{live here, eat that} simply colorful

L: Finnish apartment by Italian designer Maurizio Giovannoni, via | R: Gingered watermelon juice by A Cup of Mai.

Today I had to show you this gorgeous Finnish apartment decorated by Maurizio Giovannoni. It’s simple. It’s colorful. He renovated this apartment to let in tons and tons of light (always a winner!) – to do this, they demolished a few walls, added white floors and painted the walls white, which is very common in Scandinavia. The white canvas was then ready to be “painted” with colorful objects to create this very cool, relaxing space. Personally, I’m totally in love with that wallpaper behind the couch. Someday I’d love to do something this bold in my own home! Of course my own home looks a tad messier than this 😉

And to go with it, a recipe that is also simply colorful (and delicious) – this gingered watermelon juice by A Cup of Mai.
I’ve always been a sucker for fresh juices, especially when they have a little extra kick like a bit of ginger. refreshing, and so good for your body!

Happy Tuesday, friends! :)

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  1. wow! The color just pops off the page here. So gorgeous!

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