Five things that made me smile this week

{1 – Cake} This week I discovered Call Me Cupcake……where oh where have I been all my life that I didn’t know about this amazing cooking blog? Best recipes, amazing pictures of the most beautiful cakes. If you catch me drooling, it’s probably because I just went to that blog.

{2} The beautiful flowers hubby got me for V day. Love you babe.

{3 – Hugs } After her afternoon nap, my little baby girl rests her head against me and doesn’t move for five minutes. Silence. She just looks at the world. My nose is right against her skin, and for five beautiful minutes, that’s all I do – breathe her in.

{4} Signing up for this workshop by the lovely ladies at Decor8. Excuse my French, but I am so f******* excited!

{5 – Hearts} My friend Elizabeth from Pretty Chic planned a little heart attack on her husband for Valentine’s day – inspired by this. I giggled all day trying to imagine how her husband would react when seeing the army of hearts outside his house. Oh I am so going to plan a heart attack on hubby next year!

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