Be my Valentine

I can’t wait to see what Amy at Eat Drink Chic comes up with this year for Valentine’s day. I am hoping she’ll have something on her blog soon! In the meantime -and to put you the mood-, enjoy some of the free printables that she designed last year. These printables are just so freaking cute, they deserved to be featured again.

Go to the cards.
Go to the cup wrapers.
Go to the sticky notes.

And if you are looking for more Valentine DIY projects, Clemence at Oh the lovely things just created a Valentine’s day DIY roundup of the best projects she found around the wonderfully wicked web. Like the cool cupid arrows below.

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One Response to “Be my Valentine”
  1. Clemence says:

    These printables are adorable! Thanks so much for featuring my roundup on your lovely blog :)