DIY reversible fabric storage bin
Am I the only one always running out of storage space? I swear, I declutter one day and the next toys are overflowing again – and it’s not like we buy a lot of them. I am a big fan of having “everything in its place and a place for everything” – my mind can’t function otherwise…oh my how I’ve changed since my teenage years, my mother would be so proud ūüėČ But with 6 people living in our house, we have to keep chaos under control :) So to help with that I just made a bunch of these cute reversible storage bins using the fabric from my California Dreaming fabric collection – which you can read about here and purchase here on Spoonflower – and wanted to share the sewing tutorial for these storage bin with you all!

DIY reversible fabric storage bin for plantsDIY reversible storage bin with handles DIY reversible storage binDIY reversible storage fabric bin with handles

These bins are so versatile, they are simply the best – and easier to make than you’d think!I made few small ones and one big one with leather handles – I am showing as a planter in this post but we’re now using for toy storage in our living room and it’s perfect for that too.

Click here for the full tutorial!

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coloring desk wrap +wallpaper by This Little Street

My girls are coloring monsters. As in, they DEVOUR coloring books, coloring sheets…and believe me it took years of training to teach them not to color our walls and furniture. But isn’t that every little kids dream, to just let their little hands go free with markers on whatever they want? Well well,¬†Spoonflower to the rescue here because one of the super fun projects in the brand new¬†Spoonflower Handbook¬†let’s your little ones do just that – a tutorial on how to create coloring wallpaper that can also be used as desk wrap! Joy to the world :)

IMG_0107 (2)

It’s no secret by now that I am a big fan of Spoonflower, and when they let me preview the book before its release I stopped dead on this project –¬†I just knew I had to make some for the girls! Using the tutorial in the book, a created a pattern that goes along with¬†my brand new fabric & wallpaper collection, California Dreamingwhich you can check out here, and available for purchase here. This¬†wallpaper is very similar to the Blooms pattern in my collection, but in black and white so that the little ones¬†can add their own rainbow of of fun¬†to it…and I may or may not join them on this coloring fun, because coloring is really all¬†my poor mama-of-a-newborn brain can handle right now;)

Removable wallpaper as coloring desk wrap by This Little Street removable wallpaper as desk coloring desk wrapcoloring removable wallpaper by This Little Street

Coloring on the walls….every kid’s dream, no?! :)

We’ve mostly been using the¬†wallpaper in our office as a mat for the big girls, and as a full on wrap around the desk for Freia – it’s been perfect for a¬†toddler, because she can color as she pleases with her unsteady hand and never put marker on the desk…and I am not going crazy :)¬†This wallpaper is filled with little details and the girls have been “working” on their wallpaper¬†for days now….and still have a long way to go and don’t seem to tire of it! Eventually when it’s all filled up I’ll cut another piece of paper and they can start over.

This project has inspired me to create more coloring wallpapers with even more fun details for kids Рmaybe the next one will have a little town on it, with shops and people and bicycles? Or unicorns and mermaids and pirates searching for treasures? Endless possibilities when you are creating your own!

coloring desk wrap using removable wallpaper by This Little StreetMadeline

If you also want to make your own coloring wallpaper, go pick up the ¬†Spoonflower Handbook and it will show you exactly how to do it – along with thirty other fun projects!¬†Here you will find a sneak peak of what‚Äôs inside. And don’t think for a minute that you can’t do this project because you don’t know how to use illustrator and other digital drawing tool – you can totally make a repeating pattern using paper and a pencil, and just upload that in Spoonflower!

For those of you who are interested, I am also making this wallpaper available for purchase in my Spoonflower shop here along with other my patterns so that you little ones can enjoy it too – make sure to check it out :) Also, you can also purchase this design as gift wrap and let your little ones colors the present themselves ! :)

coloring wallpaper by This Little StreetFreia



The Spoonflower Handbook Blog Tour Schedule:

9/12   Sammy K featuring
the Recipe Tea Towel project –¬†

9/15   Sherri Lynn Wood of Dainty Time featuring
the Doppelgänger Dog Pillow project Р

9/17   Well, me :)  featuring
the Coloring Desk Wrap project – thislittlestreet. com/blog

9/22    Kate of See Kate Sew featuring the
the Photo Panel Wall Art project –

10/16  Emma Jeffery of Hello Beautiful featuring
the Geometric Soiree Kitchen Chairs project –

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happy tech | free desktop and phone wallpapers | he dared


These past few weeks have been a little insane for me – in the best way possible. I’d been scheming and dreaming away to start designing more patterns and things for the home – and with a little courage and work I released my very first pattern collection. Hubby and I always dreamed of a big family – and there we are now with four little girls since the birth of Penelope. It’s been full on, oh but if you knew all the things in my head still…..we’re only getting started here, friends. Even though the thoughts can be a little scattered. And the road may not always be clear. And at time all I’ll want to do is procrastinate. But it’s so important. To dream and dare and not let go until you get there.

