Sweet breakfast

Images: My friends Soazic and I robbed the bakery for the sweetest of breakfast. Photos by me.

This weekend I traveled to the region of Bordeaux (in the South West of France) as I was hired to photograph a wedding and brought along my best friend Soazic as my assistant. I was on the road all of Friday, and photographing all day on Saturday until late in the night. So when came Sunday morning we woke up and headed straight to the bakery to claim our sweet little reward for breakfast – a chocolate croissant, an almond croissant and an apple turnover. We ate all of that while sitting on the beach, our toes playing with the sand. Bliss!

It’s one of my favorite things when I come back to France: going to the bakery and looking their endless displays of fresh bread, cakes, pastries and croissants of all kinds. Ok, maybe looking isn’t the only thing I do. French people have a love affair with their bread. Every day they religiously go to the bakery to get fresh bread, so you can find great bakeries literally everywhere….and I’m not one to complain about that! 😀

Happy Monday everybody!

1. Hello embroidery hoop by The Merriweather Council. | 2. Honey and lavender shortbread cookies by Whimsy and Spice.| 3. Breakfast set in teal by Atelier Maria. | 4. Shiny morning print by Dazey Chic. | 5. Rustic wood serving tray by Gray Works Design. | 6. Sagaform retro teapot via Huset Shop. | 7. Ceramic mug with birds in teal by The Ross Lab.

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One Response to “Sweet breakfast”
  1. Soaz says:

    Love the cups in 7 of course…And also in 3! great post! even if I look very sleepy on the pic, maybe because of the delicious smell…love you xxx