the wood) so that the lids look nicer underneath, hide the staples etc. Hope this helps!

  30. alethea says:

    Can I ask the name of the lovely floral fabric from purl bee?

  31. jess cruice says:

    I love these! am going to try and have a crack, crates are really hard to come by in Oz cheap, so may have to build my own, see how it goes!

    • audrey says:

      Oh I am sure you could make them yourself – if you make a few it will be worth it! let me know how they turn out if you go for it!!

  32. Océane says:


    Pouvez vous me donner les explications en français? J’adore ce meuble j’aimerais beaucoup en faire un pour mon fils 😉

  33. Lori Reynolds says:

    Love this toy box but can’t find a crate. Can you please tell me the dimensions of yours? It looks like the perfect size.

    • audrey says:

      Hi Lori! Most of my crates are 12’x18′ – 32cmx48cm if you are in Europe. If you are in the states, I bought most of mine at Home Depot (their stores don’t always carry them but they have them on their website). Hope this helps!

  34. Melissa says:

    This is amazing! I have been looking for something like this that isn’t $300! Lets see if i can do it! :)

  35. Danyelle Adams says:

    I am in LOVE with all of your DIY tutorials!!! I am looking for cost effective and creative ways to decorate my girls room and found you on Pinterest. I can’t wait to get started on these projects. :)

  36. Rebecca says:

    How do you have the lid attached to the crate?


    • audrey says:

      It simply rests on top. You could set up hinges if you wanted to permanently attach it to the box.

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