So to keep the motivation strong, my dear Jessica from Coco and Mingo and I made this little wallpaper for your computer and phone using this lovely quote by Homer :)  Whatever your dreams, keep reaching out for them Рdreams are only a few steps away from becoming reality! Download links at the bottom of this post.

P.S. Jessica is also having a little giveaway with Snapfish – you can win a photo book! Perfect for your summer memories :) Enter here and get all the details >> SNAPFISH GIVEAWAY <<
And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared


‚̧ He nobly dared wallpaper for your phone‚̧
‚̧ He nobly dared wallpaper for your PC‚̧
‚̧ He nobly dared wallpaper for your Mac (13 inch)‚̧
‚̧ He nobly dared wallpaper for your Mac (15 inch)‚̧

Lettering by¬†Jessica from Coco + Mingo, artwork by me.¬†For personal use only. Not for sale or distribution. If shared, please link back to original post ‚Äď thank you¬†:)

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Well friends, a whole lot happened around here last week – even more than I anticipated :) A couple of days after I release my first collection (check it out here!) our little miss Penelope decided to make her grand entrance! Oh and nevermind that it was also Olivia’s first day in Kindergarten. Details details, you know…just another regular week, no big deal ūüėČ

Oh¬†she is the sweetest little thing, you guys! That baby smell – how I had missed that baby smell. And believe me, since she’s our last I intend on sniffing her as much as I can :) I want time to slow down as much as possible so I can remember it all. She arrived racing in the middle of the night last Thursday early morning, just three hours after we made it to the birth center.

Penelope PenelopePenelopePenelope

And I can’t believe that we have four little girls now – four! And it’s been so good so far – hey, this morning I even got all of them ready and we made it out of the house with all four girls at 8:30am and Olivia didn’t miss her school bus. Small victories, friends, I am all about the small victories these days :) Of course it’s a little bit of an adjustment for everybody, and Freia isn’t always very please when I hold the baby – but I try to make sure I hold her and hug her as much as I can and I know she’ll be used to her little sister in no time. The big girls just want to be around Penelope all the time and fight over who gets to help mama with the baby… I guess they’ve got this big sister thing down by now ūüėČ


And I just wanted to thank all of your who have been leaving the sweetest notes on my Instagram account – I probably won’t be able to thank all of you individually, but your words and kindness mean so much to my family and me! So thank you – from the bottom of our hearts.

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tropical wallpaperRemovable wallpaper in Spring pattern – California Dreaming collection

I’ve got some BIG news today, friends! Something I’ve been working on for the past few months: my very first collection of patterns, named “California Dreaming”. Twelve prints that you can mix and match to bring color to your home, clothes and many projects- these patterns are available for purchase as fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap here via Spoonflower!

And to celebrate, Spoonflower and I are teaming up for a little giveaway so you can win $150 in Spoonflower credit to buy fabric/wallpaper/gift wrap AND  a copy of the brand new Spoonflower handbook which just realeased today also, coincidently!

Here is the full collection:
You don’t even know what releasing this collection means to me. It’s been a long-time dream of mine to dive into pattern design, and believe me, if I could I’d be doing cartwheels in my living room right now! But mmmm, instead I might just waddled myself to the closest ice cream store and hang out there until this baby comes ūüėČ

This collection¬†of patterns was inspired by our move to California and the beauty of the Golden State. This collection speaks of our hikes in the sunsets and rides in the desert, of the thousand flowers that the girls and I see on our evening walks around the neighborhood. The prints in this collection talk about beautiful starry nights and sunny days picking blooms in the garden.¬†It’s been a blast just working with these patterns on a few projects so I could really show you what these prints look like mixed and matched together. I have my favorites already, but tell me – which ones do you love the most?!

