{live here, eat that} burst of colors

Left: Home of Jessica Heckscher. Photos by Carl Dahlstedt for Residence Magazine| Right:Orange and red onion salad by Sweet Paul.

A few more days and it’s officially summer! So this week I wanted to celebrate with a big burst of colors, something with a summer feel. Look at this gorgeous little Swedish house! I love every detail of it. Walking on that blue painted floor would probably feel like walking on water! On another note, I am seeing a lot of plywood in home decorating these days – just like in this house’s kitchen and bedroom – what do you guys think?, do you like it or is it too “unfinished” for you?

Oh, and to go with that, I had to choose this orange and red onion salad by Sweet Paul. Not only it is a total burst of colors, but it’s got to be such a wonderful burst of flavors! I love that it is not your usual type of flavor combination. As Paul wrote himself on his blog “Sounds a bit strange, I know, but its really good.”. So I dare you (and me!) to try it!

Go to Sweet Paul’s blog to find the recipe of this great little idea of a salad!

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One Response to “{live here, eat that} burst of colors”
  1. love that shade of blue in the first photo, fantastic color!