“When he/she grows up…” posters

It is no secret that I have two little girls that I love more than anything.

My oldest girl just turned two in January, and I was trying to come up with a little tradition, something that we could do at every birthday for her and her sister, something that would be fun but also inspiring for them. And this is what I came up with, the “when she grows up…” birthday poster:

I drew a big frame on some paper, added some speech bubbles to it, and everybody that came to the party could write what they think Olivia would be/do/love when she grows up. I also emailed our families in Denmark and France ahead of time, and added what they sent me so that they could also be part of it. Hopefully these will inspire her to dream big. My plan is to keep these posters every year, and give them to her at some point. I also decided to take a picture of her in front of the poster every year so that we can see how she changes. And how the things people dream for her also change as we get to know her.

Here are a few more pics from a party, as you can see we had a little “dots” theme 😉 I made most of the decorations (garlands, party favors, cake decorations) using little felt balls from Handbehg FELTS. She has some fun color combinations, I used the Cirque Mix, love the colors!

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18 Responses to ““When he/she grows up…” posters”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Simply wish I could have been to this party! The poster idea is great, and I reallu love the felt ball ‘theme’ :) Lovely colours, too!

  2. orlane says:

    le coup du poster, Soaz m’avait deja montré, j’ai trouvé ca excellent, une très très bonne idée! vraiment super! Si un jour j’ai des enfants……. je m’en souviendrais!

  3. Mélie says:

    Just absolutely loooooove everything! The poster (which reminds me a bit Siméon’s pictures in front of St Siméon’s road-sign every year!), the balls, the colours and … this gorgeous little girl we already love so much! Well done Audrey! Oops, I almost said : “As usual…” :)

  4. Lori says:

    I am loving your blog, and this is the cutest idea for a birthday tradition- simply adorable! I could see including the frames each year, somehow incorporating them (or pictures with your gorgeous little one in front of the frames) each year to show her growth. My blog partner makes a special video collage for her two little ones and has it playing in the background at her birthday get-togethers.
    I love this idea so creative and special!

  5. super idée le poster, et la déco dots est adorable, j’adore!

  6. ebe says:

    What a lovely idea! Such a charming way to capture a birthday and the dot theme is so classy, but not too grown up.

  7. Es tan bonito las fiestas de cumpleaños, y mas cuando hablamos de los nuestros pequeños. Disfrutemos de ellos mientras son pequeños , porque de mayores ya disfrutan los novios o novias.

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