Fabric pots made with California dreaming fabric collection by This Little Streetcactus wallpaperCalifornia Dreaming fabric and wallpaper collection

All of the wallpapers in my collection are removable…for those of you who may¬†fear to commit to bold patterns :) I’ve always been a big fan of Spoonflower’s removable wallpapers, and now you can order them in two different kinds: a water-activated kind that’s a bit more “permanent” (although super easy to remove!), and a peel-and-stick version that you can reposition. I used the removable kind in all the the pictures in this post – aside from the “california dreaming” wallpaper in the above picture of¬†my office…which I also can’t wait to fully reveal to you :)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, maybe you’ll remember these¬†cute little wallpaper stools? Well, I gave them a little makeover using the peel and stick wallpapers¬†from¬†my collection and I love how they turned out – everybody in this family can have a favorite :) My favorites are the one with the grid pattern, blooms and poppies.

wallpaper stoolscalifornia dreaming pattern collectionCalifornia dreaming fabric collectionwallpaper stool with cactus printIMG_6400The rolling toy boxes in the girls’ bedroom also got a fresh look :)

Remember that little number below that I made using the cotton lawn fabric in my¬†Fields of Gold pattern? You can find the DIY here– that little dress is still a favorite of mine! If you love sewing, you will love¬†all of the fabric types my patterns come in… endless options for your sewing needs! Faux suede? Boom! Eco canvas? Got it too! Oh and how about some silk crepe de chine?! So far the the cottons, faux suede, and sport lycra samples I received have been my favorite – the colors are just perfect.¬† PS: The colors tend come a bit more faded with the faux suede, and a bit brighter in the polyester fabrics – so to keep in mind when you order ūüėČ

DIY tank top dress with fields of gold patternyellow stool and floral patternCalifornia dreaming collection fabric wallpaper gift wrapwallpaper stool as side tablerolling toy boxeswallpapered stools in black and white

I hope you love it just as much as I do! I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for my second collection in a few months. If you order my fabric, please make sure to share your projects on Instagram¬†and tag @thislittlestreet + use the hastags #thislittlestreet #thislittlepattern so I can see!¬†I’ll make sure to share my favorite projects :)



Now on to the fun part – the giveaway! Today you can $150 Spoonflower credit to order fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap from my collection. In addition, you’ll also receive the brand new Spoonflower book which just released today and is filled with fun projects!¬†Enter is easy in the rafflecopter widget below ‚Äď you‚Äôve got up to 20 possible entries so use ‚Äôem up! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Giveaway sponsored by Spoonflower open to people worldwide. Winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway closes and announced in the rafflecopter widget above.

step stools wallpaperd

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DIY book bin for little kids that makes it easy to browse through books

Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments on the big girls’ room reveal – so glad you love it as much as I do :) I received many email on the kids book bin I made for the girls and how you wanted to make one for your own kiddos, so today is a little tutorial for the DIY kids book bin I made for my smallest girls’ room this time… I told you guys, we’ve got PLENTY of book around here! My girls are such book worms!

For this book bin, I teamed up with two of my favorite companies to give the book bin a different feel. Pretty Pegs provided some beautiful legs for the bin (the dipped gold!), and Chasing Paper sent me some of the same removable wallpaper that I used on the accent wall to line the inside of the book bin (on another note, did you see their new collection by Lisa Congdon?! To die for!). I really love how this book bin turned out!

DIY kids book bin with stepsDIY kids book binkids book bin and rugDIY kids book bin make it easy to browse through booksDIY kids book bin decorated with fun wallpaperDIY book bin for kids


These low book bins make it perfect for kids to browse through their books without taking them all out of the case РI mean, hello, are there any other parents out there that go nuts before their kids have to take EVERY.SINGLE.BOOKS  out of the shelf to find the one book they wanted?! Drove me bananas! But we have no more of that now :) The tutorial is very simple and I hope you and your little ones enjoy this project!

Click here for the full tutorial!

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the old farm in France

Many of you have been following our european summer adventures on my Instagram account, and now that we’re back States-side I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from our time visiting family in France and Denmark this past month. So sorry I went MIA for a month by the way – I had originally intended to blog during our trip but then between the traveling, jet-lag, third trimester of pregnancy and real need to disconnect from the screen and spend time with the girls (+ working on a super fun project I’ve been working on for a while that I’ll be revealing to you all in just two weeks!), I just didn’t cross many items off my blogging to do list. Hope you’ll forgive me :)

Let me tell you, traveling with three little girls during your third trimester of pregnancy during 16+ hours was absolutely no joke. Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you – I was tired the entire time and hubby only joined us for the second half of the trip. Was all this traveling worth it though? Absolutely, without a doubt.

lollipop bigger than your headhollyhock in St Suliac Francejumping into a lake in scandinaviaNyhavn Copenhagengorgeous hollyhockDanish birthday cake

Since I was tired we slowed things way down and had a great time enjoying the simplest of things. For us that mostly means picking flowers on the side of the road, harvesting vegetables in my parent’s garden, jumping in the lake in Denmark, eating candy and cake, and spending some time (re)discovering the beautiful places and villages just around the corner. No agenda. We just took each day as it came and tried to make the most of it :)

