{this weekend} baby it’s cold outside

Happy Friday, friends! Any fun weekend plans? They are announcing blizzard conditions for us here in NYC, so it’s going to be an interesting one for us. To tell the truth, I am looking forward to the snow – I spent a few snowy winters in Scandinavia and it was like wonderland to me. All that white everywhere. The little girl in me wakes up at the sight if the first snow flakes. Do you feel the same?

This weekend is going to be cold and here’s a few things I’ll be doing – or wish I could be doing:

1. COSY UP IN FRONT OF THE CHIMNEY that is, if we had a chimney! I’m yet to see a New York apartment with one. I grew up with one in my home, and I really miss sitting and reading by the fireplace on cold days.
2. KNIT MY HEART AWAY there’s something about snow that makes me want to knit. Never mind that I am worthless at it 😀 The numbers of sweater projects that were started and never finished….uhm. But anyway, yes, knitting. Maybe I’ll make a little hat – they take so much less time, I could probably manage.
4. CURL UP UNDER A BLANKET OR TWO…OR THREE I’ve got cold blood, so I am always cold. My husband is the opposite, he’s always warm. So we make a funny pair – him usually in shorts and me wearing sweaters under tons of blankets…clearly, we need to move to California and everybody will be happy :)
5. GO PLAY IN THE SNOW don’t you think I’m only going to look at that pretty white stuff!

And if you’re stuck at home like me this weekend, here’s a little link love – some fun and inspiring things I enjoyed reading this week:

How *reaking adorable is this video?!!!

Jess on establishing credibility. So inspiring.

Need to make this!!!

the stuff kids say….hilarious 😀

Well, that will solve the problem between hubby and I!

What about you, anything good you found this week? Feel free to share in the comments below, I’d love to read what you’re reading! Happy weekend, friends!

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10 Responses to “{this weekend} baby it’s cold outside”
  1. Gloria says:

    I’m excited too :-) Wish we had a fireplace though!!

  2. Thanks for the link love…I adore that video too. : ) Oh, and I’m in Providence, RI, and they’re now saying we’re going to get some of the heaviest snowfall — eep! I’m excited, but being a California native I’m also a little nervous about having more than 2 feet of snow in a night! xo Laura

  3. Loving these links and cosy images! Have a warm and snug weekend! :)

    • audrey says:

      Thanks Will! We’ll stay warm and cosy inside for sure….snow started to stick to the ground, so excited 😀

  4. Rachel says:

    Eek! Thanks for including my iPhone chargers in your roundup! Funny how many people have said the same thing — I think EVERYBODY’s spouse steals their chargers! :)

  5. Anna says:

    Have a lovely time with the snow. // Greatings from Sweden

  6. Erin says:

    Stay warm — I’m kind of jealous! I’d love a snow day. 😉

  7. Pink Ronnie says:

    Such wonderfully warm and cosy images. Makes me wanna grap a mug of hot cocoa right now! (Even though it’s summer here in Sydney.) Thanks for linking up Audrey!
    Ronnie xo