{the colors of happiness} a blanket and a field

This lovely picture by the very talented wedding photographer KT Merry makes me want to take my hubby’s hand, fill up my backpack with a couple of cups, a bottle of wine and a good book. We’d find ourselves a golden field to hang out for hours, and forget about the busy world that’s waiting for us in New York.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week, friends!

1. Make it happen print by Vapor Qualquer. Just a friendly reminder :) |2. I really like you card by Happy Dappy Bits |3. Kimchi crochet backpack via Urban Outfitters. |4. Pair of blue feather cups by Villarreal Ceramics. Cheers!|5. Summer wheat harvest print by Katie Lloyd Photographie. |6. Hand-woven purple cotton towel by Turkish Towel.

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  1. what a great photo, love the purple towel!

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