There is so much history everywhere you go in Europe, but when you grow up there, you kind of take it all for granted and don’t always see the beauty of it all. Od castles and 13th century churches just blend in with your everyday. Now that we live in the US both hubby and I appreciate the history of the places we were born and grew up so much better. My absolute favorite place¬†I discovered¬†this summer was the little fishermen village of St Suliac in Brittany – an hour away from where my parents live and somehow I had never even heard of it! Old stone house with bright doors and shutters, hollihock growing¬† at every corner, a little crepe restaurant by the water and hardly any tourists – it was a dream. We roamed the empty streets for hours, just taking it all in.

in St Suliac FranceSt Suliac Franceflowers in bootshouses DenmarkHollihock in DenmarkFreia in Francepicking flowers in Denmark

While we were in France the girls also went to summer camp in France in my parent’s village (for a whooping $30 a week per kid!) and it helped so much with their French. The first few days of camp are never easy because they barely know anything and their French is really not as good as that of French kids their age, but I am always amazed at how they tackle the challenge and make the most out of a situation they are uncomfortable with. But I really believe that long term it will help them handle just about anything they don’t quite feel comfortable with and give them tons of confidence. They were completely immersed in the French culture without me to help, and in the end they made friends with tons of little French kiddos, learned new games and new ways to look at things, and now they keep telling me they can’t wait to go back to camp next year.

Because in the end, it’s all about challenging ourselves and stepping out of our comfort zone, right? Happy summer, y’all!

Hollyhock and stop signCancale Francepicking hydrangeasnyhavn Copenhagen Denmarkbeautiful hollihockDanish lake

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sweet little girl bedroom corner

Alright friends, I wanted to make a big reveal for my little “big” girls’ bedroom, but I can never seem to find time to tackle the last details. Since we’re pretty close anyway I figured I might as well show you the room now and let’s be real here, I probably won’t get to finish these details with baby arriving in a couple months. Especially given that I haven’t even started to work Freia and baby’s rooms…such is the life of a fourth child, right? ūüėČ

If you remember from my inspiration post for the girls’ room, I wanted to make a big statement wall with a pink diamond wallpaper, something girly (because my girls are ALWAYS begging for more pink!) but also something they could grow into – and I was so happy to find removable wallpaper on Spoonflower with the design I wanted! I took my own advice and used a¬†liner first since our walls aren’t¬†that smooth – it helped so much!¬†I absolutely love the results – the pattern is not too busy but give the room this fun and cheerful vibe. Even hubby likes it (and ask him – he is usually NOT a fan of wallpaper!) soooooo let’s¬†call this a big win, shall we? :)

arlequin removable wallpaper for little girls roomcloud pillowcolorful shared sisters bedroomsisters bedroomrow of houses in little girls room


The IKEA beds I wanted for the girls ended up working just like I wanted. Actually, better than I had even planned!¬†Before we bought them I thought that we’d have a couple inches left between the girls bed…..turns out, not even!I love the old vintage feel – and can’t beat the price!¬†The beds are extendable and have 3 different length – ¬†right now we¬†set ¬†them up at the intermediate length and it’s the perfect size for the girls, and when they¬†grow up the beds will grow with them…I have the feeling that’s going to happen super fast at the rate Olivia’s going! We’ll just have to rearrange the room, but in the meantime these beds allow a bit more play space in their room…which they really need because it’s a tiny room.

Above their beds I made a pattern play of little house with different pieces of removable wallpaper  (from Spoonflower again) and a little ledge underneath so they can play with their little princess and horses Рyou can find the full tutorial here! The mix and match of patterns adds another really fun touch to the room, and it was so easy (and cheap!) to set up. Other than that on the walls I jut added a couple of my favorite prints that they already had in their room in NYC, and swapped the cheap Ikea frames for some of my favorite, awesome looking frames by Framed and Matted.

doll house and books organized by colorlittle houses on the wall

My girls are bookworms so we needed loads of storage for books! I do hate though how kids have to pull books off bookshelfs 1 gazillion times a day – I get it, they want to see the cover to know what the book it, so I made them a little book bin that I lined with removable wallpaper inside for extra cuteness. Turned out so great and totally solved the problem of books ending up on the floor all the time – the bin is their height and they can browse through them as they please without taking them out! I am working on a little tutorial for the book bin and will share with you all soon, I promise ūüėČ

We still had more books though so I hack this IKEA sideboard to make it fit under the window. I took off the second level, painted it and lined the back with removable wallpaper. And I used our toy crates on casters (tutorial here) for toy storage Рyou only see one in the pictures, but I but extra crates at the bottom of their closet and they can pull them out as they please Рthe casters make it fun for them and it makes their room less cluttered.

kid book bincolorful little girl bedroom

Also book related, the girls had been BEGGING to get reading lights – and I’d been trying to avoid it for a while because I could imagine the lights being turned on in the middle of the night to read their favorite books. But I finally gave in and so happy – the girls were over the moon when I set up the plug-in wall sconce (for Olivia) and the gold table lamp (for Madeline). And they have been really good with them – well, I may or may not have threatened them to take the lights away if they don’t ūüėČ I love the look of both lamps, especially the vintage feel of the wall sconce! I love adding a bit of vintage in every room, it instantly gives a room more character. I found a vintage dollhouse at the Alemeda vintage fair¬†(that place is SO good!) and lined the inside with some nice paper + modpodge to give it a more modern look. Patterns patterns patterns, you know it :)

The girls love their room and so do I! I often find myself just laying on their bed when they are not there :) As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, still working on some details – I need to change the ceiling light that I cropped out of the picture, and need to add shutters so we can block the light as needed and give them a bit more privacy. I also go back and fourth about adding a rug. Their room is SO tiny that I feel like a rug back make it look more crowded, but maybe if I find something simple enough?

dolls and little houses on the walltiny colorful shared sisters bedroomcolorful bright little girl bedroom easy to grab books in book bin

I tried to¬†get ideas from the girls and ask them for their opinion along the way, but now I can’t wait to see how they make this space truly theirs along the years. I am pretty such that will mean that pretty wallpaper covered with their art and princess stickers all over their beds haha. Oh well, I’ll try to teach them but in the end, such is life with kids ūüėČ

Sources: Wallpaper by Peacoquette Design via Spoonflower | Ikea beds | Yellow stool via Dot & Bo | Book bin handmade | Sideboard from IKEA, hacked | Toy box on casters handmade Рtutorial here | Plug-in sconce via Schoolhouse Electric | Gold scoop table lamp via West Elm | Rabbit night light via My Sweet Muffin |Bear print by Caroline Gomez | Ballerina print by Apanona | Artwork framed by Framed & Matted | Row of wallpaper house using removable wallpaper from Spoonflower Рfind DIY + sources for each pattern here in the supplies section | Cloud pillow handmade | Doolhouse vintage|  Mooshka fairies from Target | Crochet garland by my friend Victoria | Unicorn superhero cape via Love Lane

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DIY round up in gold and white


Traveling alone with the girls has been tough but I’ve got good news – we are all FINALLY getting over the jet lag and I’m one happy mama I’ll tell you that! I mean, it only took a week and 1/2 of sleepless nights. Le Sigh. I’ll share some pictures from our trip in a little while, in the meantime feel free to follow along on Instagram. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite DIYs right now, all in white + gold/yellow. I find this simple color palette so soothing. You can also see more DIY¬†inspiration¬†here on Pinterest.

Happy Friday, friends!

1. Pineapples are Sooooooo hot right now – loving this simple pineapple plant pot by Little Peanut mag.
2. A sweet little wall hanging by Homey Oh My!
3. Love the simple look of these DIY dipped marbled vessels by Sugar & Cloth.
4. ¬†DIY tank top dress using a simple tank from Target – I’ve been living in this dress!
5. Oh those would be sooooo dangerous to make! ūüėÄ DIY Golden macarons by Lovely Indeed.
6. I know it’s summer and the last thing you want to think about is chunky wool – but this chunky seat pad would be so easy to make with the right material, and it’s so pretty!

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white floors and blue door

Alright, promise me to try to not drool too much on your screen while checking out this gorgeous home in Sydney, ok?! I’d move in in a heartbeat with my slippers and books!

This small home¬†belongs to designer Frag Woodall and his wife Naomi and was inspired by Scandinavian summer houses….I mean – is it perfection or is it perfection? Love the color palette (reminds me of this loft, and also the inspiration for our media room), and the fact that it’s so simple yet there is so much attention was put in every detail. The beams, the earthy materials, the sparse touches of color… And can we talk about that white floor throughout the house?! That’s my dream to have white floor, although at this point I am pretty sure it will never happen – maybe when we renovate the in-law unit, if I can convince hubby? I mean, he’s the real Scandinavian in this family – he should happily oblige¬†ūüėÄ

bright and airy kitchenyellow ropes to hang shelves and cabinetsblue couch and woodlove the green on this wood media cabinet blue and fiddle leaf fig tree simple bright and airy bedroomwhite wooden floor and stripesblack and white bathroom

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